Running Away

What will happen when Emily runs away from home? Will her dad find her? Find out by reading!


5. the mall

  I walked downtown to the nearest mall, which was only 3 miles away. When I got there I saw a whole bunch of posters of me. " what is this?" I asked myself. I looked at it and it read " missing! My daughter is missing she has long wavy brownish blonde hair. Tall and pretty skinny." Of course he would try to get me back. He just needs somebody to abuse. I walked to the food isle and bought a whole thing of food. I love food its my favorite thing ever. I bought headphones and I bought the boys all something. I saw a little girl pointing spat my scars. I walked away. I felt a little hand on my hand. I looked down, it was the little girl that was looking at my scars. " don't hurt yourself you are beautiful!" She said in my ear. Then she walked away. I just smiled and kept on walking. The total was 20.00. Good it was even I can't stand odd numbers, they make me angry. I paid and started to walk out. I heard somebody yell " there she is" ad I grabed a poster and started running as fast as I could.I got to the house and locked the door. Then I passed out on the floor. I woke up in the hospital. Liam and  all the boys were in chairs by the hospital bed. I moved and I yelped. It hurt me to move. My arm was wrapped in a cast. Maybe when I fell I fell on my arm. Liam rushed over to the bed and asked If I was ok. In 25 hours we could leave.

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