Running Away

What will happen when Emily runs away from home? Will her dad find her? Find out by reading!


4. the boys

 When I woke up I felt an arm around me. I screamed and hit the person that was holding my waist. A shocked Liam woke up. He asked what was wrong. " nothing I just got scared." Then the blonde boy from last night ran in and said " what happened??" He looked down and saw me laying there with Liam. "Who are you?" he asked. "I'm Emily who are you?" I replied. "I'm Niall one of Liam's mates. I live here." he held his hand out, I screamed and his under the covers. Liam huggeds me and said " its OK he just wanted to shake your hand." I looked at Niall. I put my hand out for himvcto shake. His hand was soft and moist. Ewwwwy I thought. Then 3 other boys came in with rediculous clothes and guns. I his under the covers. " guys everything is fine." Liam said. They looked at me and Liam and smirked." who is this?" They said in unision. " M-my name is Emily, who are you?" " I'm Louis, I'm Harry and I'm Zayn." They said. " Hi Louis Harry and Zayn!" I said, got up walked into the bathroom. Then when I got out nobody was in there so I hoped in the shower and got dressed in just a casual shirt and some sweat pants. Today was gonna be fun. I smelled waffles and walked into the kitchen. Well almost did.I heard them talking about something. " who is that, why is she here, she's hott" was what I heard besides a smack to Niall's head. Probably Liam, I chuckled and heard Liam say "she's off limits for one she's mine for two she's just off limits" I smiled and walked into the kitchen. " Hey guys what are you talking about?" I asked. "Oh nothing" they all said. "OK well if you need me I'll be st the mall." Ok was all they said. "Oh btw my birthday is next week." I said and walked out.

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