When Parker and Luke first met it had been a drunken mistake, a one night stand if you will. He was apart of a world famous pop-rock band and she was a simple hairdresser from Western Sydney. After that one night, they went their separate ways and went on with life like nothing ever happened. But something did happen, something Luke vowed he would never do. He got attached.


2. Drinking, Dancing and Sex.

|| Sex Scene - so if you're not comfortable with it please skip to Luke's P.O.V ||


We kept dancing for what seemed a long time until we headed back over to the bar and got some more alcohol. Belle disappeared soon after that, I didn't know where she went. She just said "Don't worry about me, I'll be back soon".

I didn't mind her leaving me, she was probably going to find some idiot to sleep with. I was walking around with two drinks in my hands trying to find Belle when I bumped into someone and spilled the drinks all over my dress.


"Ugh" I complained in a groggy voice that I hardly recognised as my own.

"I am so sorry" A tall blonde guy said, towering over me.
"No, it's okay" I replied, I was drunk because after that I became very giggly.

"Let me take you to get you cleaned up" He offered.

"No" I answered a bit too quickly, "Just dance with me".

"Are you sure? I mea-" I cut him off by pulling him to the dance-floor.


I Like To Dance by Hot Chelle Rae began blasting through the speakers as we danced. He was merely tipsy. We hung out a bit, I met his friends Calum, Ashton and Mitchell I think it was. I couldn't really remember.

We went back over to the bar and ordered more toxins. We had a shot comp, full of rum we challenged each other to be the quickest to finish 10 shots. I won, but his attempts were impressive.

I just remembered I didn't know his name.


"I didn't catch your name" I yelled over the thumping music.

"Luke" He laughed with a drunk smile, he was far gone.

"Parker" I smiled.

We spent the rest of the night dancing and drinking until we settled down at a booth. We got talking, though neither of us knew exactly what we were discussing.


"I really like that dress on you Parker" He smiled, with his black lip ring bulging out and placing a hand on my naked thigh.

"Thanks" I blushed unintentionally.

"What do you say we get outta' here?" A small smile crept onto my lips as he said those words.

I nodded quickly, I didn't even know what I was doing.

He grabbed my hand as we stumbled pushing our way out to the busy streets, we hailed a taxi very quickly and slid into the backseat. Only now did I realise just how attractive Luke was, he had very deep blue eyes, blonde/light brown hair styled into a messy quiff, a Ramone's band shirt, black skinny jeans and that lip piercing made him seem so much more appealing.


"You're really gorgeous" I mumbled, then quickly covered my mouth hearing what I'd just said.

"Thanks" He laughed groggily.

"Alright, here you go" the taxi driver pulled up in front of a motel, Luke over-payed the driver because he was at loss for counting dollars right now. 


We went into the motel and went straight into his already booked room. Making out in the elevator as we made our way through the halls.

We pushed our bodies through the door as I began pulling at his shirt, he quickly slid that off. I kicked off my heels as he removed his black boots. 

He pushed me up against a wall, lingering his lips on my neck and kissing me just below the ear. I tugged at his belt and he unzipped my dress at the back. He quickly slid off my dress leaving me in only my bra and underwear; Victoria secret. I thanked the heavens I had worn them tonight.


He pulled me into a room, a bedroom I guessed; what a gentleman. He had removed his pants now and was struggling with my bra. I pulled his head down to regain contact with my lips as I slowly unclipped my bra.

I pushed him down on the bed and sat just below his abdomen, he pulled me down to kiss me again as his hands slowly trailed down to my underwear. 

Soon we were both naked and I couldn't wait any longer.


"Have me" I whispered as he sucked on my neck.

"Are you sure?" he asked politely, he was drunk yet he still had enough consciousness to ask me.

I just hummed in agreement.


He was on top of me at this stage. Slowly, he eased himself into me. It didn't hurt in the slightest, I loved it. He quickened his pace as a low moan escaped my lips. I had my hand through his hair and I had tightened my grip. He cupped both his hand around my face as he contacted my lips again, eagerly licking my bottom lip asking for entrance; I gladly accepted. He trailed his hands from my face all the way down to hips as he thrusted into me.


We lasted about an hour I think, time had escaped me by then. We were both lost in the heat of the moment. Once we finished, he body fell limp beside me. I got up and kissed him one last time before mumbling a mere 'thanks'.



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