Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


20. Chapter 19

I was really cautious around them, more so then usual the days that followed after the Halloween Party. I tried to get a look at their arms but their shirts covered the place I think I scratched. And from the kiss I knew the guy had stubble on his face but it didn’t help at all; Kia always had a bit of stubble going on, and Rei neglected to shave as well. I was wrecking my head for anything I could remember but I completely shut down from the shock of it all. Normally right after something like that something should click but it was much to hectic.
After the incident;

I could hear footsteps come running down the halls, voices screaming out my name, people asking other people if they were all right. Clammy hands placed on either side of my face ‘Avah, you okay?! Girl say something you’re scaring me!!’ It’s like I was looking at her but not looking at her, her big brown eyes were wide with shock, tear drops were forming at the corner of her eyes. ‘Roxy!! Is Avah okay?!’ ‘What’s going on? Is she okay?!’ Two more familiar voices resonated through my ears. I felt something being tossed over my shoulders, my hand that was still placed over my chest never once budging, my heart was still going crazy. I heard them asking Roxy if I was okay cause my hand was on my chest, she just assumed I was doing it cause of the shock. If she really knew she wouldn’t believe it. 

They guided me into the party room that was still lit up, people seemed to have calmed down but soon every-ones eyes were on me asking the same question in different variations of the question. I kept staring at Rei and Kia to try to get something from them, but they just seemed as pissed and annoyed and a bit scared as everyone else wondering what happened. But they also seemed equally concerned about me so it makes no sense. Soon a huge clamor was directed at the door and standing there was Yamato, wearing a jacket he wasn’t wearing before, and he seemed very relaxed. ‘Someone stepped on the electrical cord and it came unplugged!!’ Although it calmed everyone down, he told us that the walkthrough is done so it wouldn’t happen again. Once his eyes connected with mine, my back straightened up and I became very much aware of him, he walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder crouched down and looked at me. ‘Are you okay?’ I nodded my head, he sighed with relief. ‘Good cause I don’t wanna fill out any paper work that I deem unnecessary, but I’m glad you’re okay.’ Just like that everyone was soon laughing, everyone was back in party mode, Rei pulled Kia out to help him start cleaning up for school tomorrow and that was the end of it.

Present time; 

It was the following Monday and the guys seem perfectly normal, they still came over my place to make sure I was alright but I never got a look at their arms cause the weather was getting chilly. I swear I’m on the verge of pulling my hair out. I dropped my head on my desk and just looked at them. Is this what one of them wanted?! For me to go crazy thinking about it?! Was it planned?!

“Was what planned?!”

I looked up to see two big brown orbs right in front of me (due to the fact she sits in front of me). I made a sad face, and could feel trickle of tear drops forming in my eyes. I pushed my chair back, slammed my hands on my desk “ROOOOXY!!!!!” I ran around my desk and threw my arms around her. The force of me throwing myself on her almost made us fall over onto the floor. I still haven’t yet to tell her what happened, she just knows something happened and it shocked me.  


Yamato bellowed to the entire class, when he was about to do attendance Kia asked him why he seemed in such a bad mood, and why he wasn’t in Friday. And made a joke about him probably being hungover. "If only I was.” He said and a huge sigh followed after.

“Last week had a check up and was told to quit smoking so I’ve been eating these repulsive mint nicotine gums. And then Thursday I lit up a cigarette and it made me really sick over the weekend not mention I got food poisoning. Just been a bad weekend.”

Mint…. Gum….

After he was done with attendance he shrugged off his jacket and turned to write something on the board. But I couldn’t pay attention cause as clear as day were three distinct scratch marks on the back of his arm. I couldn’t believe it. Why?! Why him?! I slammed my hands on my desk which caused him to turn around and stare at me, I couldn’t look at him my vision was locked on his arm. “Avah you okay?!” He asked me, but he soon followed my gaze and at his arm were the red marks still prominent on his arm. He took a step out from behind the pedestal, I just took off out of the room. I could hear Roxy, Rei, and Kia calling after me. But why him!? Someone I trusted so much. I told him stuff I couldn’t tell my own dad. Even though he wasn’t that much older than me in the first place. But I trusted him!!!!! Was it some kind of amusement for him?! I just sat at the top of the stair to go out onto the roof and just cried my eyes out. I just wanna know one thing; WHY!!

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