Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


19. Chapter 18

It’s like all of a sudden I became a marionette doll. And the guys were controlling my strings pulling me this way and that, they’re in charge and they love it that way. But I’m determined to cut those strings and become in charge of what direction I go to, NOT THEM. And right now the one in charge… well who thinks he’s in charge of my strings is Rei. 
We’re currently finishing up the preparations for the test of courage, picking up the final decorations and some snacks for the party at the end of it. These past two weeks the whole class couldn’t stop talking about it and soon after students from other classes asked if they could join in on it or to help with the setting up. Hey, I’m not gonna deny extra hands to help. By the end of it we have different students from all the first year classes joining in. But the thing I’ve been the most on edge about is Rei himself. Here I was thinking he was gonna tease me or blatantly flirt with me, but being the oh so perfect student president, he was on top of everything. If I slacked off on something or neglected anything he was on me to get on the roll. He was more into it than I thought he was gonna be. 

I was currently on my way back to the school my hands full of decorations and treats from Reis families bakery. I was actually very irritated because Rei was supposed help me but he said he had to finish up some student council things, when in fact he specifically made it so that he would be able to help today and so no interference would come about today. As I was trudging on my way back to the school cursing Rei for basically ditching me I wasn’t paying attention and totally almost fell flat on my face but a strong arm caught me and a familiar scent filled my nose.

“Do you have a death wish or something?!”

Once I was steadied on my feet and a box or two was lifted off the pile and bright green eyes soon came into sight staring back at me. He had an almost angry look on his face, he also had a slight stubble going on. For a moment I was taken aback by him. Two weeks not really seeing him except for class and I haven’t even talked to him. I just stared at him, the way his lips moved and his eyes shining, the look of his hands as he held the boxes, and the muscle in his arm not really flexing but still in a way flexing. His hair seemed a bit longer, unintentionally I reached out to touch it but just as I almost touched his hair he had a gentle but firm grasp on my wrist. Looking up towards him he had a playful smirk on his face.

“Did you just fall for me?!”

He asked me with a confident smile on his face. I just stared at him while he continued to giggle like he knew everything, not being sure what to say to that or to him for that matter I tried to act like his question meant nothing to me I pulled my shoulders back puffed out my average sized chest stamped my foot and walked away. "D…d…don’t try to act all cocky Kia…. an…and thank you.” TOTAL FAIL!!! Ugh and here I was trying to act all tough and I freaking stuttered… I stuttered!! And I could hear him trying to stifle his laugh behind me. I stopped in my spot and turned around to glare at him, but I knew my cheeks were red like a red cherry tomato. He looked back at me with a look on his face like he just saw the cutest little puppy ever. “Okay, okay you got me!! Lets get going.” He said as he gently grabbed my elbow and pulled me along.

It was quite as we walked back towards the school, passing shops and stalls with festive decorations along the way. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye and saw him tracing along the baker shops decal of the sweet box with a solemn look on his face. Even though he wasn’t staring at me nor I him he just knew I had a quizzical look on my face. He sighed a bit, looked towards the sky and continued to walk straight while answering me. 

“This whole time I’ve been jealous of him. He gets to spend extra time with you even though we both promised to distance our selves but he cheated. And the fact that he’s not really doing anything DESPITE the fact that he cheated to spend time with you it’s infuriating!!”

He’s upset that Rei is spending time with me AND not doing anything to get me to fall for him basically….. THEHELL!! Hear I was thinking it was something deep or life altering and it was his own ignorance and jealousy. The guys I picked everyone!! Although I was a bit shocked at his blatant honesty I couldn’t help but giggle at him. “Hey!! Don’t laugh I’m being honest here!!” And that’s exactly why I was laughing, cause he’s always so honest. He’s been honest since the moment I met him. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I like him; cause he’s so honest. It’s part of his charm, I guess you could say. While Rei on the other hand; he’s not honest AT ALL!! Even though at the beginning of this ‘break’ he’s been blunt about it but a little reserved.. Almost. 

“Even though I know I should be saying this about myself, but don’t let your guard down around Rei… Even though he’s not doing anything now doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything planned for later to sneak up on you.”

“Yea maybe you’re not one to talk. But I’m a big girl I can take care of myself.” 

“Well the only big girl aspect of you is your chest, everything else…. Not so much.”

Flabbergasted. I was completely flabbergasted at the words that just came out of this guys mouth. I couldn’t move and just stared at him my mouth agape, and I’m sure wide eyed as well. Once he realized I wasn’t following next to him he turned to me and started to laugh. Once he caught his composure he shrugged his shoulders. “What?! Close your mouth or you’ll catch flies.” I can’t believe it, never have I been so offended. Sorry my boobs is the most appealing thing to you. I just walked straight past him while scoffing. I kept ignoring him while he called my name. When he finally caught up to me he was blocking my path and every time I tried to go around him he kept preventing me from going past.

“Hey I was only kidding!! Obviously I find you more attractive then just your chest. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be fighting for you with Rei.”

“Well excuse me if I don’t believe you. Now if you’ll really excuse me.”

When I managed to get past him he called my name again and I still continued to ignore him. I heard him grunt and started to head towards me again.

“Avah come on, I’m being serious here.”

I heard him proclaim, and then I felt a firm grasp on my elbow and it sent a shock up my arm. Turning my head towards him I was getting ready to tell him to let go and then I felt a crash on my lips. Soft but firm lips. His hand that was on my elbow moved up to my head, his fingers entangling in my hair. But soon I felt my lips falling into rhythm with his for just a second, I ended up catching myself and pulled away. I could see determination in his eyes. 

“That… That’s not fair… N..not fair at all!!!!”

It was passionate, the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had. My heart was beating a mile a minute. My legs felt weak, like they could collapse under me at any given moment. My lips tingled I brought my hand up unconsciously and touched them. I was just staring back at him. “Avah… I’m..” Before he could finish his sentence someone cleared their throat and we both directed our attention to the person and were meet with blank blue eyes. 


I mumbled silently. He just kept his gaze directed at Kia. He took a step forward, and then another. I was getting worried that something was going to happen between both of them, but Kia kept a strong look on his face that he wasn’t going to back down and Rei still had a blank look. When I though he was going to Kia he took his final step towards me, and his blank look turned into an irritated one. He jutted his arm towards me and I couldn’t help but jump a bit. 

“This thing has been ringing off and on ever since you left. Tell "Satan" to get back to hell.”

I looked down at his hand and in it was my cell phone and right then and ominous ring-tone blared out with the name “Satan” flashing on the screen. Hitting the ‘Ignore’ button I shoved my phone in my pocket. Shrugging my shoulder “No one important.” As I was about to take a step forward Rei stood in my way and grabbed the rest of the boxes I was holding. As I was about to interject he said it was okay, “Lets hurry and finish this.” 

When we got back to school we started finishing up the decorations and the party room. We spent almost two hours making it perfect and the sun was already setting, the people that were supposed to help us didn’t get there till we were almost finished. That was pointless. The trail path started at the entrance, going up the stairs and weaving in and out of a few classrooms. It had a haunted house kind of feel. It was amazing if I say so myself. Me and Rei did a final walk through to make sure it was perfect, and the food room smelled delicious. All different types of foods brought in from different students, and the sweets from Reis bakery. 

I was partaking in scaring the students, when I went down to the entrance where everyone was waiting I looked around and noticed two people were missing I sought out Roxy who was dressed as a female Pirate. It looked good on her for her height. When I want over to her she bowed down; “Your majesty.” I was dressed up as a Grecian Goddess, I spent hours scouring the internet for the perfect one. “Looks so much better than when you first tried it on.” I thanked her and then I continued to ask her where Rei and Kia where, she informed me that they were inside and gonna be scaring people for me instead. For some reason knowing that my heart started to accelerate. 

Me and Roxy were waiting in line, we could hear the screams of the students before us inside the school. It was making me a bit on edge, we kept squeezing each others hands and bouncing on our feet. When it was our turn to go we just looked at each other and before we knew it Yamato pushed us inside. It was so much more eerie. The sun was gone and the hall was barely illuminated. We kept a grip on one another the entire time, and just as we were almost finished we were passing through one of the rooms and all of a sudden the lights went out. That’s not supposed to happen. Then somehow me and Roxy got separated from each other. I was standing in the middle of a pitch black room. I was getting freaked out, I tried to call out but I couldn’t speak I could hear Roxy calling me out but I couldn’t see or call back to her. A firm hand took grasp on my arm and a soft whisper in my ear; “It’s okay.” I relaxed a bit. But soon I felt kisses trailing down my neck and plump soft lips gently placed on mine. I couldn’t pull away he had a firm grasp around my waist and arm. I couldn’t help but melt into it. My legs became weak and fell under me. I couldn’t breath. It took my breath away. As he was pulling away from me I scratched his arm and heard him call out in pain faintly. Sitting on the floor in a dark room I placed my hand on my chest to somehow get my breathing back to normal. Soon the lights came flickering on, and voices intertwining with each other calling out my name. “Avah… Are you okay?!” “Avah say something!!” “I think she’s in shock!!” 

Just who was that. I couldn’t see who it was, I couldn’t tell who it was their voice was to quite and their cologne was mixed with everyone who walked through. 

“Who was it?!” 

I looked to the familiar blue & green eyes to try and read something from them, but nothing. I know it was one of them, but who. 

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