Running Away

What will happen when Emily runs away from home? Will her dad find her? Find out by reading!


10. should I forgive him?

I got to Elena's house and I ran in. she was standing at the front door waiting for me."Liam is c-cheating on me" I sob into hetpr shoulder. "Shhhh its ok Emily." She said. "Where can I sleep?" I asked. Elena bring me upstairs and showed me the room. It was gorgeous! It was white with black and pink designs. I fell asleep still crying. In the morning I noticed I had 28 missed calls. I looked who they were from they were all from Liam. I ignored them. Then I ate and decided to go back to Liam's house to get all of the stuff I didnt bring. I ran upstairs. The girl Liam was cheating with was in my bed. " excuse me who are you? Why are you on my bed?" "Your bed? Liam gave this to me last night." I was angry now. I yelled "GET OUT OF MYYY ROOM NOW." she ran out crying. Liam stormed into my room. "Why did you hit her?" He questioned me. "Why did you cheat and give her my room?" He looked down sadly. "Because I wanted to get you back." "get me back for what?" "That guy you went on a date with last night." "Oh him? He's my best friend. I haven't seen him in 4 years." Did you really get that jealous? You didn't even give me a chance to tell you who that was." We hugged and apologized. I called Elena and told her about what happened.Liam talked to that ugly girl that was in my room earlier. He said "you need to go." "I'm sorry babe. Bye" the girl walked out and gave me a death glare.I just chuckled .I pretended to jump at her and she got and Liam are okay I guess I texted elena.

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