Running Away

What will happen when Emily runs away from home? Will her dad find her? Find out by reading!


7. in the hospital again

Today Liam took me out to get ice cream with Niall. I thought I heard my best friend Elena's voice. I turned around and it was her. I started to cry remembering all of the memories I had with her. She had a funny spunky and crazy aditude. We hugged and we traded numbers. I was so excited.  I haven't seen her since she moved a long time ago. I walked back over to Liam and Niall. " who was that??" they asked really confused. " it was my bff Elena she moved a long time ago." Then as soon as I turned my back something sharp went in my muscle. "I found you little girl and you are coming back home with me." My angry dad whispered in my ear. I felt very light headed as I was being dragged along the pavement. I saw Liam and Niall start to run towards me. The I felt myself be dropped. The all I saw was black. When I woke up I saw white walls and I saw the same five guys sitting by my bed. I sat up very quickly. And as soon as I did I knew it was not a good idea. I got very dizzy. Liam rushed up to me and hugged me very tightly. " can't breath...." Was all I could get out. Liam let go of me and said " I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you , I was just so worried about you." "Will you go out with me?" Liam asked. "Of course I will!!!!!" The nurse came in and he looked like my dad. I smacked him and yelled "get away from me."  Liam said "is that your dad?" "I-I d-dont k-know."I started to cry. Liam hugged me and got me calmed down. Later that day we got the information that I could leave tomorrow and that my dad has been arrested for attempted murder and violence. I have waited for this day for so many years. The I went to sleep and the boys left. The next day they came back and took me home. 

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