Running Away

What will happen when Emily runs away from home? Will her dad find her? Find out by reading!


11. he's back

When I woke up I saw I had a new voicemail. I listened to it." I'm baaack I will find where you live and kill every person in your house." I shivered and deleted the voice mail. I called Elena and told her about it. "Are you scared?" "Of course my dad is out of Jail. He might kill Liam,Zayn,Niall,Louis and Harry. That's not good at all. Is it?"I asked. " no its not. Well I have to go now, I can talk to you later. BYEEEEEE" "Ok bye." I hung up the phone. I heard my bedroom door open. It was Niall. " hey, we are all going to the pool today and we were wondering if you wanna go with us?" Niall said, he tossed me a floral bikini. " thanks nialler!" I said as I went to my bathroom to get changed. It was so adorable it was a strapless bikini that had a floral print on it. I put on one of my old navy tank tops and a pair of high waisted shorts. 

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