When Parker and Luke first met it had been a drunken mistake, a one night stand if you will. He was apart of a world famous pop-rock band and she was a simple hairdresser from Western Sydney. After that one night, they went their separate ways and went on with life like nothing ever happened. But something did happen, something Luke vowed he would never do. He got attached.


10. The Date, Not Date Part II

|| Author Note ||
I am so so sorry for not updating for months, I have had a lot of stuff going on. Steven and I broke up, I lost my whole friend group, a bunch of assignments and essays are due and I'm having mental breakdowns left, right and centre. It's been a terrible three months but it's getting better. I'm so incredibly sorry, I didn't mean for this to be a cliff-hanger, but it kind of ended that way. SORRY!
On a lighter note, how are you lot enjoying all of 5SOS's new music?! UGH I LOVE IT. Comment your favourite songs, 5SOS or not I don't mind. Love you guys bucket loads, thankyou for sticking by xxx


Ash drove us around many streets, I couldn't quite see out the windows as the darkness set in around the Western suburbs. He was an insane driver; and not the good kind of insane. I thought I was going to throw up. We came to a sudden halt and Ashton apologised attentive.

"For the last time Ash, it's fine." Luke laughed.

We climbed out of the car, where we were was still unknown to me. We said our goodbye's to Ash and he drove off, leaving Luke and I alone for the second time tonight.
I looked around, observing the unknown place. It was an abandoned warehouse, with spray paint graffiti on all the walls.

"Is this the part where you kill me or?" I joked, hoping he wasn't going to kill me.
"Not at all Parker." Luke laughed and took my hand into his once more, "Do you like laser-tag?"
"No way, I can't play laser-tag. I'm in a dress."
"Stop with the excuses" he laughed again.
"Ugh, if this dress rips it's your fault" I smiled.
He muttered something under his breath, probably dirty. But I didn't catch it, instead I gave him a side glance as we walked into the entrance.

"Two for an hour" Luke approached the front desk.
"Coming right up" the perky girl behind the cash register replied.


We took our tickets and found a seat, banter and laughs between us.
I looked up at the screens above the Xbox consoles, noticing the timer for the next round. Our round. I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of Luke, it'd be embarrassing. I was nervous for this.

"Hey, you okay? We don't have to do this if you don't want" Luke placed his right hand on my naked thigh.
"No, we're doing this."
I couldn't help but notice the smile spread across his face.

We walked into a little room, where we would soon be joined by an employee and taught all the rules about laser-tag and how to wear the vests. 
Soon the perky girl from the cashier joined the group. We were surrounded by many teens, some our age and some younger. Not too young though.

"Okay, as most of you know because you've been here before. You wear the vest the way it's shown, the light at the front and over your head like this" she shows the group, placing a vest over her head and pointing to the light at the front.
"Clip it all the way around your body, so it doesn't fall off and then you're ready to go. With the guns, they're already clipped to you but you have to hold it a specific way in order for it to work. Right hand on the trigger, left for those of you who are left handed and the opposite hand under the front."
"We'll be starting in five minutes, say your goodbyes because you may not come out alive." she smiles sickly and that makes me uneasy.
Luke must've caught on to my weirdness because he filled his hand with mine again.

"She's just kidding babe." he smiled and squeezed my hand. Babe, I like the sound of that.

We geared up and we were ready to go, apart from a little malfunction because I couldn't figure out how to clip the vest properly, but Luke helped of course.

We entered the doors and everyone scattered in different directions, I was just trying to find my feet. The darkness was terrible.

"Come this way" Luke pulled my hand and jolted me up a ramp.
"Come here often?" I laughed.
"All the time" I can sense his gorgeous smile.

We must've found the place where Luke wanted to go, he stopped and pulled me into a little hiding place.

"We're starting soon, you ready?" he asked.
"No, not really" I replied honestly.
"Don't worry, I got you."

Suddenly, the speakers kicked in.
"Game starting in 5, 4, 3.."

"Go!" Luke yelled and pulled me along with him, I swear I almost smashed into so many walls.
I had my gun ready to go and Luke directed me. We were quite unstoppable if I don't say so myself. Luke was an amazing player, knowing where everyone was coming from.

"Shoot to your left in three seconds." he whispered on my neck, sending chills down my spine.
True to his word, a player came around the corner in exactly three seconds.

"Good job" Luke chuckled.
"Thanks, I'm so worn out" I laughed.
"Do you wanna go sit down? We can shoot people from the floor" he laughed again.
"If you don't mind, you can stay if you want."
"Nonsense, I play this all the time, you're new to it. We'll go find a place to sit down."

We returned to our original hiding place and sat down, still equipped with our battle ornaments.

"Thankyou for tonight Luke, I haven't had this much fun in a long time."
"My pleasure, I've enjoyed your company" he smiled, sneaking his hand into mind.
"Me too."
"Thanks for agreeing to come out with me" he leaned over and kissed my cheek, I'm sure my cheeks were as red as tomatoes.
He sat back down in his place, grabbing my hand and bringing it to his lips, shooting fireworks throughout my entire being. Why is my body reacting to him so quickly? 

I rose to my feet quickly, almost giving myself head spins. Luke soon joined me at his feet.
"Sorry, did that make you uncomfortable?" he wasn't looking at me.
"No, not at all. I'm just shocked at how fast the heat is rising to my cheeks" I admitted.
"You have a huge effect on me Hemmings" I smiled and he lowered his face to reach mine, closing the gap between our foreheads. In the same breathing space.
"Not as big as the effect you have on me" he breathed.

We were lost in our own world for a split second before a player came rushing around the corner and zapped both of us, sending own vests into shut down.

"Little bastard" Luke laughed, "Come on, let's go get him."

Our suits powered back up and we chased the guy who shot both our packs out until we cornered him. Luke shot his vest out and the teen grunted in aggressiveness. Sore loser. 

"Game over." The speakers kicked in again as we followed the arrows to the exit.

"That was fun" I laughed, almost tripping over.
"Watch your feet princess" the guy who we cornered mocked me, ugh I hate people.
"Watch your mouth mate" Luke warned him, giving him the foulest look.

He soon scurried off into his group of friends, not looking back once.
We left the warehouse and found Ashton waiting for us outside already.

"Have a good time?" Ash asked as we piled into the backseat.
"Of course" Luke laughed.
"Laser-tag is always fun, if it wasn't a date I would've joined you" Ashton joked.

That word 'date' was still hanging in the air.

We soon arrived back at my place, Luke walking me to the door like a pure gentleman.

"Soo.." Luke dragged out.
"So?" I smiled.
"Can I take you out again sometime?" he asked nervously.
"I don't know" I joked, "I mean the food was pretty terrible and I almost tripped over my own feet numerous times at laser-tag".
"Hmm, pretty horrible date then huh?" I was enjoying the playful banter.
"Of course you can, but next time I'm paying and I'll dress more appropriately."
"I thought that dress did fine" he muttered with a smirk.
"Always so cheeky" I laughed, "Goodbye Luke."
"You forgot something" he smiled.
"What did I forget?" I asked frantically searching myself, seeing what I was missing.
"This." he simply replied and kissed my cheek again.
"Goodnight Parker."
"Night Luke" I hoped my face didn't show the butterflies in my stomach.

I walked inside and found Belle fast asleep on the couch, drooling all over the material. I cringed at the sight as I made my way to my bedroom.

I took my dress off and put my sweats and a singlet on, undoing my hair and letting it fall flat.
It wasn't hard to fall asleep that night.

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