Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


6. Chapter 5

"Well that was the last one on this list, tomorrow were gonna look at other schools. I hope you're happy with yourself Avah!!" 
My dad said walking up towards me. Yes cause it's my fault you wanna send me to some strict school that doesn't allow it's students to express their individuality. But again I kept my mouth shut and rolled my eyes. As I looked down at the handbook, it was like a light bulb went off above my head and the perfect idea came to mind.

"Dad what about Demura High?!"

"Demura High, I've not heard of it and it isn't on the list. Where'd you hear of such a school."

Thinking on my toes I made a weird connection from what the girl at the first school to me and the finding of this handbook.

"Well when I was leaving the first school some girl told me to check out Demura and when I was walking out of this one I found this on the ground. So it must be a sign right?! Just like with the apartments dad. So this school has to be it!! So can we go!?"

I saw the women who's accompanied us all day turn to my dad with a solemn face, and told him that it's known for being a 'delinquent' school. I know from just from that alone my dad is gonna be on the fence about it. What is with this women, first she tried to help me out with the apartments and now she's going against me!! And to think I was gonna learn her name!!

"And by the way dad we should stop by anyways to return the handbook!!"

He was wavering between his thoughts but ultimately in the end he told us to get in so we can go return the handbook, but I know he's gonna try and find out more about the school. I'm determined to go to this school. While we were on our way there I was flipping through the handbook and I didn’t see anything saying it prohibits piercings or dyed hair, so I’d have no problem with that. I told my dad about that but all he did was nod his head while he was looking on his computer, I leaned over to see the computer screen and on it was the schools website. Just like I thought, he was doing back work on the school. When we showed up to the school, for once it was a normal school building instead of some castle looking building. And it was a co-ed school, I was a bit scared that it would be an all boys school. As I looked at the students walking into the school building, their uniforms were cute and simple. White button up shirts, blue and black plaid skirts for the girls, and khaki pants for the guys, I’m assuming the ties must be plaid too. I looked over to my dad he was just getting off the phone, who the heck was he talking.

“I was speaking with the headmaster and asked for a meeting. You really need to keep your internal thoughts internal hun. Now lets go.”

Well he was right about that, I do need to pay attention and be more careful about my thoughts. As we walked up the path to the school there was a boy waiting there to greet us.

“Hello my name is Rei Miamato, I’m the Student Body President. It’s a pleasure to meet you, follow me and I’ll escort you to the headmasters office.”

He was a cute guy but seemed like the studious type, short black hair but was slicked back, his shirt was buttoned up to the top, his tie wasn’t loose like the other guys in the halls were, he had a small hoop earring. So he’s not a total bookworm, or maybe I’m just judging. When I heard a small snicker, I felt my cheeks heat up.

“I did it again didn’t I?! I said that out loud.” 

I looked over to the Rei all he did was smile and nodded his head to my question. I looked to my dad who was shaking his head.

“Sorry bout that, it happens and I don’t even realize I’m doing it, my dad just told me to be careful to keep my thoughts to myself. So again I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, we all have our own little quirks. It’s cute, but try to be a bit more careful. You don’t want to think the wrong think and accidentally say it out loud in front of the wrong person.”

“I’ll make a note of that, thanks.” 

As we were walking through the halls I felt so much more comfortable. Girls were calling Rei and asking him to play with them later, I didn’t really think he’d be so popular with girls considering his position but I guess I was wrong. A few girls said they liked my outfit, and a few guys were talking about me with their friends saying I was cute. I looked towards my dad he just had a blank expression on his face. So can’t read what he’s thinking, not good. When we reached the headmasters off a few girls were calling Rei.

“Hey Rei come play with us!!” 

The girls had WAY to much make-up on for an average school day, and their tans made them look like they belonged in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I looked at Rei he just rolled his eyes and sighed before he turned to them.

“I can’t, I’m busy right now. Student Body President duties. Welcoming the new girl. So later, okay?!” 

The girls took their eyes off him and looked at me and clicked their tongues and returned their attention back to Rei.

“Fine, once your done with her come find us, kay?!” 

Once they left he sighed and leaned against the wall while loosening his tie just a little. 

“Must be hard to not only be student president, but ALSO popular with the girls. You have it hard pres.” 

“I'm trying to figure out if that was an internal thought, or are you being serious but also sarcastic.”

“Hmm, who knows. But fix your tie and lets go, they’re waiting for us.” 

I said with a laugh, I just couldn’t help but smile though. His actions towards those girls and how we reacted to my sentence by just shrugging and a little smile playing on his lips I found amusing. After he fixed his tie he went to the office door and opened it with an out stretched his arm ‘Ladies first.’ I curtsied and told him thank you. I looked up at him and he was shaking his head and holding back his laugh. When we walked into the office my dad and the headmaster were talking, when the door shut they both looked up at our direction.

“Well that was a hold up, what happened Avah?”

“Nothing really, two girls came up to us and talked to us. So what's up, and sorry for the delay Mr. Headmaster.”

I bowed to him and apologized, he told me it was all right and said for me to take a seat. My dad and the headmaster caught me up to speed on what was said while I was out of the room. That my dyed hair and piercings wouldn’t be a problem because a bunch of student have the same things as me. And that even though the school is know as a delinquent school it takes pride in it’s top grades. That's the only condition for the students, if they keep up good grades they’ll be able to express themselves with the way they look. The headmaster made sure to reassure my dad that it’s a safe school regardless of it’s current title. After a few moments of silence of my dad making his final decision, he agreed to letting me go here. When he said yes I jumped up from my chair with disbelief and asked him if he was serious. The headmaster was shocked at my reaction and Rei was laughing at his position next to his desk. I felt my cheeks suddenly get really hot. Twice in a matter of an hour or so. New record.

As papers were being signed, I excused my self so I could take a look around the school and so I could find this Kia Kemura. They both allowed me to leave, just as I was about to close the door.

“Woh I need those fingers you know!!” 

Rei was holding his hand like it was baby, I couldn’t help but laugh. I said sorry and asked him for the grand tour. 

“As you wish ma lady.”

He said with a posh accent, and proceeded to bow. I just busted out laughing, once he stood up he laughed as well. As he was giving me the tour around the school multiple girls came up to him and yelled from classrooms asking him when they were gonna hang out and play again. Guys were also coming up to me as well, but Rei just brushed them off for me. As we were reaching the Year 1 halls I suddenly remembered the handbook and pulled it out of my bag.

“What you got there!?”

Rei asked looking over my shoulder.

“It’s a handbook I found earlier outside of a girls school I was visiting with my dad.”

“Girls School!? To be honest I don’t think I can picture you in one of those.”

He said with a slight laugh, tell my dad that would ya.

“I don’t think he’d listen to a stranger, let alone a student’

“That wasn’t supposed to be said out loud, anyways I need to find the person who owns it.”

“Is there a name written in it, all students are to write their name and their class along with their years.”

“Yea, let me see again.”

As I was opening it and about to read the name someone was yelling Rei’s name.


“Kia shut it would ya!!”

When I lifted my eyes off the booklet my eyes trailed up this guys body. White shirt untucked, bottom and top buttons undone, loose tie, headphones around his neck, green eyes, spiked blond hair.

“Hey is that any way to speak to the ‘King’.”

My eyes were staring right at him, and he was staring back, his mouth formed into a smirk. It was him.

“Interesting, very interesting.”

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