Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


14. Chapter 13

“What do I do!!!” 
I asked while running into the Science room at the end of the day. It was the day after the accident at the river bank. After my eyes locked with Reis’ he looked up and down the bank, almost avoiding the situation but then Kia called him over.

The day before.

“Yo Rei get your ass over here and help me!!” 

He plopped down on the ground and put his hand to his chest when he pulled his hand away he looked at the blood on his hand and grimaced and looked like he was gonna be sick.

“Okay, maybe it’s a bit worse than I thought.”

“I KNEW IT!!!!! We have to get to the hospital!!!”

I stood up and yelled at him while running around grabbing our stuff. When I felt that I had everything I went to go over to Kia to help him up, but when I turned around Rei was already there and started to patch him up. I looked at them confused then Rei turned to look at me for a second and then looked back at Kia to continue patching up his cut.

“Something like this always happens to him, mostly it’s always a minor cut nothing like this but it’s nothing major. When I found out he was gonna be in a fight I grabbed some stuff from the nurses office. I’m gonna take him to my house so my sister can do a batter job at treating it, everything’s gonna be fine.” 

My legs fell under me and I sighed in relief. He took Kias’ bag from me and helped him up and walked away without another look at me, while Kia mouthed that he’ll be okay. 

Present time.

All day at school Rei was avoiding me like the plague. During breaks when I would go over to him he found some odd excuse and leave, at lunch, whenever he saw me in the hall he would turn around and walk away. I asked Kia if there was anything wrong with him or if he was mad at me. He told me that he’s fine and that he doesn’t think he’s mad at me. He offered to talk to him for me, I denied his offer, it’s not his problem so I don’t wanna get him involved. Not only do I not know what to do about Rei ignoring me, I still don’t know what to do about Kia kissing me AND Rei seeing that.

Thats leads us to where I am now. Banging my forehead on the table in Yamatos’ science room. He’s sitting in his usual spot on the window smoking his cigarette, he blew out the smoke he just inhaled and turned to look at me. I couldn’t read the look on his face.

“Well what should I do!!!” 

I was practically at the point of begging him. I mean I have no, NONE, clue about guys. I’ve never been in a relationship, or even close to one. And he’s a guy, so he should have been in some relationships, right?!

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that, but I will say this; OF COURSE I’VE BEEN IN RELATIONSHIPS!!  Anyways, why should I help you?! I’m still trying to figure out if I should feel bad for you or laugh after hearing all that stuff.” 

I threw my hands in the air, turned my body back towards the table and hid my head in my arms. I have no idea what to do, and the one person I turn to is making fun of me. My life is over, my two best friends one is avoiding me and the other kissed me and the one that's avoiding me saw the kiss. My life has turned into a Drama movie, and of course in Drama movies the person I turn to for help is the teacher everyone has the hots for and trust…

“Hey now it’s not all bad!! And you’re a smart kid Avah, you’ll figure something out.”

Yamato said while he took the chair next to me and rubbed my back to calm me, I ended up in hysterics crying. And him doing that made me think of something my dad never did for me. I always saw when I was little girls crying and their dads would pick them up and rub their backs to calm them down, and they listened when something happened to them at school or something. My dad was never around to make me feel better, or listen to my stories. He was just a man who sometimes came home from work once in a while. He was never around for Holidays either. And here is my Science teacher.. he’s been more of a father to me in the short time that I’ve been here then my father was in my entire life.

I’m not the type of girl to show weakness but I just couldn’t help it, everything I’ve been holding back just came rushing out of me. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. I put my head into his chest, he ended up freezing for a moment not sure what to do but he reluctantly put one hand on my head and the other he patted my back. He made shushing noises and saying “It’s all right, it’ll all work out.”  

Just when I had finally calmed down and managed to almost stop crying the door to the science room busted open and the voice that came after nearly caused me to start crying again.
“What the hell is going on?! Did I interrupt a scandalous moment here?!”


I looked up at him tears slowly rolling down my cheeks, his eyes looked sad and betrayed. His knuckles turning white, the paper in his right hand crinkling up. He’s mad. I got up and when I did he took a step back. What.. What did I do wrong?! He closed his eyes, took a breath and walked right past me and threw the paper on the table in front of Yamato; “Just came to drop this off.”  When he walked back past me to leave he took a quick glance at me and shook his head. 

I just stood there in the doorway looking down the hallway staring at his back as he walked away. It seemed a lot smaller than normal. Now I’m even more confused. I fought back the tears that threatened to fall again. But I had no idea what to do. I don’t want him to treat me like I don’t exist either.

“If you don’t want another strained friendship you better go after him and fix it before it gets worse.”

I just stared at him and then looked back down the hallway and Kia was no longer in sight. I just nodded my head; “Right!!”. I grabbed my bag and just as I was about to run of the room I turned back to Yamato; “Thank you.” He just waved me off. I took off down the hallway right after Kia, when I turned down the hallway I assumed he turned down he was no where in sight and I had no idea where he could have gone.

“Which way did he go?! Up, down, left or right!!”

“Avah what are you still doing here?!”

I turned around and staring back at me was a sparkling smile, and a girl dressed in her softball uniform. 

“ROXY!!! Have you seen Kia anywhere around here?! I need to talk to and fast!!”

Grabbing her hands and looking at her face pleading with her and hoping she had an answer for me. 

“Woh girl is everything okay?! But yea I saw him, he was heading down when I was coming up. I forgot my notebook.”

Engulfing her in a huge a hug I thanked her so much and promised I’d take her out for a movie a something the next day she had off. Just as I reached the bottom of the stairs I came into contact with a hard chest, the guy grabbed at my waist to help make us stable. I said sorry and looked up and looking back at me were a familiar pair of blue eyes. When he looked right in to my hazel ones they started to look sad. No, please don’t be sad. 

“Please I beg of you don’t look at me like that anymore, don’t ignore me anymore. It makes me so sad. And as for yesterday.. I wish.. I really WISH I could explain to you what happened but I don’t even know what happened. I’m so confused by it all, and I’m the type of person to stay on top of everything and know the facts. But as of lately I’m so confused by everything. And now my two best friends are mad at me and making me so confused, and I hate it.”

I just couldn’t stop the words that spewed out of my mouth the moment I knew it was Rei. I had to make everything right again, so I just said what came to mind. It felt like I was talking 30 words a second. Or a computer that was jammed. I was looking every which way I could to avoid his eyes, cause I knew the moment I did I would start to cry, and frankly at the moment I was tired of crying. He placed his hand on either side of my face to look at him, almost squishing my face. “Please look at me.” He whispered almost, but I just couldn’t cause I would cry.

“It’s okay, I’m not really sad just confused like you. Lately everything seems a bit wonky huh?!”

He let go of my face and walked to the window.

“It’s like ever since you showed up I’ve been off my game, and I assume it’s the same with Kia probably. When I saw THAT yesterday I was angry, and sad. And I told myself I’d give myself till today to figure out how I felt but then when I saw you I felt sad and confused with how I felt and when I saw Kia I felt infuriated. I just don’t know anymore, but I do know when I’m with you I feel happy, and I get jealous when I see you with Kia. It’s so weird!!”

I didn’t know what to say, well I did but the words didn’t wanna come out. And I’m sure if I tried to say anything it wouldn’t sound right or come out right. But I do know that I feel relieved to know that he’s not mad at me or hates me. That makes one of them at least, I still need to find Kia and fix this.

“So you’re really not mad at me or anything?!”

He turned back to look at me, he looked at me with an incredulous look on his face. 

“Why would I hate you, or be mad at you?! Didn’t you hear a word I just said. You know what my personality is like when I’m in a fight mode and you still stuck around me. Most girls always got freaked out and left. They thought I was too scary, or they didn’t think I was like that. But you still stuck around, and I know the river bank wasn’t your fault. So just relax and take it easy.”

“You really are a nice guy, you know that Rei.”

His smile just lit up his entire face, and his eyes shown almost had a shine and glint to them. He didn’t look sad anymore, just how I like him to look. Happy. Finally. When I looked back up at him his happy look turned into a confused look which then ensued me to be confused.


“Not to sound rude, but why are you still here? I expected you to leave with Kia a few minutes ago. Doesn’t he normally pick you up from Yamatos’ ?!”

“OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT!!! Wait, have you seen him?!”

Loosening his tie and unbuttoning the first two buttons to his shirt it looked like his was thinking for minute then he snapped like everything came back to him. Was it that hard to remember someone like Kia?

“Yea I saw him when I was coming out of the student president office, he looked pissed and muttering to himself how he was gonna kill him someone. It was actually right before we ran into each other. He could still be in the building somewhere.. Oh he’s right there!!”

Looking out the window I saw Kia walk down the entrance to the school. I need to go after him before I lose him. I picked up my bag and ran down the stair and yelled back to Rei thanks and I’ll explain the situation later.  I ran out of the building and once I reached the top of the entrance I looked up and down the street and I once I spotted Kias’ back turn the corner at the top of the street I had an idea of exactly where he was going, and if I was right it wasn’t gonna end well. For who exactly, I have no clue. Hiking up my bag I took off after him. He must be really mad, no self control. Every time I turned one corner I saw his broad back turn another. “SHIT YOU MORON!!!” When I turned the last corner I knew I was to late. He stood face to face with a group of guys from the local all boys school which is just as notorious for their gang just as much as D High. Six on one, and I don’t think it helps that the lone one is synonymous for putting the people he fights in the hospital. Just as I took a step toward him he raised his fist to punch the guy, he’s still not fully healed from his fight yesterday. I ran at him a full speed I put one on his muscle and the other around his waist. 

“You moron, you said you wouldn’t do this anymore. You lied.  You said you wouldn’t make me worry anymore. Stop!!” 

“What do you care. Why don’t you go snuggle up with the science teacher or what about perfect Rei.”

I let go of him and backed away. His voice…. the tone of his voice sounded just like it did at the arcade. Full of hatred and anger. And it was directed at me. When he turned around the look on his face was just the same if not worse…. 

“Yea I saw you two in the window. You’re just like all the other girls. You play around and flirt, you’re just the same as them.”

“If you two are done with your lovers quarrel lets get this started!! I’m getting bored!!” 

Kia turned back to face the guys. “Get out of here I don’t wanna see your face anymore, it disgust me!!” I couldn’t believe this. He’s taking this way to far. He truly is a moron. A big fat idiot. How can someone as smart, intelligent as him could be so stupid. I was so worried about him and this is how he was treating me. Not even letting me explain and jumping to wild outrageous conclusion on his own accord. I was livid!! Biting my lip so hard I ended up tasting blood, clenching my fist I felt my nails digging into my hand which would sure lead to crescent marks. Grabbing his arm I turned him around forcefully causing him to almost lose his balance. He looked at me wide eye. I pulled my right arm back and gave a swift punch to his face causing him to fall to ground, he reached up to touch his cheek.


Walking away from I grabbed my bag off the ground and turning the corner I kept muttering to myself how much of an idiot he is. Hearing his booming laugh caused me to stop on my tracks. “You really are an interesting girl!!!” I couldn’t help but smile, you have no idea!! 

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