Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


8. Chapter 7

It’s been almost a week since I signed up for Demura but I have yet to actually ATTEND school. I’ve been busy getting my apartment all set and still haven’t gotten my uniforms, it’s just been a huge mess. My dad had been helping me with setting up most of my furniture and getting everything I need, but of all days he couldn’t be here. The day I should be getting my bedroom set, basically the biggest piece of everything that I ordered. Granny (the apartment manager) was trying to get in touch with her grandson to see if he would help me out but he hasn’t called back. Conveniently he wasn't here at all while I was moving in, she thought it was a bit odd actually. But looking at it from a different point of view, no one actually likes moving or helping people move so I understood. 
Leaning against the porch railing I kept looking at my phone for the time and every time I checked it it felt like time hadn’t progressed at all. 10:30…..10:30…..10:30….10:31…. WHY IS IT GOING BY SO SLOW!!! I fell on my pack on the porch pavement but as soon as I did I regretted it. It was two weeks into September and the weather felt like it was smack dab in the middle of June in California. I was sweating my ass off, my freshly washed hair suddenly felt like I hadn’t washed it in two days, the back of my tank top was sticking to my back, even my shorts were sticking to the back of my thighs. I looked at my phone for the temperature; 89°. 


I yelled to no one in particular, all of a sudden I heard a laugh and up from the stairs was Granny holding a cup of lemonade. I sat right up when she looked at me, reaching her hand out I accepted the drink and drank it down. AHH. It felt amazing.

“Thanks Granny, that hit the spot. I really need to get some more water. This heat is killing me!!”

I dramatized it by falling back onto the porch pavement. She just looked down towards me and laughed with a smile on her face. She told me that she still hadn’t been able to get into contact with her grandson and she felt bad, and that if anyway possible when the shipment arrives she’ll help in anyway she could. I love this women, ever since I started to move stuff in she’s been like this. She’s so sweet!! I got up off the porch and just hugged her.

“It’s ok Granny, just give me more of that lemonade and I’ll be good. I’ll manage somehow when the truck decides to get here.”

She said okay and went back down the stairs to make some more lemonade, and I just went back to sitting on the pavement wonder what exactly was I going to do when the truck shows up. I couldn’t possibly bring in the whole set by myself, I’m only one girl. Just as I was wishing I wish I had known someone, I was going through my phone and I saw a name and decided to call that person.


As it rang through on my end my ears perked up when all of a sudden I heard a ringing phone coming up the walkway towards the complex, and a familiar voice soon followed on both ends.

“Avah?! This is a first, what's up?!”

It was like an echo. Just as I was about to respond he soon came into sight while walking in towards the complex, and right behind him the delivery truck pulled up.


I yelled he pulled his phone away from his ear and looked up towards my direction. His eyes bulging like they were going to pop out. I ran down the stairs and hugged him, showing up at the perfect time. 

“Do you have perfect timing or what right now!!”

“Umm what are you, why are you?! Perfect timing, what?!”

He was stumbling over his words, and looked around his surroundings almost to make sure he was where he wanted to be. I was a bit puzzled myself but I figured I’d ask him about it later. I yelled towards Granny’s office and told her the truck was here and I had someone to help me so everything was okay. As the truck was backing into the driveway complex I pulled Rei out of the way so he wouldn’t get hit cause he was still a bit confused it seemed. I told him that I just moved into the open apartment and that I needed help bringing in my new bedroom set. As I took a closer look at him I found him to be more attractive in casual clothes, although he looked cute in his school uniform as well. His hair was a bit more tousled, he had another piercing in his ear which I assumed was new cause it still looked a bit red. He was wearing a white graphic muscle tank, I couldn’t tell with the school uniform but his arms were defined and muscular.. but not to much. And he was wearing Bermuda style shorts with a white belt hung a bit low on his hips. Okay he looked really attractive. As I trailed my eyes back up and noticed that he was wearing headphones around his neck, the kind that me and Kia wear, and it got me thinking a bit. When I came to look at the place Granny told me that her grandson was a nice guy, and that he’s the handyman around here, and also wears headphones like I do. Rei’s a nice guy, really sweet actually, he’s a bit built that could be from working around the complex, and the headphones. He’s Granny’s grandson!! I couldn't help but smile at that, that actually makes me really happy. After a few moments of silence Rei spoke up.

“Okay as much of a nice smile you have it’s starting to freak me out. Why are you smiling, and why are you here?!”

“Just happy right now, is that so wrong?! And I just told you, I moved into THAT apartment, is that bad or something?!

I told him, well more like sassed him while pointing to my open apartment. He just shook his head and sighed while grabbing pieces of my bed while I signed the papers. As I turned around with one of the end tables in my hands following behind Rei his back muscles were so defined, and his bicep muscles were bigger than when he was just standing beside me. This isn’t good for my heart. After about an hour my bedroom was finally setup (mattress included), Rei and myself sat down at my dining table soaked with sweat.

“Ugh I so don’t look cute right now, it’s too hot for this. But thanks a bunch Rei, I owe you one.” 

“Yea you’re right you so don’t look cute.But yea, you so do owe me one. I don’t know if it was right place, wrong time, or wrong place right time. Still debating.”

“UGH!! Rude much!!”

I pouted and sunk into my seat, he just laughed and smiled and threw the towel he was using to dry himself off at me. I screamed and threw it back at him. ‘How nasty.’ I proclaimed and he just laughed harder and leaned his head back on the chair. A moment later Granny came into the room holding glasses of Lemonade.

“Well it’s sure lively in here, I brought a glass for your friend… Oh Hello.”

Granny said as she set down the glasses in front of us, Rei didn’t look towards her or nothing just said a quiet hello. Well this is weird, isn’t he her grandson.

“Oh Granny come look what Rei help me set up!!”

As I was getting up from the table Rei slammed his hands on it and looked up towards my direction his eyes wide open, what the heck is that look for?!

“Rei I knew it was you, I haven’t seen you in a while how is everything with your parents?!”

He just shook his head like he didn’t wanna talk about anything at the moment, he looked a bit upset. So are they not related?!

“Not really, but she’s like a grandma to me. And I see you still haven’t worked on that, have you?!”

He placed his elbow on the table and clasped his hands and place his chin on them and smiled in my direction. He has a great smile. I just laughed and shrugged my shoulder.

“Guess not, but I though that he was your grandson Granny?!”

“Well I do treat him like one, but he’s not. What made you think that dear?!”

As I listed off the reasons as to why, they just looked at each other and than laughed. It’s not that funny. Laughing at other peoples mistakes, how rude. But they went on to tell me that Rei used to take piano lessons as a child with Granny’s daughter and her grandson. So he was always over at the house cause they went to school together so a lot a people always assumed that he was related to her and her family. Granny was telling us stories of Rei and her grandson growing up, how they would always get in trouble with the other parents, causing mischief. Rei would always interject and say that it wasn’t his fault and would be blamed for it. And he would blush really hard, it was so adorable. There was one one story that made him hide his head in his arms and was telling Granny to stop, she said it was when he was in middle school he brought a girl over to try and impress her by playing the piano and he spent weeks learning her favorite song and just as they were about to kiss Granny walked in offering snacks and the girl ran out and he was banging his head on the keys of the piano. I just busted out laughing at his embarrassment. 

“Oh my gosh how adorably sad!! So I’m guessing that love wasn’t played in the right key!!” 

“Okay that joke was almost as bad as me trying to impress that girl.”

He said as he lifted his head to glare at me, his cheeks were as bright as a red rose. How cute!!

“What?! Maybe I should have kept it in tune!!”

He glared at me some more and I just couldn’t stop laughing, it was too funny.

“You’re not gonna let me forget and he’s never let me forget it. My life!!”

“He?! You mean Granny’s grandson?!”

Rei just nodded his head, speaking of which.

“He still brings it up to this day. But thank GOD she doesn’t go to school around here.”

“Oh yea speaking of which, who is your grandson Granny. You talk about him all the time but I still don’t know his name. I keep getting more and more intrigued  as you talk about him. And now knowing Rei knows him to I just HAVE to know. Who is he?!?!?”

Just as Granny was about to tell me there was a loud yell from the courtyard, Rei pushed himself up from the table causing the lemonade to spill. What the hell dude?!


That voice say it isn’t so!! Me and Rei ran towards the porch I looked over and there he was. You’ve got to be kidding me. With his attention being caught by the railing making a sound he looked up towards where me and Rei were his confused looked soon turned into a devilish smile playing on his lips.

“Oh, hey guys.”

I don’t know if this became more interesting or not to me, but it definitely became interesting to him.

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