When Parker and Luke first met it had been a drunken mistake, a one night stand if you will. He was apart of a world famous pop-rock band and she was a simple hairdresser from Western Sydney. After that one night, they went their separate ways and went on with life like nothing ever happened. But something did happen, something Luke vowed he would never do. He got attached.


3. Meet Luke.

|| Luke's P.O.V ||

I woke the next morning with the biggest fucking headache. The events of last night came back to me when I saw her laying beside me. How did I manage to pull her? She was beautiful, her blonde her was sprawled all over the pillow and her delicate figure was wrapped in my bed sheets. She stirred in her sleep but didn't wake.

I checked the time on my phone; 10:24am. Shit! I was supposed to be at band practice an hour ago, I was in no state to leave and I wasn't going to leave her here. That would be really rude.

I was broken out of my trance when she stirred a little more than usual, I wish I could remember her name. Her eyes broke open and she stared at me with those beautiful blue eyes.


"Morning" I managed to choke out.

"Morning" she smiled sweetly.

"You feeling okay?" I asked.

"Not really, hangover y'know" she giggled, closing one eye to help herself adjust to the light that had filled my room.

"Yeah, I know" I chuckled, damn she was gorgeous.


I got up and slid my boxers on, I looked back and saw her looking away.

"You do remember what we did last night don't you?" I asked.

'Yes, of course" she laughed.

"Then why look away?" I chuckled again.

"It would be rude to look without your permission, so I expect the same from you" she smiled getting up and wrapping herself in a sheet.

She slid on her dress as I looked away.

"See" she smiled, "Common courtesy".

I just laughed at her quirkiness.

"I'm gonna get going, you've probably got a lot of stuff to do today" she smiled almost leaving my room.

"No!" I yelled a bit too quickly, "I mean, I don't remember your name".

"Parker" she laughed, "And your Luke, do you remember that?".

"I got that far" I smiled.

"Bye Luke" she giggled.

"Bye Parker" I sighed, I wish she would stay.


Wait, what are you saying Luke? She was a one night stand, she is a one night stand. A fling, not a thing. Come on man, let her leave.

She left. I knew because I heard the front door slam. She was gone.

I got dressed and texted Ashton to tell him I was coming over, we didn't really ask to go over each other's places. We just told them we were coming and not to be naked or anything.

I took some aspirin and got dressed. I got into a taxi and arrived at Ashton's Mum's place half an hour later. I paid the driver and walked to Ashton's front door, before I could even knock he answered.


"Come on man" Ashton's cheeky face appeared as he opened the door.

I just laughed.


I walked in to find Michael and Calum playing FIFA 13'' with water and tablets on the coffee table. Only then did I realise that practice had been unintentionally called off because basically everyone had a hangover. Last night was fun, I found myself having more fun with Parker at the club than I was with the boys and what came after was even more fun. Wow, she was amazing.


"Hey Luke" Michael sang.

"Hey man" I laughed.

"Lucas" Calum smiled.

"Cal" I chuckled.

"So, Michael tells me he saw you pull last night. How was it?" Ashton laughed.

"Good, I guess" I smirked.

"Wait, was she hot?" He asked.

"Yeah, she was hot" I chuckled and shook my head.

"Then what was the problem?" That was Calum.

"Nothing, there's no problem. I just don't feel comfortable talking about my sexual life" I laughed.

"Sure, sure Lukey" Michael said and ruffled my already-messy bed hair.

"What about you guys? Did you pull?" I asked, trying to change the topic quickly.

"Hey! Don't change the subject" Ashton said, damn he caught on.

"There's nothing to tell guys, seriously" I admitted.

"Something's different about you man" Calum spoke up.

"Whatever, I'm hungry and I haven't eaten since last night. Let's go" I retorted.

"Alright" Ashton replied.


Ashton drove us to the kebab shop down the street from his place; because he's the only one with a driver's license. We ordered our food and sat outside, just as we sat down I caught a glimpse of a blonde girl. She was beautiful, she was fit... She was Parker!

She was headed into a clothes store with a brunette girl by her side, she wasn't wearing her red dress that she left in this morning but instead a floral one piece, it looked more like a pair of overalls to me. But what do I know about women's fashion? I had to see her again. No, Luke stop. I'm going for it.


"Guys, I'm gonna go look for stuff while we're waiting" I smiled, pointing over at the shopping centre meters away from the kebab shop.

"You're a weird one Luke" Ashton said.

I laughed nervously.


I walked over to the stores, trying my best to hide from Parker and her friend. I just wanted to see her again.

The constant battle with your conscience is going to get the best of you Hemmings.

Shut up.

They were looking at dresses and Parker was pulling a few off and placing them over her body and laughing hysterically. Fuck, she is so gorgeous. Stop it Luke, you can't have her. I know, I know. 

I inched closer to her but soon saw she was gone. I backed up a bit to see where she went and I bumped into something.


|| Author Note ||

Hey guys, just me again. I hope you're enjoying this story, personally I'm already in love with it which is a good thing for me because I usually hate my own stories. But anyways, I hope you like it. I'm going to be editing them after I write them because there's nothing worse than grammar and punctuation mistakes; maybe that's just me. I'll be updating every Sunday, I may update more than once a week if I'm not busy. So you're a lucky bunch. Please share this where you can, like it, favourite it and fan me if you like. I have another account which has two other fanfictions on there, so if you wanna check those out my account is - x.JadeClifford.x

I love you a lot, don't ever forget that. Thanks lovelies! :) x

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