Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


13. Chapter 12

It’s been a week since I started school and needless to say it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. The people are nice, as are the teachers, except when you forget your homework. There’s been an incident here or there when it was about me and the guys but nothing ever happened. There was an even weirder incident when some girls came up to me about how ‘friendly’ I’ve been with Mr. Yamato. I just stared at them incredulously, like I literally could not believe the words that came out of her mouth. ‘You need to leave Yamato, you’re to friendly with him and you just got here. Learn the rules!!’ I’m currently in his science room and just told him what happened.

He asked me while sitting at the open window smoking a cigarette. He’s gonna die one day if he doesn’t stop smoking those, a pack a day smoker. I tell ya. When I looked back up at him he was looking at me with one of his eyebrows cocked in my direction. I just shrugged my shoulders. He’s gotten used to my ‘word vomit’ as he likes to say. 

“It’s the truth…. For my word vomit and what the girl said. You’re fangirls are crazy I’m telling you. I think they might be worse than the guys fangirls.”

“What makes you say that?”

He asked while putting out his smoke and sat across from me and pointed out a mistake on my homework. I come to the science room everyday after school, mostly to avoid sitting in an empty apartment all alone. But one day when I was procrastinating leaving the school a group of Rei & Kias’ followers sought me out and I ducked into a room and while I was waiting them out I heard a sound and saw Mr. Yamato sleeping on the chairs and ever since then I come here after school to hang out and sometimes do homework….. and to wait till either Kia gets out of detention or when Rei is done doing… whatever it is that he does. 

“Well I guess cause It’s forbidden to get with a teacher so if gives them that extra PUSH to try to make it work, so they’re more determined. While with the guys there’s two of them so even if one doesn’t work out they have another chance to try. Ya know?”

“Okay I got you. And this right here is wrong.” He said pointing to another mistake on my homework. “You really suck at science, here’s a tip; don’t go into any field that requires you to do science.”

“I wasn’t planning on it!! And here’s a tip for you; if you stopped smoking and stopped smelling like a bar maybe…….. you’ll actually get a date!!”

I told him while I was packing my things up and headed out of the room. Right as soon as he was about to throw a paper ball at me the final bell to signal the end of detention and to end after school activities rang. As I looked back at the science room Yamato was standing there and told me that; “You just got lucky, and be safe getting home.” He’s a nice, and cool teacher. He like to joke around with his students, although he can be a major hardass at times. Some of the other teachers don’t really take him seriously cause of the way he’s relaxed with everyone. But that just makes him more approachable and more likable. 

I was waiting at the entrance of the school waiting for Kia, he normally walks me home since we live at the same place, I was waiting for almost five minutes and he still hadn’t showed up. I called him and texted him and nothing. Just as I was about to go back into the school I noticed one of his lackeys heading out, Tiny, was his nickname. And let me just say he wasn’t TINY in the least bit. About 6’3, 210 pounds… I wonder how he got the tick name..


I called to him, he looked around first before he noticed me and smiled. The gang pretty much loves me cause I’m the only one (aside from Rei) that manages to put Kia in his place, and deflate that giant head of his. As he made his way over to me he asked what’s up, and what I was still doing at school.

“You didn’t have detention, and you don’t do any clubs why you still here Avah?!”

“Have you seen Kia anywhere, he was supposed to walk me home.” 

I just looked up at him hopeful that he’ll tell me what I asked for but he just evaded my eyes. Normally when people see him they get scared, well I mean who wouldn’t be, if you didn’t know him I mean. He’s one of the tallest guys in school, he has a military style haircut, piercing brown eyes, almost black, and when he talks he has a really deep voice. But he’s actually really nice and sweet. A total contradiction to his looks. 

When he still failed to look at me I grabbed his hand and called his name again. I just had a bad feeling in my gut, I’m not sure way but it wasn’t good.

“Tiny, please tell me where Kia is!! I need to know!!”

I pleaded with him. He finally looked at me and he had a sad and concerned look in his eyes.

“He was supposed to be back by now. He skipped out on detention cause he got called out by the guys at North High. He told me, he promised that he’d be back before detention got out.”


I was pissed. He’s a major hot head, and can’t say ‘No’ to a fight. I know I can’t stop him from fighting but his grandma has been worried about him. Coming home late at night, and with bruises on his face and body. He told me he would lay off fighting for a while so why now?

“I’m not sure why, but it must have been something serious.”

“Where is he. Tell me where he went!!”

“I’m not supposed to say..”

I grabbed at his shirt and looked him square in his face (as best as I could since he towered over me).  “You’re gonna tell me where he is RIGHT NOW, you got that big guy!! Or I’ll tell everyone that you play princesses with your little sister!!”  When I said that his eyes went wide with shock. I don’t like blackmailing but if it gets me what I need I’ll do it. 

“How…. how do you know that.”

Shrugging my shoulders I released my grip on his shirt and asked him again for Kias’ whereabouts. But I walked by Tinys house last Saturday from hanging out with Roxy and I saw through the living room window him prancing around with a crown on his head and a pink fluffy wand in his hand waving it about. It was adorably embarrassing to even watch to be honest. 

When he finally told me where he was “He’s…… He’s at the riverbank on the North side..” I took off before he could say another word. I kept calling his phone hoping and praying that he’ll answer but it kept going to his voicemail.. I swear when I get to him if he’s not already messed up by the guys I’ll mess him up myself. I just hope he’s not doing this all alone, if not…. I don’t wanna think about it.

Reaching the river bank I was out of breath, ‘Thats my workout for the week.’ I thought to myself. I looked around up and down where I could see and he was no where in sight. ‘DAMNIT!!’ I proclaimed as I stamped my foot. I looked up then down the bank again, he could be in either direction and I don’t wanna waste my time standing still. But I also didn’t wanna waste time going in the wrong direction. I closed my eye, spun around, and took off in one direction (Which was up the bank, since I saw my favorite ice cream shop, go figure.). I just kept running up the bank hoping to hear or see something I was bringing to think I went in the wrong decision until I heard a loud voice and I instantly sighed  of relief.  

“That moron..” 

When I walked a bit farther up my sudden relief of him being okay was suddenly gone. I ran over to the walk way bridge and hid behind the post.

“Come on dude, that the best you got?” 

Kia said while whipping away a drop of blood from his lip. His hair was in a mess, he shirt was torn and ripped open, his book were strewn all over the grass. I reached out to grab one of them and clutched it to my chest. Why does he have to be so cocky, but when he turned around and faced my direction again he looked like he was having fun….FUN!! Who has fun when you’re fighting someone.. I personally don’t condone fighting, make love not war people!! But this guy was.. I don’t even know. He was jumping all around the guy he looked worse for wear. He kept lunging at Kia, throwing punches and kick in a flurry. Some hit him other didn’t. And Kia was dogging and throwing just as fast as the guy dished them. If I wasn’t watching this live for myself one would think it was some High School drama fight movie.

Before I even realized it I was out from where I was hiding holding Kias bag to my chest just watching with a look on my face that other people I’m sure would’t be able to describe. The guys lunged one more time at Kia from getting off the ground, Kia pulled back his arm and took one swift punch to the guys gut. I could hear the air escape his lungs, and the thud he made when he dropped to the ground. I looked on in shock and awe. Looking up towards the sky Kia whipped his forehead and sighed.

“How boring…” Looking down at the guy who just clearly got his ass beat, I was scared Kia was gonna do something so I took a step forward. “Next time you wanna call me out actually give me a fight with more excitement.”

Turning around when he heard a twig snap he almost looked ready to lung at me like someone was sneaking up on him. But when he saw it was me his shoulders relaxed instantly, his eyes brightened up and a huge smile formed on his swollen lip. He ran over and engulfed me in his arms, he was happy to see. Although I was relived that he was okay, for the most part, but I was still upset and pissed off. I kept muttering two words under my breath. He pulled away from me and stared at me with a confused look on his face.

“What are you saying, I can’t hear you.”

“You moron.” I whispered a bit louder.

“What, speak up Avah.”

“You moron!” A bit louder.

“Avah, I can’t hear a damn word you’re saying.”


I yelled at him, he stepped back and just starred at me in shock. I’ve called him worse names, but he just wasn’t expecting it. Before I knew it tears were streaming down my face, my cheeks wet I couldn’t even believe it. I could’t believe I was this worried about him. 

“Hahaha. So this is the girl that puts big bad Kia in his place.”

Cackling of a laugh, and words filled with spite. I looked up to see the guy who Kia just beat rise slowly from the ground, almost zombie like. Clutching his gut, he reached into his pocket and in an instant the ‘swish’ sound that I never thought I would hear in my life. The light reflected off of it , and he toyed with it in his hand. 

“She’s the girl I’ve been hearing about. Making Kia go soft on us. Such a pretty face she has, you got a pretty one their Kia… It’s almost to bad I have to say.”

‘Almost to bad…’ What does that mean, before I could even blink it seemed like, the guy was charging at me. He had this crazy look in his eyes. I couldn’t move, me feet felt like they were cemented to the ground. Kia was yelling his voice seemed far away. I closed my eyes waiting for it to happen. I felt nothing but drops on warm blood on my arm, and a loud CRACKING sound soon after. I dropped to the ground, scared out of my mind. Slowly opening my eyes the grass under me had drops of blood on it, quickly examining myself I was confused. 

“Are you okay?!” 


The bright red drops falling onto my hands. Looking up a gasp emitted from my throat, I stood up in an instant. 

“Kia.. Kia OH MY GOD!!!!!”

A huge cut on his chest blood dripping from it. But he kept asking me if I was okay. I looked around and sprawled out on the bank was the guy, his knife tittering on the edge of the bank dripping blood onto the ground. He placed his hand on my chin and looking at me he asked me again.

“IDIOT I’M FINE!!! But you… you’re bleeding… We have to take you to the hospital!!!.”

He laughed at me. He’s cut and bleeding, and he’s laughing. I couldn’t help the tears flow from my eyes. All the emotions I was feeling just welled up and exploded, I just dropped to the ground my legs gone weak.

“Hey, hey stop crying I’m fine. That moron just grazed me, he didn’t dig it in. It’s just a surface wound!!”

“You promise!!”

I asked him while calming myself down and looking up towards him. “Yes.” he said while crouching down and whipping away tears from my eyes. I’ve never been more scared for someone in my entire life. Please don’t make me worry again. His touch felt so warm, I grabbed his hand and placed it on my cheek and leaned into it. Don’t make me worry again.

“I won’t and thats a promise.” 

He leaned down and gave me a kiss, it was light and soft and quick. As much as I enjoyed it, it caused so many emotions running through my head. 

“Oh hey, it’s Rei.”

I dropped Kias’ hand and my eyes popped open and standing across the bank staring at us wide eyed was in fact Rei. What do I do now….

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