Running Away

What will happen when Emily runs away from home? Will her dad find her? Find out by reading!


3. getting to the house

Liam's POV

Wow Emily must be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life! She has the perfectly wavy hair and a perfect body. I wanted here to be mine I just didn't know if she wanted me to be hers. 

Emilys POV 

Wow Liam was perfect, he was funny, nice and handsome. I wish he wanted me like i want him. I hope he feels the same. His perfect brown hair and hazel eyes. That smile that just makes me melt. We walked up to a big house. WOW I thought. We walked inside and there was a boy on the couch screaming at the telly. I got scared scared and ran outside. I started running down the street when I noticed liam yelling. I stopped to listen to what he was saying. " come back he was just yelling at the telly" I started walking back and I was crying and shaking. 

Niall's POV why did a girl just run out the door? What did I miss? Oh well I'll find out later. 

Emily's POV I didn't want to go back inside. "Liam I'm scared" "don't be I'll talk to him stay here" I heard somebody calling my name. It sounded like my dad. I was really scared now. I sat behind a bush trying not to yell and scream. I gently opened the door and I heard Liam saying "just be quiet I'm going to get her" I closed then door and lism opened it and looked at me. "Why are you there?" He asked. "I-I heard my dad yelling my name" "come in fast" Liam said. So I ran in really quick but quietly. Then there was a knock at the door. I hid infront of the couch so he didn't see me. " hello have you seen a girl named emily tsall tan and has wavy hair?" I looked up it was my dad. Hopefiull he didn't see me. " yeah I just saw here on lakeland blvd!" Lism said. "Thanks" said dad and he walked away. " thanks Liam" I said " its OK no problem. Go upstairs and go to sleep, my room is the last one on the right." Liam said . I want up to the room and I was amazed. It was huge it had a king bed and a walk in closet! I got dressed in some PJs thsay I brought and I fell asleep.

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