Dumbledore's Heir

We think we know it all about Albus Dumbledore. About his achievements, his life and his wisdom. But what about the family that has stayed in hiding for so long?

When Arabella Caspian, a normal witch girl (or so she thinks she is) goes to Hogwarts, she finds out about the great destiny in store for her, and she doesn't understand. What pieces of her past have been hidden from her? Read to find out!


3. Perfect day :)

I gasped in shock. How could she not tell me?? "I--I have to tell you that..... I'm a witch too." I mumbled. "Meet me at the park later, and we can talk in person." I hung up, sighed and walked out. My whole body was shaking with fear and excitement. Could it be? I sat at a bench and, when I saw her, gestured over for her to join me . I couldn't help but notice that Lexi looked really beautiful. We both freakishly have the same dark brown hair, exceptmine has natural auburn highlights. She tied her hair back in a longFrench braid and let that braid drape down her back freely. I grabbed it and pulled her over into a hug. "Lex, I... really wanted to tell you…… but…." "You thought I was a Muggle, didn't you Bella?" Lexi looked me in the eyes and gave me knowing smile."I thought the same about you. When you pushed Tatiana across the entire footballfield and turned Caroline Braise'shair purple just by touching it, I knew you were just like me." "Why didn't you ever make weird things happen?" I asked. I hadto know why I'm weird and she's not. Lexi responded,"I'm only starting to do weird stuff. Take a look." Lexi wrapped her hands around my arm, and I could've sworn that I saw a light. Awarmth spread through me andI suddenly felt all of the tensionfadeaway from me, and I knew I could trust her. We spent the whole day around the park, buying sandwiches and chips for lunch with the money Magave me. I went home to find even more good news waiting for me on the table. A letter that said: Arabella Caspian. The second room in the hall. 275 Spark Ct. Kent, England. And the best part? It had a sticker with four emblems joined together to make the Hogwarts seal. I screamed and ran to the telephone. I called Lexi and screamed into the phone. "Lexi!!! The letter's here!!! The Hogwarts letter!!Did you get one?" Oh my freaking Merlin's beard!!" "Yes, I got one, Bella." I couldn't help but notice the disappointment in her voice. When I asked her why, all she said was,"it came to my house, but it wasn't for me. It was for Alicia (her sister)".

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