My Carrot Loving BFF

I am so excited!!! It seems that fate has finally accepted that i am a born musician and has given me a chance! last month i won a contest and i am being flown out to meet Simon Cowell and he is putting together to put a new girl band together. POWER TO THE FEMMALES! Anyway, just somethings to know... I LUV CARROTS, i hate bossy security guards, i love Mullingar(Where i am from), i am very against sexist boy band members, and i cannot stand models... no offence to any models, just had some bad run-ins with a few of them. Anyways, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, my fellow carrot lovers.


11. Sierra - This Will Never Work :(

"Whew!" I dramatically rub my hand across my brow as the girls and i finish the words for the last part of the song. "That was harder than eating a carrot cake in seveteen seconds."

The girls stare at me foramoment until Leena says, "You speak as if fromexperience..."

I just raise my eyebrow and say, "Yeah, that was my fastest time. Did you know that it's possible to have orange throw--"

The girls cover their ears quickly and make similar noises of disgust while i explode into a fit of giggles. Everytimei think i have controlled myself, i look at their expressions and just laugh even harder. Tears begi t run dwn my face anmy stomach hurts really bad from s much laughing. I fall out of thechair and onto my knees with my left hand planted on the floor whilei clutch my stomach with my right.

"AHAHA OW! Ahahahah this hurts so much! But you guys are so funny Bahahahah!" I fall onto my side and curl into a fetal position while Gia slaps my face lihtly to try and getme to calm down.

"Breathe" She says to me. When it does not work, Leena dives ontop of me and yells, "It's time for CPR... or mouth-to-mouth."

She puckers her lipsdramatically and i hop up off the floor real quickly, wiping the tears away in seconds. My face goes serious and the girls just look at me like i am crazy.

The boys run in and Lou yells, "Carrot Buddy, I missed you! Guess what i just ate??? Carrot cake!"

Gia and Leena give each other gross looks and simultaneouly le out a gag of disgust. "EWWEEEEEEYYYYY!"

The boys all stop ad watch us with confused faces as i drop the floor luahging again. "OH MY GOD! AGAIN! ITS HAPPENING AGAIN! OW HAHAHAH OH MY GOD IT HURTS! MAKE IT STOP!"

Gia and Leena stop dancing around with gag faces andrush towards me while making fish lips. My laugh turns into a scream and i jump up and wrap my arms around Louis' neck and my legs around his waist. His hands automatically grab onto my thighs to keep me from sliding down. I ignore how good it feels, I can think it over later, when i am not about to get molested by humans resembling fish.


Lou reacts to the fishy girls and runs into the glass recording booth in the corner of the room. There are fabric curtains up that block people from seeing in. We bolt the door and we hit the wall on the far side of the room. Louis' back is against the wall and i am still wrapped around him. It is sound proof, so all we hear is a muffled thud as a body hits the door seconds after it closed.

"Well." Lou says.

"Wow, you reacted pretty quickly." I say, impressed by how quick he moved away from those crazies.

"Yeah, i am used to running away from crazy fangirls. It comes with the job. Only, this time, i was security and you were their target. It's pretty wierd looking at it from this angle. Poor Paul... That was terrifying, love. I don't ever want to be a bodguard."

i nod my head in agreement and, as it gets really quiet, i finally notice our position. I am sitting on Lou's lap, with my knees on either side of him, and he has his hands on my thighs and his chin on top of my head. My head is buried in the crook of his neck.

Lou seems to realize this too because he raises his chin and i move my head away. Our eyes meet and he just smiles slowly before leaning towards me. His lips brush my ear and i shiver. I know he feels it because he lets out a low chuckle.

"What should we do, Sierra?" He asks. "What can this be?"

"I..." I look at Lou, not really sure what he is asking.

"I can't keep my hands to myself around you." His palms squeeze my thighs as if he is making a point. "When your lips brushed against my neck when you jumped on me, i wanted to kiss you so badly. And then, i realized i was the one you ran to when you needed someone to protect you from those fish-demons. And i really liked that." His voice is husky and i wrap my hands around his neck, kneeding the tense shoulder muscles. "I really like you."

"Lou... i really like you too, but... i read up on you guys and... i read about Elenour. You guys just broke up, like, a month ago. I don't want to think this is a real thing, just to find out you're really a horndog and i was just your rebound girl." I close mu eyes and let out a deep sigh.

"That's why i am thinking we should give it awhile. I know you are not ready and... i just pretty much packed up and moved countries, got thrown into a band with a bunch of girls i don't know, found a boy that i really like but i am also confused about his commitment and... i really need to focus on my singing. And that's why i don't think this can go anywhere right now." I hop up off his lap and help him up.

He smiles sadly at me and nods his head. "I'm not over Elenour but... I think i found just the person to change that. I will fight for you. You are worth it. Even though i barely know you, i can feel it."

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