When Parker and Luke first met it had been a drunken mistake, a one night stand if you will. He was apart of a world famous pop-rock band and she was a simple hairdresser from Western Sydney. After that one night, they went their separate ways and went on with life like nothing ever happened. But something did happen, something Luke vowed he would never do. He got attached.


9. The Date, Not Date Part I

|| Author Note ||

Sorry for not updating, a lot of stuff has been happening. Drama with Jade :)

Anywhore, enjoy! :)

This chapter has a lot of dialogue, but I think you get to see more of everyone's personalities this way so don't hate me because of the dialogue.


"What is your problem?!" I yelled at Belle.

"Wouldn't you like to know" She muttered sarcastically.

"Yeah, actually. I would" I retorted, "You've been acting all bitchy ever since la-".

It all suddenly made sense.

"You're pissed because I called Luke to help us last night aren't you?" I looked at my bestfriend in disgust.

"Can't say I'm ecstatic about it" She replied stubbornly.

"I cannot believe you" I muttered.

"I can't believe you Parker!" She mimicked me, "We had a pact".

"I'm not with him Belle!" I screamed.

"You might as well be, seeing the way you two were last night" She said.

"Ugh, whatever" I gave up.


She got up from the lounge, stomping loudly to her room and slamming the door.

Why was she so annoyed?

I checked my phone and discovered the time 4:23pm, less than three hours until Luke would be here. I decided to try and fix things with Belle before I went to get ready. I walked to her room and pounded on the door heavily.


"Go away!" She yelled.

"Belle, stop being so fucking difficult. We would've died out there last night if it weren't for Luke" I heightened my voice so she could hear me through her heavy wooden door, "You should be praising him".

"Well, forgive me if I don't bow down to him. You broke the rule, our pact Parker" She sounded like she was crying by now.

"Belle? Are you alright?" I asked.

"Yes" She choked.

I opened the door to reveal my bestfriend in a puddle of her own tears on the floor of her messy teenage bedroom.

"Belle" I sighed and crouched down to the floor with her.

"I just.." She began, "I don't want to drag you down from having a life Parker, but the whole boyfriend thing doesn't really suit me".

It clicked, she was afraid of being alone.

"Belle, you're always going to have me" I petted her hair, "I'm not even dating Luke for crying out loud".

"Hey!" She looked up.

"Sorry" I giggled, "But I'm always going to be here, no matter who I do or don't date. You know I would never choose a guy over my bestfriend".

"Thanks P" She smiled.

"I'll find someone for you, someone who will love you in all your teary eyed glory. Someone who loves American television just as much as you and shares the same passion for Potato Smiley's" I giggled.

"The dream guy huh? Good luck" She laughed.

I just laughed.

"Listen, Luke's taking me out tonight" I muttered.

"Cool" She smiled.

"Doesn't bother you?" I asked.

"If you like him, you like him. Who am I to say otherwise?" She giggled.

"Thankyou Belle" I hugged her.

"What time are you leaving?" She asked.

"He said he'd be here around 7pm" I replied.

"Go get ready! It's 5pm and you take forever" She laughed.

"Going now" I chuckled and left to go for a shower.


Once I was out I didn't know what to wear, Luke hadn't said anything about where we were going.

I decided to text him.


P- "Hey, um where are we going tonight?".

It didn't take him long to reply.

L- "Surprise, why?".

P- "I don't know what to wear, so if you could just tell me what kind of thing to wear that'd be great ahaha".

L- "Casual but classy, come as you are ;)".

P- "Alright, I'll see you later then. Bye Luke x".

L- "Cya Parker :) x".


I went to my wardrobe and decided on blue and white striped dress, dark blue ballet flats, blue anchor button earrings and a necklace with an anchor and captains ship wheel pendants. I did my hair up and let my side fringe hang a bit, light eye makeup and red lipstick.


I was happy with my outfit, I just hoped I wasn't overdressed or under-dressed for wherever he was taking me. I walked out to the kitchen and Belle was sat on a stool staring at her iPad with wide eyes.


"Everything alright?" I questioned her, opening the fridge to get a drink.

"Um, well. Parker, uh-" She stuttered.

"What is it Belle?" I asked.

"You're all over Twitter" She replied.

"What?!" I exclaimed and walked around to where she was sitting.


Fair enough, I was all over Twitter. Pictures of Luke and I at Aqua Golf the other night and pictures of last night when he dropped Belle and I off.

A few tweets from fans read 'who the fuck is this?', others read 'she looks quite sweet'. There were a few media ones and those really hurt 'has Luke Hemmings got another toy on the scene?'.


"What are you going to do?" Belle asked.

"I don't know" I sighed, "I didn't realise he was so famous".

"I've never even heard of 5 Seconds Of Summer" Belle laughed, "And I'm constantly on social media".

"Not funny Belle" I replied sternly.

"Oh Parker, so what if you're internet famous?" She smiled.

"So what? I'll get death threats and hate from so many jealous teenage girls whom I don't even know, not to mention the fact that Luke and I aren't even dating like everyone seems to think".

"Oh" She stopped, "That's true".

"Maybe tonight isn't such a good idea" I muttered.

"Yes it is, you look amazing and there is no way in hell you are standing Luke up. He's really into you y'know?" She smirked.

"How can you tell?" I replied in disbelief.

"You should've seen his face when you kissed his cheek last night" She giggled.

I'm sure I was blushing.

"Give him a chance, you'll never know unless you do" She smiled.

"Alright" I smiled.


Belle turned off her iPad and we both went to watch TV until Luke arrived to pick me up.

It was 6:58pm when we heard a long awaited knock at the door, Belle jumped up and ran to the door.


"Luke" She said formally upon opening the door.

"Belle" His deep voice echoed.

"How are you this fine evening?" Belle asked, she was being very, I don't know, somewhat protective. If that's the right word.

"I'm swell, and you?" I could hear it in his voice, he was trying so hard not to laugh.

"Grand" She smiled, "Before Parker comes over and steals you away with her glamorous looks and amazing hair, I would like to apologise for last night. I didn't mean to sound so rude".

"It's okay Belle, really it's fine" He accepted her apology.

"Thankyou" She smiled, "Alright Parker, you can come out now and take this strapping young man out of my sights".

I walked over to the door and looked at Luke, he was dressed so very elegantly. White button up shirt, with dark denim skinny jeans. Topped off with Ray Ban sunglasses on his forehead even though it was basically dark outside.

He looked hot, I'll admit.

Belle was still standing beside me, admiring our so-called chemistry.


"Alright, we're gonna go" I laughed.

"Wait!" Belle called, "I want her home by ten, okay Hemmings?".

"Got it" Luke laughed. I wonder if he thought it was weird that she knew his last name.

We walked out into the front yard and I stopped when I saw the car.


"Luke? Is that Ashton?".

"Yeah, sorry. I would've called a taxi, but he insisted on driving us" Luke apologised.

"No, no. It's okay" I smiled.


We slid into the back seat and I expected to see Ashton's face, but instead a black piece of material filled my sights. Ashton had blocked off the back seat from his view, to give Luke and I the unnecessary privacy we apparently needed. Not to mention, it's illegal.


"Hello Parker" Ashton's cheeky voice filled my ears.

"Hi Ashton" I laughed.

"How are you?" He chuckled.

"I'm great, how are you?" I smiled over at Luke who just returned the gesture.

"Pleasant, are you looking forward to this date with Lucas?" He asked.

I looked over at Luke who put his hands up in a way of saying "I didn't tell him it was a date".

"Yes, I am" I smiled proudly, I gave Luke a side glance and saw the stupid grin spread across his face quickly.

"Good, because Lucas has not stopped talking about you" Ashton admitted.

"Shut up Ash" Luke said quickly.


We drove as Luke and I were conversing about anything and everything, Luke wasn't being his normal charming self. But I just put it down to Ashton being there and he didn't want to flirt with me while he was listening. Within half an hour we stopped, I looked over at Luke and he just smirked.


"You have arrived at your destination" Ashton said formally.

"Thanks Ashton" Luke and I said at the same time.

"No worries, Luke give me a call when you're finished eating" He replied.

"Will do mate" Luke smiled, opening my door and letting me out.


We both got out and waved Ashton off and Luke grabbed my hand, entwining his fingers in mine. I looked down at our hands and loved the warmth, I looked up at Luke's great height. His face was full of worry, as if I might pull away from him at any second. I squeezed his hand and his previous tense body was much more relaxed.


"Ready to take the night?" Luke smiled down at me.

"Only if you are" I laughed.

"You look beautiful by the way, I really like that dress on you Parker" He smirked, knowing what he had just said was exactly the same thing he said on the night we met.

"That was so cheesy" I giggled and pushed him playfully.

"Also true" He grinned.

"Cheesy" I repeated.

"Come on, let's go" He laughed and pulled me onto the side path.


It was a quite night in the heart of Newtown, it was never really busy but it usually had a few people roaming around at night. We walked into a restaurant called Gigi's Pizzeria, I had always loved to come here but Belle is allergic to gluten and it'd be kind of depressing going by myself


We sat down at a booth and were soon greeted by a red-haired waitress with the name badge across her red shirt 'Lily'. Luke and I hadn't even decided what pizza we wanted yet, so she said that she'd come back soon when we've decided.

We didn't take too long considering pizza is pizza to myself and Luke. It didn't really bother us. We chose a margherita pizza for main and garlic bread for a starter along with drinks.


"So, tell me about yourself" Luke began.

"Born and raised in the western plains of Sydney, went to school at Nepean High, dropped out in year 11, I have an apprenticeship at the hair-dressers just down the road from my place, I live with the girl who has been my bestfriend since I was 9, currently single, on a date with a guy named Luke Hemmings who's in a world famous band named 5 Seconds Of Summer, he is smirking at me which is making me quite nervous and I'm not too sure where I'm going with this" I said in one breath.

Luke just laughed and nodded.

"You're cute y'know" He smirked again.

"Stop that, I didn't intend on wearing blush as I would probably be ripe tomato right now" I admitted, "Your turn".

"Okay" He began, "Born and raised in the western plains of Sydney, such as yourself, went to school at Norwest Christian college, dropped out in year 11 to travel with my band, I've been around the world, I live with my three best mates, Michael, Calum and Ashton, they're all a bunch of dicks from time to time but I love them, single pringle, I'm falling for a girl who is way out of my league, she's currently sitting right in front of me, I really hope she's enjoying the date we're on, her smile is beautiful, her hands are tiny but they fit perfectly in mine, whenever I smirk it makes her nervous and I'm not too sure where I'm going with this" He laughed.

"You're cute y'know" I smiled.

"Stop that, I didn't intend on wearing blu-" He stopped mid-sentence because he started laughing.

"You ruined it" I giggled.

"I'm sorry" He chuckled.

"We were going so well" I laughed.

He just laughed again.

"You're falling for me are you?" I asked while taking a sip of my coke.

"Well no" He began and my heart shrank a little, "Completely and utterly crashing over you is a perfect way to describe it".

I couldn't do anything but smile.

"What about you? Succumbed to my charming good looks yet?" He laughed.

"Can't say I have" I sighed in a joking manner.

"Worst liar out, I'm telling ya" He smirked.

"I do find you attractive Luke, you know that" I laughed, "I just feel like there's more to you than that y'know?".

"Yeah I know" He smiled, "This is like the night of honestly, I feel".

"I don't like playing games, I'll lay my cards out on the table for you. I like you Luke, I like you a lot and every time we're together I can't help but smile" I admitted.

He didn't say anything, he just sat and smiled at me.

He began to say something but we were interrupted by the waitress.

"Sorry bout' the wait" She said, serving our pizza on a chopping board and topping our drinks, but that didn't go with a sly wink at Luke.

"Thankyou" I replied, touching Luke's stray hand on the table.

"No worries" She said sarcastically and walked away.


We ate in silence, communicating through smiles. We ordered a slice of cheesecake to share between us for dessert.


"Here" Luke smiled, taking his spoon and cutting the cheesecake first and propping his elbow on the table and motioning toward my mouth.

I opened my mouth just enough for him to place the spoon on my tongue. It was good, really good. Best cheesecake ever, by my opinion.

We ate the cheesecake together and chatted for half an hour longer before we decided to leave.


Luke called Ashton and told him to come and pick us up, Ashton arrived within ten minutes and we slid into the car.


"Thankyou for tonight Luke, I enjoyed myself" I smiled.

"Oh, we're not done yet" Luke laughed.

"What have you got in mind?".

"You'll see" He smirked.

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