When Parker and Luke first met it had been a drunken mistake, a one night stand if you will. He was apart of a world famous pop-rock band and she was a simple hairdresser from Western Sydney. After that one night, they went their separate ways and went on with life like nothing ever happened. But something did happen, something Luke vowed he would never do. He got attached.


5. Against The Rules.


I was sat on the lounge with Belle watching Teen Wolf, waiting for it to end so she would go to bed. It was nearing the end, thank god. I had to meet Luke in half an hour and I wasn't even dressed. I was considering not even going, but I was curious to know what he had wanted to meet up for.


"Alright, Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien have virtually gone to bed so I am too" Belle joked, "See you in the morning".

"Night Bee" I giggled.


As soon as she was out of sight and her bedroom door closed, I ran to mine quietly. Slipping my sweatpants and singlet off and replacing it with black skinny jeans, a cream knitted sweater and black floral vans. I did my make-up light and placed my hair in a messy bun.


I slid out of my room, leaving a note reading "Gone to get some pancake mixture for tomorrow morning, be back soon x". Just so Belle wouldn't worry.


I skipped out to my car and checked the time on the clock '8:48pm', well great. I only have twelve minutes to be there and it takes at least twenty. I wonder if Luke saved his number to my phone?

I searched through my contacts until I came to a stop, he saved his name under Lovely Luke ;). I giggled to myself and clicked on his contact.


P - "Hey, um. I am coming to meet you, I'll just be a bit late".

I soon got a text back.

L - "Alright, just as long as you're not standing me up :) See you soon x".


I drove down the highway until I reached a sign that said "Penrith - next exit". Oh, thank god.

When I eventually reached the Aqua Golf centre, I was looking around for Luke and spotted him over at a table with his phone in front of him.

I walked over and tightened my sweater around my body, the wind was horrific. I stopped just in front of him and he looked up, quickly jumping to his feet.


"Uh, hi" He mumbled, with a grin spreading across his face.

"Hi" I giggled, with my teeth chattering.

"Oh, sorry I didn't know it'd be this cold tonight" He apologised, "Here take my jacket".

"No, really. It's okay" I replied awkwardly.

"I insist" He smiled, wrapping his leather jacket around my shoulders, "It's my fault you're here tonight anyway".

"Thankyou" I smiled.

"So, how are you?" He asked.

"Since our awkward encounter earlier today?" I laughed, "I've been good".

"Yeah, sorry about that" He chuckled, "You look beautiful by the way".

"Thankyou" I blushed.

We paused for roughly two minutes just looking around, it was incredibly awkward.

"Do you wanna play?" He asked, referring to the golf clubs, "It may warm us up a bit".

"Yeah, okay" I smiled.


He grabbed a club and handed it to me as he went over to the cashier to buy two buckets of golf balls. We picked two gates and entered them.


"Okay, first to either hit a sign or get a ball in doesn't buy drinks" Luke challenged.

"You're on" I laughed.


We played for half an hour, neither of us even coming close to hitting a sign. Luke's golf balls kept rolling down the hill into the shallow water causing me to laugh.


"The way we're going, I'm going to have to buy more balls" Luke joked.

I just laughed really loudly, my dirty mind took over.

"Oh, you're horrible!" He laughed.

"I know, I'm sorry" I giggled.


A few minutes passed and I smacked my third last ball, the clanging sound that followed made it official. I had won the bet.


"Hmm, I'd like a Sprite thanks" I laughed, sarcastically.

"Coming up" Luke chuckled as I followed him to the nearby vending machine.


We sat across from each other at a table, sipping on our cans and smiling at each other.


"So, are you going to tell me why you wanted to meet me here?" I asked.

"Um, well" He paused for a second, "I don't actually know".

"What?" I laughed, "How could you not know why you wanted to meet up?".

"I don't know" He chuckled, "I guess I wanted to see you again".

"That goes against the whole 'one night stand' thing, you know?" I giggled.

"And against my conscience" He smiled, "But, tell me. Have you had fun tonight?".

"Well, yeah" I smiled.

"See" He smirked, taking another sip of his drink.


We talked for some time and Luke was telling me how he is in a band with his three best mates and he'd toured with One Direction. He told me how he's been to the UK numerous times. He'd truly done it all, and he was only seventeen. I asked him about the night at the club and how he got in. He had a fake ID, very smart. I wasn't much older than him, nineteen in two months. None of the awkwardness returned at all, we both put our cards on the table and we were very up front. No bullshit, the way I like it. I liked Luke, he was a really great guy and it didn't hurt that he was attractive too.

It was 10:30pm, by the time I decided to go home.


"I'll text you sometime and we'll hang out again" I smiled, walking alongside Luke to my car.

"Yeah, sure" He grinned at me.

"I had fun, thankyou" I giggled.

"Thankyou for coming, I enjoyed your company" He laughed, "Aqua Golf is more fun when you're with great people".

"Well, you would've done just fine by yourself" I smiled.

"It was better with you" He smirked.

"See you later Luke" I laughed, giving his jacket back.

"Hey!" He caught my attention, "Don't I get a hug?".

"Hmm" I smiled in thought, "Okay".


He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in for a hug. He was unbelievably warm in this wind, I didn't want to leave his embrace.

Once I pulled away, I made my way over to my Toyota Yaris. I smiled quietly to myself as I pulled away from the centre.

When I got home, I tucked myself into bed and drifted off to sleep quite easily.

I had a great night.


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