When Parker and Luke first met it had been a drunken mistake, a one night stand if you will. He was apart of a world famous pop-rock band and she was a simple hairdresser from Western Sydney. After that one night, they went their separate ways and went on with life like nothing ever happened. But something did happen, something Luke vowed he would never do. He got attached.


7. Road Trip.

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10:17am, Saturday - ((a week later)).

I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for both Belle and I, I didn't realise how much she was actually looking forward to those pancakes the other day. Turns out, she really wanted them.


"When we're finished eating, go get dressed" Belle suddenly emerged from her bedroom.

"Why? I thought we were having a lazy day" I asked.

"Tell me Parker" She paused and leaned over the middle counter island, "When do we not have a lazy day?".

"Well.." I paused to think, "Whatever, where are we going?".

"Road trip" She simply replied.

"Road trip?" I mimicked her, "Drive around, get lost and waste the day away?".

"Precisely Parker" She smirked, grabbing an apple and taking a bite.

"Can't you wait? Breakfast is almost ready" I laughed.

"I'm hungry" She shrugged, "So are you in or what?".

"Yeah" I sighed, "It's not like I don't have an Arrow marathon I could be watching right now or anything".
"Oh hush, Stephen Amell can wait" She laughed and skipped over to the television, flicking over channels.


Once I finished cooking, Belle didn't hesitate to dig in. She looked like she hadn't eaten in months.

When we finished eating, Belle literally pushed me into my bedroom to get dressed.

I had a quick shower and decided to dress myself in a floral summer dress with brown gladiator sandals. I let my hair loose and did my make up light.

I walked out from my bedroom and found my bestfriend still sat watching Spongebob Squarepants, she really was a child at heart.


"Ready to go?" I asked.

"Yeah, but we have to stop at the car rental place down the road" She replied.

"Uh, why?" I was confused.
"Well, we can't do this whole road trip thing properly without a cliché convertible" She giggled.

"Wow Belle, seriously? You're going to rent a car just to be cliché ?" I asked.

"Yes, I am" She nodded proudly.

"Alright then" I laughed.


We got into my car and drove down the road, we could've walked there but Belle complained.. a lot.

We spent at least half an hour deciding which one to get, well Belle did. I didn't really care to be honest. We finally decided on a black Lexus IS 250C Sport. It was amazing actually.

We grabbed the keys and we were well on our way. Belle told me to drive around anywhere, I decided to go to Katoomba.

We drove for hours, listening to OneRepublic and Bastille, before a storm began to swell in the sky. We had to put the cover over the roof, Belle sat in awe as we watched it.


"On a scale of one to Nirvana, how cool do you feel?" I giggled.

"Nirvana, oh my god" She laughed.


We drove around for a bit longer before we decided to go home. Belle wanted to stop at a sightseeing spot first, there are many around Katoomba. I stopped at the nearest one which was The Three Sisters.

We got out of the car, the rain had lightened up as we got there. We stood and watched.


"This is our legacy, y'know Parker. What we'll be remembered for, two young, bright-eyed, easy-going girls who live life on the spare of the moment" She smiled, swinging an arm around my shoulders, "Thankyou for being apart of my adventure".

"It's my pleasure Isabelle" I think I almost started crying, maybe it was the rain.

"We better get going before this storm gets any worse" She laughed.

"Yeah, alright" I nodded and headed back to the rental car.


I tried starting the car, it didn't work. I tried again, still nothing.


"C'mon Parker, it's getting worse out there" Belle grumbled.

"Belle, the stupid car isn't starting" I replied.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Look" I said and tried starting the car again, "It is not starting".

"Fuck" She muttered, "Damn cheap rental car".

"What are we going to do?" I sighed, "We'll die out here if the storm gets any worse".

"Do you know anyone who will be home on a Saturday night" Belle asked, "Because everyone I know will be out partying or getting smashed".

Luke. Conscience, shut up before I kick your ass. I can't ask Luke to come and pick us up.

"I do know one guy" The thought escaped my lips before I could stop it.

"Parker" Belle warned.

"I know, but it's either him or we die out here" I defended.

"Fine!" She muttered.


I grabbed my phone from my hand bag and looked for Luke's number; Lovely Luke ;)

I rang his number a couple times, no answer. I tried for a third time and it stopped after three rings.


"Parker?" Luke's voice filled my ears.

"Uh hi" I muttered.

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