My Carrot Loving BFF

I am so excited!!! It seems that fate has finally accepted that i am a born musician and has given me a chance! last month i won a contest and i am being flown out to meet Simon Cowell and he is putting together to put a new girl band together. POWER TO THE FEMMALES! Anyway, just somethings to know... I LUV CARROTS, i hate bossy security guards, i love Mullingar(Where i am from), i am very against sexist boy band members, and i cannot stand models... no offence to any models, just had some bad run-ins with a few of them. Anyways, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, my fellow carrot lovers.


9. Sierra- Lets Collaborate!

Simon finally gets us to sit down. Along the left side is Gia, Leena, Niall, Myself and Louis. Across from us are Simon, Zayn, Harry and Liam.

Throughout the meeting, Simon discusses how the boys will be showing us around, since they are experienced in working as a team. If we have a fight with one of the girls, then we should go gettheir advice. If we need help writing or just we need space, thenwe can come to them to. They are like our guide to living the popband life.

Through the whole thing, i keep catching Harry's eyes on me. It seems everytime I say something, he looks at me, looks at Liam, they silently nod, and then they continue staring at me.

I grab Lou and Niall and pull them closer to me. "Why are they staring me?" I ask quietly, while looking anywherebut the boys. Of course, while i was going for subtle, neither of the boys catch on and blatantly stare at the boys across the table.

I let out a huff of annoyance and just glare right along with them. Lou puts his arm around me and Niall grabs my hand while they give the boys a back-off look.

Harry gives Louis a hurt look and Zayn and Liam just ignore them while continuing to stare at me. The girls also scoot closer and Gia talks quietly with Niall.

"So,you girls will be working on songs for the next three days. We will try to get your first hit out there in three weeks so, this week will be lyrics and instrument pieces. Next week we will move onto shooting the music video and, finally for the third week, we will be going to press conferences and interviews to try to promote your song. Then we start the cycle over again in a month for your next song. Got it?" We all nod as Simon lays down the plan.

"Okay, then. Boys, if you will show the girls to the studio rooms, all info on where you guys will be staying will be provided tonight. Just leave your bags and stuff here."

The boys all stand up, used o the silent dismissal from Simon. Louis pulls me up and we lock elbows, skipping out the door and down the hallway as we laugh loudly.

I press the elevator button and go towards the big window that overlooks LA. Louis follows me and we watch people walking around in the bright sunlight. It is about two ocklock here, so it is really bright. I am guessing we will be working only for a few hours and then we will be going to a hotel for the night.

The elevator finally gets here and i go in, ignoring Harry, Zayn and Liam. They try not to stare at me as much as they did. I think they realized how rude they were being. But i still catch one ofthem looking at me every few seconds.

The boys lead us out of theelevator and down another long hallway, opening the door to a large music room. It has a few couches, a recording booth in the corner, some guitar stools, a grand piano, an electric keyboard,a few other instruments i am not sureof, a drum set, and a billion guitars hanging off the walls. Wow.

I let out a squeal as i grab a guitar. This is a gibson! Oh my god i can't believe they have a gibson! Hey! Maybe i will make enough money to buy myself a gibson... or even a house with a whole music room. That would be amazing.

Niall grabs another guitar and sits on a stool next to me. He begins to play the melody of my favorite song. I let out a deep breath and wiggle my fingers quick to loosen them before i let them run wild across the frets. Niall plays the melody while i play the riff.

When we finally get to the part of the song to sing, i nod to Niall as a signal that he should sing. "Well you only need the light when its burning low." Iopen my mouth and chime in as harmony. "Only miss the sun when it starts to snow. Only know you love her when you let her go. And you let her go."

Our bodis sway to the beat as we match pitches and play through the instrumental. Niall's accent all but dissappears when he sings. Oooh, lucky duck. As i sing, my accent gets thicker, adding a nice drawl to my sound which makes it sorta unique.

When we get to the chorus, Niall backs off and i take lead. Gia chimes in on the piano and i smile. Lou softly sings harmony while smiling widely at me. A beat starts halfway through the chorus and i look over at Leena, whos sitting behind the drum set. Niall goes quiet, concentrating on throwing in new notes and creating a whole new sound.

Louis catches my eyes and, once i look, i cannot get away fromhis intense eyes. We smile at each other and it feels like we are the only ones here. Our accents are so thick and they blend so well together. As we get to the end of Let Her Go, by Passenger, everyone goes silent and i end with a few plucks of the strings and a last echo of the notes.

Instead of an akward silence following the song, i turn to Niall and say, "You are a really good guitar player. How did you manage to change the whole melody? You gotta teach me sometime."

He smiles at me. "Sure. You're pretty good yourself."

"Thanks" I say brightly before pulling another carrot out of my jacket pocket. Lou gives me a puppy dog face and i sigh dramatically before tossing him one. Niall laughs and I catch Liam, Harry and Zayn having another silent conversation.

"I always wanted another guitar player around. The other boys tried to learn, butthey got too bored and lost motivation withing a half hour." Niall says, fake pouting.

"Awww." i say and pat his cheek. "It's okay, Niall, i'm here for you."

We all laugh and start working on songs. Niall and us girls are the only ones really working. Lou is too busy eating all my carrots, and Harry and the boys are on their phones. Once in a while they will shoot each other looks and nod their heads. I think they are texting each other. And from the looks Lou, Niall and i are getting, i'm guessing its something about us.

In ten minutes, after Lou starts whining about running out of carrots, Harry and Zayn are staring at the door as if hoping for a distraction to come running through it, Liam has fallen asleep and is snoring super loudly, and Nialls tummy starts growling, i let out a huff and stand up.

"Okay. LIAM WAKE UP AND SHUT YOUR SNORING! Harry and Zayn, no oneis coming to save you from doing some actual work.Niall, it sounds like a dinosaur is in your belly. LOU, YOU ATE ALL MY CARROTS, SO I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT IF YOU ARE STILL HUNGRY BECASUE I AM TOO!" I yell as loudly as i can. Everyone stares at me while i go on ranting. "You boys can go eat and, if the girls want, they can go to. But other wise, get out of her and stop bothering the people who are actually working!"

I point to the door and all the boys bolt out as quick as they can, tripping and falling all the way out of the room. I massage my temples and look at the girls, who are laughing.

"You really know how to handle those boys." Leena says.

I put on my most serious face and say, "I am a no nonsense kind of woman." But i can't holdthe face for long and we all start laughing.

"Okay, so what should our song be about?"

We all go quiet, trying to think of a good idea. This is going to be harder than i thought. 

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