Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


18. Chapter 17

It’s been about 3 weeks since I last talked to Rei. We both agreed to distance ourselves from each other and start our friendship over basically. If we both really liked each other then we should just naturally get back to each other. We talk here and there but nothing like before. But for some reason he seems a lot more bolder that before, I don’t really know how to explain it. His actions, he’ll openly flirt with girls in front of me but he’ll look towards me and wink or have that determined smile on his face. I’ve seen it more lately and I automatically shiver for some odd reason. He’s also been more bold and direct when he talks to me, if I’m talking to a guy friend in class he gets this look in his eyes and call out the guy and ask him if he’s flirting with me. He’s come over to me and the person I’ll be talking to and say that they’re not my type or I could do better than them. In some ways he’s been a bit rude and ruthless. I’d just be standing there totally caught off guard and he’d remind me of what he said to me; “I’ll make you fall for me in my terms, so be ready for me. You’ll never expect it coming Avah.” He’s got that right, every time he shows up I never expect him to. Although I like the nice Rei who’s sweet and kind, this more bold and determined Rei is slowly starting to get to me. It kind of makes me think which one is the real him, or if both are him.

“Avah as your best friend I need the info on what’s going on with you and Rei. Normally you guys are always so chummy and talking to each other and always had that lovey dovey vibe, now it’s… I don’t even know, and that infuriates me!!! So dish!!” 

I looked over at my best friend who sat in front of me pad and paper in hand like she was some type of reporter getting ready to get the biggest scoop of her life time. But I can’t really say that’s wrong because a lot of people have asked me the same thing and it’s gotten to the point of it getting of my nerves. I’m sure Rei has been asked the same thing on numerous occasions as well. I turned to look at him and as per usual he was standing inside the same circle of people just like the day I first came to school, and at his side as per usual was the ever so boisterous Kia. As I looked at Kia I’m guessing he felt someone (me) looking at him because he turned towards me at first his look was blank but then he smiled his ever so dazzling smile. It caught me off guard I couldn’t but help turn away and felt my cheeks heat up. I turned my head ever so slightly towards his direction, I assume he was expecting me to look his way again cause he was still smiling in my direction and followed it with a wink. When I turned around the second time his laugh rang through my ears, and involuntarily I couldn’t help but smile. But I couldn’t help feel a bit sad thinking of the time when I went back to school after my talk with Rei that day.

Three Weeks Ago

I can’t recall what time I got home yesterday or even how the rest of my day or night went. I don’t even know how I managed to get up this morning or even when I got to school. Normally Kia is banging on my door to wake me up and waits for me so we can walk to school together. But this morning it was my back up alarm that woke me up, when I went to go knock on Kias’ door Granny was sweeping the entrance and told me that he already took off for school. I was kind of hoping to catch him on the way to school but I didn’t see him at all. When I got to school and inside the class room he was surrounded by the same people as per usual and I couldn’t get to talk to him. And that happened through out the day, every time I would go up to him he would just give me a sad small smile and then turn around and jump on one of his friend. I know why Rei is keeping his distance, but why is Kia ignoring me?! 

It was finally the end of the day and just as I was finishing putting my stuff away I caught Kia running out of the class, and I went right after him. Every time I thought I might have caught him he would just slip through my fingers it wasn’t till I caught him at the gate. I grabbed his arm and turned him towards me.

“Why are you running from me!! I’ve been trying to talk to you this whole day and every single freaking time I would go to you you just avoided me, why!?”

He finally looked me in the eyes and I could have sworn for a split second he looked really sad, but he masked it with a laugh, but I know it was fake. How could I not know.

“You didn’t like the game of tag?! I though it was refreshing and fun.”

His usual smile played out on his lips but it was forced, why is he doing this. I know I should just tell him cause this isn’t fair to Rei.

“Don’t give me that shit Kia. I know you and that laugh and that fake smile you’re putting on they’re not genuine. So I DEMAND you tell me why you’re doing this!!”

I let go of his shirt and crossed my arm. He looked towards me and then looked to the students walking out of school and some of the people that were grouping together and then back to me with a look that said; “Here isn’t a good time nor place.” But I wasn’t backing down I gave him a look right back and shifted my weight to my other leg. He gave a heavy sigh and placed his hands in his pockets and just looked back up to me and there it was again, that sad look. It doesn’t belong to him. Seeing him look like that made me sad as well. 

“I saw you yesterday with Rei…and I heard everything that you two said. When I saw you two I was gonna jump in the middle cause it was a serious mood so I wanted to lighten it. But right as soon as I was about to jump in you said that you were gonna distance yourself from us to get everything straight for yourself and figure out your relationship with us.”

He knew. I wanted to tell him in a way that was different from Rei, in a nicer setting with not such a serious atmosphere as his. But instead I’m being told that he knew and it’s such a sad atmosphere. This wasn’t what I wanted. I don’t want to see such a sad look on his face.

“You know even though we started out on a bad foot you always smiled and laughed and just went with the flow with my crazy antics. Even that time at the arcade, you were scared out of your mind but you still accepted me while most girls would keep their distance after seeing me like that. Also that time, well times, when I was fighting I mean come on you came to stop me both times. Although you did punch me in the face and the other time you were hysterically crying. But you were still there for me, so even though I’m a bit sad now knowing this decision you’ve made I’ll respect it. Because at the end of it not matter the outcome is we’ll still be friends. But just keep this in mind Avah, I’ll be trying just as hard if not harder for you then Rei.”

I don’t know what came over me I just started tearing up. With blurry vision I looked towards Kia and I could tell he was smiling at me. It made me sad that we’ll be distancing ourselves from each other but it’s something I need right now, and I’m so happy they’re agreeing to it. Making his way over to me I thought he was gonna give me a hug because I was crying but instead he placed his hands on my shoulders and then all of a sudden I felt warm lips on my cheek. He just kissed me.

“Maybe I’ll sneak in first from him. Be on guard from now on Avah.”

And just like that he was walking away. My heart was still beating so fast, my mind was in jumbles. I couldn’t believe he just did that after everything he just said.

“KIA YOU JERK!!!!!!!!”

And just like that his loud laugh trailing behind him as he turned the corner of the entrance. I seriously don’t think my heart could take any of the surprises the guys have planned. 

Present time;

“Avah hello, you there?! Is anyone home?!”

I snapped out of my daydream with a hard shake from Roxy which almost caused me to fall out of my chair. I just glared at her when I steadied myself, she just said sorry and smiled at me.

“Girl you were out of it for a bit there, and you kept on making these weird facial expressions. What was going on in that pretty little head of yours?!”

“A lot of stuff. Stuff I don’t really wanna talk about.”

I felt bad instantly the look on Roxys face was a sad look. She’s always bouncing off the walls always laughing and smiling. She always listens to whatever I have to say with no qualms about it, she never gets mad at me or acts annoyed with me. 

“Please don’t take it personal, it’s just something I have to figure out and handle myself. I love you.”

I got up out of my seat and outstretched my arms toward her and did a shimmy dance while saying “I love you.”  She laughed and smiled and accepted my hug. I figured that she wasn’t really sad just a bit dejected, and or possibly looked for some gossip, but no matter what I tell her she never tells anyone else. So even though I could tell her what’s going and knowing that I’ll still keep it to myself. 

“Yo Kia, Rei look!! Two of the prettiest girls in the class hugging it out do you think if we stare and bug them long enough they might kiss?!”

Subconsciously me and Roxy turned to look at the voice and even without looking we knew who it was but the whole circle of guys were looking at us INCLUDING Rei and Kia who seemed to be staring right at me.

“Dream on Rhito!!”

As we were pulling apart from each other the guys “Awed” like they were hoping for us to do that!! Me and Roxy turned to look at each other and she had a mischievous grin plying on her lips. I couldn’t help but giggle she LOVES to get a rise out of the guys. She made a motion with one had reaching up towards her cheek as to scratch it and looked back and forth from me to the guys. I knew what she was getting at, I looked out the corner of my eyes to see if the guys were still looking at us and they were. I reached for Roxys hand and walked towards her, and I swear it seemed liked the guys moved to the edge of their seats. I wrapped my left arm around her waist, I tried so hard to suppress my laughs and I could tell she was doing the same. Just as we were leaning our faces towards each other the classroom door opened and Yamatos booming voice echoed through the quiet classroom. And all in unison the guys called out their anger on Yamato.


Me and Roxy couldn’t help but double over in laughterand I couldn’t help but cry from it. Yamato told them to “Shut it and get in your seats!” He looked towards me and Roxy and told us the same. As he was going over the daily announcements I looked over my daily calendar; October 16th. Two weeks till Halloween.

“Avah what are you mumbling about back there.”

Looking up from day planner the whole class was looking at me, I seriously hate that!! I told him that I was just counting down the days till Halloween, and wondering what kind of outfit I should get for it. But when I was told that they don’t really celebrate Halloween like I did in America I was a bit distraught. But then a husky voice rang out, a voice I wasn’t really expecting to hear.

“Why don’t we do a Halloween test of courage so to speak. It can have those Halloween aspects. Decorate the hallway and have it end in the classroom where we can throw a Halloween party. We can all participate, those who wont mind not walking through can scare, and vice versa.”

The class seemed really excited for it, some even talking about what they plan to dress up as to scare the people walking through (though it was mainly the guys talking about that). I just looked over to the person who had a huge grin spread across his face. I looked towards Yamato who seemed to be on the fence about it, probably cause he’ll actually have to do some type of work with it. With enough persuasion from the class he agreed to bring it up to the headmaster, and since it’ll be approved with the student president they wont have a probable with that.

“Alright then everyone be quite!! Since your brought it up you’re in charge of it, team up with Avah to figure out what she’ll want to incorporate into is okay. Good luck Avah and Rei.”

I looked over towards him his blue eyes shining with delight and a mischievous grin playing on his lips. Oh he’s good, but I’m more concerned for what he has planed, and I’m not talking about the test of courage.

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