Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


15. Chapter 14

“Girl what happened yesterday?! You just took off like a bat out of hell, and Kia has a huge shiner on his face. As you’re best-friend I need details!!”
Roxy was facing across from me head in her hands with a huge smile on her face, practically bouncing up and down in her seat. She’s a feen for gossip of any kind, just the other day she was telling me all about this love triangle with three of the most popular seniors, sounds familiar doesn’t it?! And she had a HUGE smile on her face like she was reliving the whole thing in her head. I was squirming in my seat through the whole thing. 

“I don’t even know, a long story, and I think I blacked out.”

She looked so dejected and gave a huge sigh, and stretched her arms across on my desk and looked up at me. “No fun!!” With a frown on her face she lifted her head back up and cradled it in her hand and went on about how she needs to find some new gossip. 


“Shit, what the hell was that pterodactyl screech?!”

The whole class went quite, I looked around and the whole class was staring at me. Kia had a huge smile on his and on the brink of laughing out loud, Rei had his head in his hand and was shaking it back and forth but you could tell he had on a smile on his face. I turned to Roxy and she had a shocked look on her face but a smile on her face as well. “OH SHIT!!” After saying that Kia and Roxy both busted out laughing Rei soon followed suit and some of the class started laughing soon after. The girls that walked in and asked Kia what happened just stared at me with an angry look on their faces and crossed their arms. I felt my cheeks heat up and hid my face in my hands. 

“It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I didn’t think in this type of setting.” 

I took a peak out of my arms and both Kia and Rei were looking at each other and then turned to me both having smiles on their faces. They were picking on me but I knew it was all in good fun for them. Kia was nodding his head agreeing to his statement.

“Yea sooner or later, but I was kind of figuring her to bust out saying something during an assembly. Oh what if she did, and the whole hall was just dead silent when she said it. Can so picture that!!” 

Just picturing that happening, it’s not impossible for me to do something like that. How mortifying if that DID happen. I’d have to transfer to another school!!

“Probably another school in a different prefecture.”

“I really would have to…. Wait!!..”

I turned to look and Kia was looking back at me, his elbows on his knees and smiling at me. 

“UGH. No, I’m supposed to be mad at you. Don’t make me laugh or smile!!!”

I plopped down in my seat, looking forward at Roxy with a pout on my face and crossed my arms. I looked towards his direction and he was still laughing. “There’s the face Rei, look she did it!! There’s our girl!!” I tired so hard to not laugh at him, Roxy had a smug look on her face. She’s eating this up. She reached over with her index finger and put it to my cheek. “Come on smile, you know you wannnnnna!!” 

“No, I don’t wanna. He’s a jerk!!”

“Ouch that hurts. I’m hurt!!”

“Well to bad….”

I looked up and before I even realized it Kia was crouching down beside my desk. Looking at me, then Roxy and then back to me. I kept looking back and forth from when he was at his spot across the room.

“When did you…. Are you like a ninja or something.. I didn’t hear you come over here.”

“Well there have been speculations of that. But it has yet been brought to light.”

As much as I’m mad at him right now, he always gets me to smile or laugh and just feel better. No matter how I’m feeling he doesn’t prod, ask questions. And sometimes it’s better when no questions are asked. That’s what I like about him. When my dad came over one day last week I had gotten into a huge argument with him, Kia just showed up with tickets to a movie I’d been wanting to see. And when I didn’t understand some parts he’d tell me what it meant. Those aspects of him makes up for him being a huge ass. 

“You’re just trying to kiss up for what happened yesterday, huh?!” 

I said while poking the bruise on his cheek hard. He leaned away from while holding his cheek and saying ow. “Maybe” He said while shrugging his shoulders. “Maybe you’d like another shiner to match this one.” He stood up and backed up with his hands up, almost like surrendering to me. 

“Hey Kia is it true you got socked out by some girl yesterday? My cousin was walking out of that boys school and saw you get pouched in the face. He said it was one hell of punch by one hell of a sexy broad. And seeing that bruise she had one hell of a punch. So what happened, is it true?!”

The class soon became erupted in loud whispers amongst each other. Feeling a tap on my hand I looked up to Roxy mouthing; “You did that?!” Mouthing back a quick; “Guilty.” A huge smile played up on her plump lips, she pumped her arms while mouthing and ‘I knew it.” Looking at Kia, he now stood up with his arms crossed, I followed his gaze to Rei which it seemed they were having a silent conversation with each other. Seeing Rei’s bright blues looking in my direction making sure my gaze caught with his he looked quickly back to Kia then back to me, basically asking me the same thing Roxy just did. I gave him a small smile which caused him to smile and shake his head. 

“Come on Kia, tell us.”

Everyones attention soon focused back on Kia, even the annoying girls from earlier were still in the class paying so close attention to Kia to find out the truth. I’m kind of curious to find out what he’s gonna say.


The call became loud again. Some girls angry and saying they need to find out the girl who did it, and the guys wanting to know who had the ‘balls’ to punch him and congratulate the girl for landing a good one on him.

“To be honest I kind of deserved it, I was being a major ass. Jumped to conclusions, she tried to talk to me I pushed her away and gave me the sickest right hook I’d ever seen. And I’d better be careful or who knows she might land another one on me.”

“Okay now that's settled, but was she hot like my cousin said?! Cause I can only picture some big tall chick being able to nail one on you?!”

Placing one arm across his chest, and the other one he mad a fist and placed his chin on it thinking. He’s almost milking this to make them WANT to know.

“She was beautiful actually. She’s normally really quite, but can be a bit out there and feisty. And knowing she has a swing like that makes me want her even more. While I was down on the ground looking up at her her eyes just sparkled at me even though they were filled with rage I wanted her. She’s an interesting one, and that's what I like about her.”

What… WHAT… WHAT!!! What is this fool saying. Does he want me to hit again? I couldn’t believe what he just said. My lips made motions of wanting to say something but nothing came out. I looked to Roxy and even she had a shocked look on her, I looked to Rei his look was a mix between shocked and a bit of anger. I looked to Kia and he just looked at me he was smiling like a kid getting loose in a candy store. I made a motion to get up and he backed up and laughed and made his way over to his friends and they were all asking who the girl was. But he wasn’t budging. I was flustered, and angry, and confused, but a bit happy too. Why was I happy to know that?! Hearing the class room door opened Yamato walked in scratching his magical 5 o’clock shadow at 8 in the morning and yawned while telling us to shut up and get in our seats. He looked to Kia and then to me, most would just think he was looking over the class but I knew. I just nodded my head at him and he nodded back at me. I looked over to Kia he didn’t seem angry, but when he looked at me he just had a huge Cheshire grin on his face like that time I first met him when I looked at the school.

“Idiot, I’m gonna kill him.”

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