Running Away

What will happen when Emily runs away from home? Will her dad find her? Find out by reading!


13. oh no

                               Liam's p.o.v.

I woke up the next morning to Emily sleeping next to me, hmm that was weird, she normaly just sleeps in her room. In felt kisses on the back of my neck. " morning babe " Emily said. "Morning sexyyyyyy" I said in a tired voice. Emily got up and got on top of me, " what are you doing?" I asked. She looked sad, she got up and walked out of my room. "Emily come back." I heard her shower turn on, then I heard her singing in the shower. She was singing like a majestic angel. Then Niall came into my room. " is that Emily? " " yeah " "she's awesome!!" "Oh and there is breakfast downstairs if you want any." Just then Emily came in and kissed me on my cheek and kissed Niall's cheek and said good morning boys.  I followed her into her room and kissed her. " hey babe" " hey" we started making out as I heard cameras snapping pics and I looked back and there were the boys taking pics. "Whatever" and we kept making out. Soon I heard Niall say " when are we gonna eat." We all laughed and went downstairs and ate breakfast. " I don't feel good." Emily said. "Babe come feel my head." She said she was burning hot. " I'll take you to the doctors." Me and Niall both said. We got to the doctors and they took her to the room. "Liam,Niall, will you come to the room" the doctor said.  We looked at each other, Emily squeezed our hands, " we are going to have to give her shots. She looked at Niall and then she looked at me. She shut her eyes. "Ouch" she said after every shot. Then me and Niall had to wait for the results. The doctor came out to the waiting room and said "Liam? Niall?" We both stood up and went to the room. "Emily has a stage 2 lukemia." Me and Emily and Niall started to cry.  "We can start the chemotherapy treatment for the leukemia if you would like." "Yes that would be perfect thank you doctor."  " you can come back next week." He said on the way out of the room. When we got home, we told the other boys the news and we all cried. Then we watched a movie and Emily fell asleep on Zayns shoulder, at the end of the movie I brought her to her room and she grabbed my arm and said "don't leave me." So we fell asleep in her bed.

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