Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


9. Chapter 8

I just couldn’t stop staring. Oh all people why him, not that I had anything particularly against him just his huge ego. He continued to stare up at me and Rei with a devilish smirk on his face. As he was walking over to the stairs he removed his white tank top to rest around his neck with his signature headphones, my eye automatically went to his chest. When I thought about it I figured him and Rei have a similar body type, they were also dressed the same except Kia was wearing khaki shorts and his hair was being held back by a headband. When my eyes went back up to his face, before I noticed it he was already at the top of the stairs and I knew I was caught. I felt my cheeks heat up, and a snide laugh from him. I looked up to Rei and noticed he took a step away from me, whatever then. 
“Well than what do we have here. My best-friend and his new girlfriend the new girl. I’ve never been so proud of you buddy!!”

He pulled Rei into a hug and did the bro pat while looking at me he winked at me, just like what I did when I saw him on the train that day. Rei pulled away from him and proclaimed that it was all a misunderstanding that all he did was help me move in some stuff while he was waiting from him to show up. Then all of a sudden Granny came out and when she saw Kia she started yelling at him asking where he’d been the past few day and why hasn’t he answered any of her calls cause she was worried sick about him and how he she told me that he was gonna help me move in.

“Oh this was the girl, Granny if I had know she was this beautiful I would have helped out sooner.”

As he made his way over to me he draped his arm around my neck and pulled me into his side. Granny looked angry at him, kinda scary to be honest. She walked over to him and pulled him by his ear and dragged him down the stairs saying things like ‘You should have been here the entire time instead of playing around.’ ‘Since you weren’t here to help her like I promised her you would, not you get to clean up and cancel your plans with Rei.’ He was protesting the entire time, and asking her to let go of his ear. That was scary, very scary. Never seen something like that before in my entire life. So DON’T wanna get on her bad side.

“You really don’t, I’ve had my ear pulled by her before. Something you DO NOT want. And you seriously need to work on that thought speaking process of yours!!”

I looked over to him he was leaning against the wall looking right at me and smiling. He’s un-bashfully smooth and just as slick as Kia, they did grow up together was bound to rub off on him I suppose. I checked my phone for the time 1:45. Just as I was thinking how we worked through lunch my stomach made a very unattractive sound.

“That wasn’t cute at all. It’s shocking cause you’re cute but you have those moments.”

“Back at you. Physically attractive, but you can make some very snide remarks.”

“I make snide remarks and you make sassy rebuts. And here I was gonna ask you if you wanted to go too lunch since my plans crashed.”

He looked over the railing and Kia was there sweeping the the front of the complex with Granny sitting in her chair watching him while drinking lemonade. Me and Rei looked at each other and laughed, Kia looked at up towards us and glared at us, Granny yelled at him to pay attention and threw an ice cube at him. After I calmed down from laughing I looked up to Rei and told him I’d be out in a minute. I ran in and changed my clothes, I tossed on a crop top, a relaxed cloth type of shorts, and my low top converse. To hot out to wear anything else, tossing my phone into my bag I grabbed my headphones and ran out the door. Looking up from his phone he looked at me for a quick second and then looked down to his phone, do I look that bad?! 

“No you look fine, you ready to go?!”

“Well you could have fooled me, yea I’m ready.”

He just muttered a sorry and placed his hand on the small of my back and guided me to the stairs, I tensed up at the small action and he retracted his hand and said sorry again ‘It’s okay.’ As we were walking down the walkway Kia was taking a short break and making remarks towards us saying thinks like “Oh the new couple going on a date.” “Don’t stay out to late.” “Take responsibility for your actions. If it rains take an umbrella.” I just stood there and proclaimed that we’re not a couple, and I wasn’t like him and wouldn’t do anything of the sort!!

“I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about this fella over here.”

He placed his drink down and walked over to Rei placing one arm around his neck and with the other grabbed his chin.

“He may have the face of an angel, and although he’s all nice and sweet and charming the opposite of me. Even though I have an extremely handsome face. He’s just like me, smooth, and slick. He’s actually good at charming the ladies. He uses it to his advantage, try not to get caught up. But if you do…”

It was just like that time when I went to visit the school, he encased me in his arm. I placed my hands on his arms and was trying to push him away from but he just tightened his arms.

“You can always come crying to me, my arms will always be open for you!!” 

I pinched the back of his arm and he let go of me and started rubbing his arm in the spot. ‘That wasn’t very nice.’ he said while pouting.

‘What are you five, and I never said I was nice’ and stuck my tongue out at him. Then Granny came out with a new pitcher of lemonade when she looked at me her eyes went wide when she saw my shorts. I figured that was a good time for me and Rei to leave. I grabbed his hand and started walking away. I could hear Granny yelling at me saying ‘AVAH WHAT’S WITH THOSE SHORT!!! GO CHANGE!!!’ I just know when I get back I’m gonna get an earful from her.
“You know when you get back you’re gonna get an earful, but yet you wore those shorts. Why?!”

“Cause it’s too hot for everything else!! ANYWAYS new topic where we going?! I’m starving lets get something to eat!!”

Nodding his head saying ‘Yes, yes’ we walked to the the shopping district. For a weekend there were a lot of people, mostly couples as I looked around. I looked at Rei, and I thought maybe to other people we would seem like a couple or not. We kinda match, low top converse, shorts, and we both have headphones around our necks. I wouldn’t mind if people thought that to be honest, but then they could see us and think I don’t have the right to be next to him. I may be a bit brash, and sarcastic, and can dish it just as well but I’m not good with staring. I started to feel a bit uneasy and started fiddling with my headphones and darted my eyes around looking at people to see if anyone was looking our way. Feeling a hand on my shoulder I tensed at the motion not expecting it.

“Woh just calm down, it’s alright. You know I was thinking there for a moment if they thought we were a couple or something.”

I looked to Rei skeptical the words that came out of his mouth, we were thinking the same thing. He bashfully laughed and rubbed the side of his face, his cheeks had a light tint to them. He was embarrassed cause of what he said, but at least he had the courage to say what I was thinking. We went to eat at a pizza joint at first it was a bit awkward not really knowing what to say but then I noticed we was with his new hoop piercing and he kept wincing.

“If you keep that up it’ll get infected, and why mess with it if it hurts. Not a smart move.”

“Well it’s a habit and I never said I was a genius. You should your ears pierced again I’d think it’d be nice on you.”

He said as he reached over the table and touched my ear, when he realized what he did he retracted his hand and proclaimed that he’ll keep his hands to himself. Reminded me of Kia there when he did that. I looked at him and his eyes were wide and he slouched back into his seat not making eye contact with me anymore. When I realized I said that out loud I raised my hands to my mouth and shook my head, I can’t believe I just said that.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. It’s just that both times Kia touched me it was always unexpected and surprised me. That's all that I mean!!”

“No, no. No it’s okay.”

He was just shaking his hand and waving his hands back and forth reassuring me that it was okay. I still feel bad, that was like an insult to him.

“I guess growing up with him and being with him all the time things rubbed off on me. Although he wasn’t lying back there, I was like that for a while.”

I looked at him puzzled and then it clicked. So he’s a ladies man, or was a ladies man. I want to say was but when I think about when he was giving the tour of the school and all the girls asking him to hang out with them and him just saying later or he’ll call them it made me wonder.

“I know what you’re thinking whether or not I’m this supposed ‘ladies man’ or not. To be completely honest I’m not sure, but it you compare me to Kia I’ll probably look like a saint.. maybe just barely.”

“That's TOTALLY reassuring. But hey, I don’t judge. You’re life, you’re body. Party on. Just as long as you’re not a double crossing cheater then I won’t hate you.”

I said smiling before taking a sip of my drink, and he just looked sad almost. He was about to say something and I didn’t wanna hear it. I slammed my hands on the table causing him to jump in his seat and everyone in the restaurant to look our way.

“You know I don’t wanna hear it, it’s private you’re own business and it’s starting to get a bit morbid and not fun at all. You know, I saw an arcade while walking here lets go!!”

I stood up from my chair and made my way over to him and pulling him up from his chair and kept telling me to keep it down cause everyone was staring. ‘Hell if I care, let’s go!!’ I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the store and up the street towards the arcade. The couples and people on the street were staring with amusement and then adverted their eyes elsewhere. Thank you I’ve had enough staring at me to last a life time. When the arcade came into sight I was actually really happy, i hadn’t been to one in so long. I turned around to look at Rei and he didn’t really have any kind of expression on his face, just a going with the flow look. I just gripped his hand tighter and ‘Come on turn that frown upside down and lets have fun!!’. He just looked at me for a second and then smiled, and tightened his hold on my hand. 

When we got to the arcade there weren’t that many people just some kids playing claw games and some second shooter games. And some group of teenagers in the back. I wasn’t gonna let anyone mess this up anymore. We spent the next two, three hours playing all sorts of games in the arcade but I constantly felt eyes on me. I always felt a shiver go down my spine and whenever Rei asked about it I just brushed it off not letting it get to me. I was waiting by the door for Rei as he stepped away for a moment. ‘Wait here for a moment I gotta get something real quick.’ I put my phone away when I heard footsteps coming in my direction, and then I felt a hand slip onto my waist and the chill down my spine came soon after. This wasn’t Rei.

“Calm down hun, you here with someone?!’
I know I was wanting something interesting to happen in my life but I wasn’t asking for this, Rei hurry up!!

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