Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


4. Chapter 3

While we were driving to look at apartments my dad said 'No' to about six really nice ones and I was getting really annoyed. The last one we looked at I liked too!! He was going on about how "It doesn't look safe" "It doesn't fit you, it's too small." And all these other pointless aspects. He's not gonna be living there, I AM!! 
As he was talking to the lady I heard her say that that was the last of the one for today. She softly said that the last one we looked at also seemed to interest me, I was shocked that she noticed that. As I was going to agree with her my dad was going off about how it didn't look safe enough for me. I just sulked back into my seat. 

While we were at a stop sign I looked out the window to see an old woman putting up a sign saying: "Apartment for rent!"

"Dad look!! Let's go look they have an open apartment!!" 

He seemed very apprehensive. But I told him this could be it. This could be the one for me. He said okay and told the driver to turn around an drop us off at the apartment complex. When we got there the old woman was sweeping the entrance. She was so small, her hair tied into a braid, a shall draping over her dress. She was so cute. 

I placed my headphones around my neck and greeted her as my dad did the same. 

"I'm sorry for the sudden intrusion but as we were driving by I saw you putting a sign out saying you have a vacant apartment I was wondering if I.. We could look at it. We've driven all over and have yet to find one." 

The old woman smiled warmly at me. As we were making our way up to the apartment she told my dad and myself that the couple that was living here till recently found out that his wife was expecting a child so they found a place that would be more suitable for a family. She also told us that they just finished cleaning it out for people to look at it. When we got up to the apartment it was big, but not too big. Just the perfect size for a high school girl. A nice size kitchen with the living/dinning area just off the side to it. A big enough bedroom with a nice closet, and a nice bathroom. And outside the bedroom widow you could see a field of flowers with a small stream flowing right by. This was the ONE

I ran out of the room and told my dad how perfect it was and how I won't take no for an answer. The manager was standing by and started laughing. I was a bit embarrassed and apologized to her for my actions. 

"Oh no honey it's okay. When you find something you like people tend to react the way you did. And for a moment you reminded me of my grandson when he was small. And I thought that when you showed up, he wears those things around his neck as well. He's a good kid. He lives in the apartment next door while I live downstairs. He's what you would call the handyman around here." 

She just kept going on about her grandson and you could tell by the smile on her face and how her eyes lit up that she truly cares for and loves him. I find it really sweet. It made me love this woman even more. She was about to say something else about him when she finally realized she'd been going on for a few minutes, her cheeks turned a bright shade of red and she kept saying sorry for going on.

"It's quit alright. So it would seem that my daughter likes this place, I just have a few questions to ask of you….."

"DAD NO!!! No questions, it's perfect. Theres nothing wrong, it's right near the station, and the shopping district is just a few block away. This woman obviously takes care of her building, and I'm sure this is a safe neighborhood. So please dad!!!!" 

I begged him. I don't want him to say no. The manager came up to me placed her hand on my shoulder and just gave me a reassuring smile.

"It's quit alright my dear, your father just wants to make sure that he's leaving his precious daughter in a good place where she'll be taken care of and to make sure that she'll be happy no matter what. So it's alright if he has some questions. So while we talk take a look around the place if you would like."

I just felt so much calmer after that, she just made me feel so relived and relaxed with the way she approached me and her tone of voice. As they went off to the managers office to discuss everything I went off into the field and just thought about what the old woman said. That my dad wants me to be safe and happy… It just got me thinking if he wanted me to be safe, then why send me to stay somewhere across the globe when I'd be much safer back in America where I don't have to strain myself with learning another language. And if he wanted me to be happy, he could have found someone he and I both know and just stayed with them. But I guess in a weird way I understand everything he's doing is just for me. Sometimes I just don't understand his reasons behind some of the things he does.

After a while my dad came to get me (since I was listening to my music so I didn't hear him call me… oops?!) He told me that the papers are signed and I can move in right away. As we were leaving I thanked the manager, and she told me that when I start school that she'll have her grandson show me the way "Cause he's a gentleman like that." Honestly her grandson intrigues me and I haven't even met him. In the car to head to the next town over to look at high schools my dad was telling me about the other people that live in the other apartments; 

"Two college students, a couple who just got engaged, a few business workers, the managers grandson, herself and now you. I think you'll be alright there. Was a good find, now we just have to find a good school for you."

"You mean I have to find a good school for myself, dad."

"Sure love whatever you say."

He's totally not gonna let my pick which school I go to is he?! 'Well lets just see who gets the last laugh dad.' I thought to myself as I saw him going over a list of schools with the woman from yesterday… We'll just see about that.

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