Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


11. Chapter 10

I didn’t really see or hear from Rei or Kia after the incident at the arcade, which is odd cause Kia lives right next door to me. Also from what Granny told me on Sunday, after she gave me my uniforms, is that Rei and Kia are always together hanging out around the complex. I guess they both feel weird being around me now due to the incident and my reaction. I’m still not sure how to approach them.
That Monday I got up a bit early, well actually I don’t think I slept at all to be honest. Going to a new school, having to speak a foreign language fluently. Needless to say I was a tad nervous. After getting out of the shower I tossed my hair into a braid and just stared at my reflection. One could clearly tell I was sleep deprived, not only was it the lack of luster showing in my skin, it was the bags under my eyes.

“Nothing a bit of make-up can’t hide.”

Grabbing my make-up bag from under the sink I started working on my face, a litter concealer under my eyes, some bronzer to bring some life to my face. A few minutes later I was finished, I looked in the mirror and was satisfied wight the results. You couldn’t even tell anymore that the past two nights I probably slept a total of about five hours in total. Finishing getting dressed I grabbed my school bag, cell phone, and my headphones and headed out the door. Turning towards the stairs was someone I wasn’t expecting to see.

“What do you want old man.”

“That hurts coming from my only daughter.”

I sighed at his mere presence, shook my head and placed my headphones around my neck. He’s gotta be up to something. But then again he does like to make surprise appearances. With that I just walked past him and headed down the stairs. 

“Let me ask you again. What do you want? I don’t have time to waste I have to get to school now. It’s my first day and I don’t wanna be late.”

“Well than this works out perfectly, cause that's why I’m here. I’m taking you to to school, like you said since it’s you’re first day and all.” 

I turned to him and my hair almost hitting him in the face, and I just stared at him mouth agape. This is a joke. He’s never done something like this, taking me to school I mean. Why now? Why all of sudden does he wanna do something so paternal like. I’m so confused. I shook my head at him, telling him his joke wasn’t funny and quickened my pace down the stairs. He caught up to me and grabbed my hand. I shook him off and faced him.
“Why now?! Why do you wanna act like a parent now?! Is it cause we’re in a different country, cause you’re not ‘busy’ like you were when we were back home?! I don’t want your gratitude, or you to all of a sudden start being a parent now. Now I have to go or I’ll be late. Bye, dad.”

I turned away and placed my headphones on and just walked away from him. I guess I shouldn’t have said I didn’t want his gratitude cause he’s paying for my schooling, and my apartment. But I don’t want him to act like a dad just because we aren’t in America. I wanted him to act like my dad all the time, not just when it was convenient for him. He always placed work first than his family and his own daughter. That’s why my mom want’s to divorce him, and placed me with him most likely. 

Walking up to the school building it felt much more intimidating than when I first came here. Looking up the walkway towards the front doors I was half expecting Rei to be there, but he wasn’t. I knew that, doesn’t hurt to hope though. Hell I wouldn’t have loved to see Kia standing there with his smirk on his face waiting for me, I don’t wanna walk in by myself. As I was standing there students kept passing me, some alone others in groups. Some stared at me as they walked past, great now I’m gonna be known as that weird girl.

“I wouldn’t say that, they’re probably just staring at the new girl. Which they are.”

I turned around expecting to come face to face to the voice, but was a bit taken aback to have to look up. She had a good four inches on my small 5’5 stature. She had a short pixie cut, really slender build, and she had a raspy voice which seemed to fit her almost. 

“Hi there, names Rinko but for some reason people call me Roxy. Come on I’ll walk with you in.”

She hooked her arm through mine and started walking me inside the building with her. She seems nice but a bit forceful, and she seemed like a genuine happy person and possibly really popular too. It took me a moment to notice that in her opposite arm she carried a huge gym bag with her, that explained a bunch of girls coming up to her or shouting from the halls about a good game she had or giving her high fives. I guess I was staring for a bit to long cause when she looked at him she had a curious look on her face and then she smiled. 

“I play girls, obviously, softball. We just had a scrimmage game against some all girls school. Major bitches they were, and major sore losers. We won 20 to 18. If you play you should join if you can. It’s a lot of fun!! Well here’s they teachers room they should be able to help you out. See ya later new girl.”

And just like that she was gone, majorly weird girl. A bit intimidating, nice, but very odd. As I walked into the teachers room all the teachers looked in my direction, I ended up stumbling over my words introducing my self. They redirected me to a teacher in the back that would be my homeroom teacher. He was laying back in his chair with a newspaper covering his face. Is this guy for real. I looked around at the other teachers and they just ignored or chose not to notice. I was getting irritated with being ignored by this guy. I ‘accidentally’ kicked his desk which made a loud sound and in turn scared him causing him to fall out of his chair. I turned around covering my mouth so I wouldn’t laugh to loud. 

“What… What happened?!”

Looking up in my direction he stared at me for a moment, as he stood up he stared at me for a moment longer and then asked; ‘Who are you?’ Don’t teachers know when they are getting a new student? If a student you’ve never seen before is standing by your desk wouldn’t that imply that I’m a new student. 

“Oh so you’re the new kid. Alright it’s almost time for homeroom to start so follow me. Oh and for the record the name is Yamato” 

Looking at his desk that was now a mess he waved a hand at it followed by ‘I’ll fix that later.’ He stretched and scratched the back of his head while yawning, he had a foul order to his breath, the smell smelled like beer. Oh my gosh, he’s hungover. Looking at his watch and was mumbling that he could have slept for a few more minutes. If he did he would have been late to his own class. As I looked up at him and took in his appearance, long brown hair pulled into a ponytail, a rough five o’clock shadow even though it was almost seven thirty, square glasses, white shirt with a loose grey tie under what seemed like a doctors white robe. He had a relatively attractive face, he seemed to look around his late twenties. 
“You’re not gonna turn out to be one of those fangirls that fall for the attractive teacher that you would read in one of those manga books are you?! I already have enough of those types of girls following me around, I don’t need another.”

“Such a horrible attitude. That's not very attractive, thats probably why you’re still single. Huh?!”

He just looked at me, he had beautiful green eyes, but a personality like his just ruins everything. Nodding his head he faced forward and looking at me from the corner of his eyes he said; ‘We’ll get along great.’

“What?! I was just stating the obvious, and making simple observations. But whatever you say. And you still smell like a bar, take a breath mint.”

“Noted, well here we are. Year 1, Class B. Welcome to the jungle, wait here till I call you in okay.”

Opening the door he yelled to everyone to get into their seats and then asking if anyone had some mints or something to chew. After going through roll call he made a small speech talking about there being a new student but no one knew what class they were going to be, and then the class started to get riled up. Guys hoping it was going to be an attractive girl, and vice versa for the girls hoping it would be a cute guy and a bunch of other sayings. 

“God you guys are being to loud. Shut it and sit down.. Come on in new kid.”

I swore my heart stopped for a moment. I took a breath and opened the door and walked in, I didn’t dare look at anyone. Some of the kids were whispering how I looked familiar, or they saw me when I came to look at the school. A little bit to much for me. When I made it to Yamato he told me to write my name on the board and then tell the class something about my self. Just as I was about to turn around there was a loud sound coming from the back and it caught my attention. Turning around and looking at the noise I swore my eyes almost popped out.


Staring back at me were two sets of eyes. The class started to get loud. People talking about me, and how I seem to know Rei and Kia. People talking about how during the weekend they saw me with Rei. And other people were talking about the incident at the arcade. Just how I wanted my first day to go. Way to make a good first impression. I started to shake my head, I just wanted to walk out right now. When I felt an hand being placed on my shoulder I looked up and Yamato was standing there.

“Alright already, let the girl introduce herself and then you can get back to what you were doing. But do it quietly, I have a huge headache!!” 

After I wrote my name on the board, I looked to everyone and introduced myself. I looked to the teacher and he looked out into the class and told me my seat. Going to my seat I felt the eyes of everyone I passed on me. When I got to my seat I placed my head onto of my bag and groaned out loud, silently hoping no one heard me.

“Quite the first impression you made there.”

“Ugh please don’t..”

Wait a minute, this voice sounds familiar. Looking up I came face to face with the girl who walked with me into school. The teacher told me that if I needed help with anything to ask Roxy or the class president, Rei. I looked over at Rei and he was looking back at me, he smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes. I knew it was forced. That hurt. I looked back at Roxy and smiled.

“I’m in your hands.”

“Perfect!! So you know them?!”


“Oh come one, everyone knows. When you came to looks at the school, how you were with Rei and Kia. All friendly like. And then Saturday people saw you with Rei hanging out, and then how you were in the middle of a fight at the arcade.”

I didn’t wanna talk about it. I wanted to forget about that. I just wanted to get back to normal with them. When I looked down and started finding my hands fascinating. She felt bad, I didn’t have to look at her to know. She said sorry, and that if I didn’t wanna talk about it she’ll understand.
“But you know, you might wanna be careful when it comes to those two. They’re high status.”

“What do you mean, high status?!”

“How do you know them and not know?! Girls want them, guys want to either be them or fight them. Not to mention when you get those two in a fight you either run for the hills or step back. Gangs from other schools always wanna fight them. Although Rei doesn’t fight that much anymore, Kia is always up for it. He even has his own group of followers.”

Looking at them slyly they were laughing and being loud. Rei was sitting behind Kia, who just like on the train was in the middle, but instead of looking bored he was smiling. He looked really happy. When Kia looked up he looked right at me and waved and called my name and telling me to come over. Then all of a sudden the whole classes eyes were on me. I shook my head and looked out the window. I heard Kia ask Rei what was wrong with me, I didn’t hear a response from him but Kia saying ‘Oh’.

“You see what I mean. High status. If certain girls see you with them be careful. But if anything were to happen I’d be there for ya.”

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I need some air. During the break between homeroom and the start of class I excused myself and stepped out into the hall. Opening the window I took a deep breath in and then out. This is just ridiculous. Feeling a tap on my shoulder I turn around and came face to face with a group of girls. Seriously my first day I don’t need this shit. What else could go wrong.

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