Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


17. Chapter 16

It’s like we were having a stare off. His bright blue orbs staring my hazel ones down. Neither of us breaking eye contact. It almost seemed like one of those old western show downs, all we’ll need is a huge ball of tumble weed to roll on by us. I was so into picturing Rei fully decked out in western clothes that I didn’t even realize he was right in front of me.
“You wanna get something to eat?!”


I was so puzzled, wasn’t he gonna jump to conclusions and accuse me of stuff like Kia did? Looking at my puzzling face he laughed and grabbed my arm and started pulling me along. As he was pulling me behind him I kept smelling something really sweet. I was almost intoxicated by it. A sweet sugar scent, but also fresh bread. I walked a little closer to him, and tried to discreetly sniff him, which sounds totally creepy. But I wasn’t sneaky enough he ended up catching me.

“Umm… Avah what are you doing?!”

“Uh.. I smelt something really sweet, and sorry…But where are we going, and aren’t you gonna ask why I was with Yamato like that?!”

He didn’t say anything after that and just kept pulling me along, but he moved his hand from my wrist down to my hand. I’ll admit it did make my heart pound faster for a moment and made my cheeks heat up. After we turned a corner in the shopping district my nose was soon filled with the scent of fresh bread and the sweet sugar scent. And soon we were standing in front of a small shop. There were people walking out and in from it. You could tell that it was a loved shop. Cakes of different sizes were on display in the shop window, along with different types of cookies and trays of all sorts of colors, some were placed in decorative tins. 

I soon found myself peering into the shop while looking through the glass like a little kid. After a minute I heard a small voice beside me and looked down to see a little girl with her face pressed against the glass staring deeply at a strawberry tart, she was tugging on the bottom of her mother dress and asking her for it. The mother looked down to the little girl and told her she’d get one on the way back. My heart fluttered at the joyous look on the little girls face. 

“You look just like the little girl did staring into the shop.”

“I can’t help it they all look so amazing!!”

Facing him I just couldn’t stop the smile on my face. I’m a sucker for sweet things and anything that has strawberries on it. Just as I was about to turn back to the glass a soft but authoritative voice caught my attention. 

“Rei are you gonna stand there or come in and work?”

When I looked at the person that the voice belonged to I couldn’t help but do a double take from the woman back to Rei. She was clearly older, slick black shoulder length hair, and familiar bright blue eyes. As I stood closer to Rei and was about to ask him if my assumption was right the women looked to me and her face softened, she began walking towards us. 

“Oh dear I’m sorry. Who might you be?!” 

It’s like I forgot how to talk, and was stunned I kept looked up to Rei and back to whom I assumed to be his mom who seemed to be getting a bit suspicious of me. I was getting lost but when Rei coughed, well pretend coughed I snapped out of it all of a sudden.

“Oh gosh I’m the one who should be sorry. My name is Avah, and I’m a friend and classmate of Reis’. You have a wonderful shop, everything looks and smells so delicious!!”

I’m guessing I did something right for once. The woman introduced herself as Reis’ mom, my assumption was right, and took my hand and led me into the shop. I turned around to look at Rei he was shaking his head. As we were passing through the shop Reis mom asked Nami, which I’m assuming is his older sister, to take care of the shop. I soon found myself in the back of the shop sitting at a table with a slice of a strawberry tart and a cup of milk in front of me. Rei was sitting to my right and his mom sitting right across from me.

“So your Avah that I’ve been hearing so much about. You’re so much more beautiful than I imagined. Rei why haven’t your brought her by much sooner?”

She was very polite and very cheerful. She went on asking questions for about 10 minuets before Rei interrupted her. “We actually have plans ma. I just came to drop off some ingredients.” Although she might have seemed shocked she was actually a bit angry stating that he was supposed to work today. He spewed a few lies saying that he forgot that we made plans and that he didn’t wanna flake on me again cause he made plans before but had to work, and some other types of nonsense. When his mom turned to me to verify it she had a suspicious look on her face, I just nodded my head and said that it was true. Her face soon became relaxed and said okay and for us to go. As me and Rei were heading out of the little kitchen I thanked his mom for the delicious tart, but was soon stunned and shocked when she gave me a hug because I wasn’t expecting it.

“Please come by again dear. Rei you better bring her by again, and tell that lazy Kia he has a bill here he needs to pay I’m not gonna keep giving him freebies just because I’ve know him since he was a child!!”

Nodding his head he grabbed my hand and was guiding me towards the front exit, as we were passing Nami at the register she was yelling towards Rei that he was supposed to be work the shop today not her, and when she I assumed saw us holding hand she automatically stopped what she was saying. “Oh forget that, don’t mind me. Continue what you two were doing.” She had a smile on her face but then she called Rei again and told him that the next time she has to patch Kia up she’s gonna charge him. When we were finally out of the shop he took in a huge breath and sighed it out.

“Seriously it’s like if  I’m ever with a female friend and we walk in there they always assume I’m dating her!! Like why can’t we just be friends, ya know?!”

He looked to me for some type of answer to his question, but I wasn’t sure what to say. I wasn’t sure with all the thought running through my head, cause at some points I’m confused as to his feelings towards me and my feelings towards him. Sometimes he acts like just a regular friend, but then at other times it seems a bit deeper than that, like his jealousy with Kia and even his own voiced confession. But then on the other side I’m not to sure how I feel about Kia as well.  But does Rei just want to be friends, or something more?! If he does wanna be more wouldn’t he have gotten made at seeing me and Yamato together, just like he did with me and Kia?! 

I was getting so confused and getting upset with my mental debate I just wanted to pulled my hair out, things are getting so confusing I just want it all to stop and make some logical sense for once. Was my life always this confusing, I wonder… I looked up toward Rei and he just looked back at me with a sad smile on his face. Why are you looking like that, don’t look at me with that kind of face. It makes me so sad and confused. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you had so much going on, and I didn’t mean to add to it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Me and Kia, and what ever was going on with Yamato. And to be honest about that, when I first saw you two like that I was more confused than angry. But I’m not sure how I felt about it, maybe cause I don’t think, or at least I hope, he’d go out or hit on a student. So that kind of reassured me. But then I started to think what if it was Kia, or some other guy with his arm around you like that. Would I get angry then?” 

What he was saying got me thinking. I’m just being selfish here I’ve only been concerned about me and what I’m going through. I never really considered their feelings about everything. Like how do they feel when they see me with one other, or if I’m just talking to a friend in school. But do I get angry or jealous when I see them talking with other girls? I don’t even know myself. Maybe it’s best to just distance myself from them for a while, and start over to reevaluate our friendship to see how everything would progress naturally. Cause I’m tired of being confused, and go back to being my normal natural self. This isn’t the type of person that I am.

“You know maybe that’ll be the best for all of us. If that’s what you want I’ll agree to it. If you want to start over, and distance yourself to figure everything out that's fine by me.”

He got up from the bench he was sitting in, stuffed his hands in his jean pockets and took a sideways glance at me and smiled at me. I couldn’t help but step back a bit cause it took me by surprise. It wasn’t his normal smile it was something totally different. Not kind, but not menacing, like a determined smile. His final words before he walked away struck me so hard cause they were something I wasn’t used to hearing coming from him.

“I’ll make you fall for me in my terms, so be ready for me. You’ll never expect it coming Avah.”

Collapsing onto the bench I just stared at his back get smaller and smaller as he walked away. “What have I just gotten myself into.” But little did I know someone was just around the corner listening in to our conversation and the days to come were sure as hell more interesting than what they already were.

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