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I am so excited!!! It seems that fate has finally accepted that i am a born musician and has given me a chance! last month i won a contest and i am being flown out to meet Simon Cowell and he is putting together to put a new girl band together. POWER TO THE FEMMALES! Anyway, just somethings to know... I LUV CARROTS, i hate bossy security guards, i love Mullingar(Where i am from), i am very against sexist boy band members, and i cannot stand models... no offence to any models, just had some bad run-ins with a few of them. Anyways, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, my fellow carrot lovers.


14. Sierra and Louis- Elevator drama

I let out a whoop of joy and jump up, hitting my head against the roof of the limo. I slap my hand to the area of my head that hurts and fall back to my seat, rubbing it and letting out a groan of annoyance. Harry and Louis are both glaring at me. Before I had jumped up, they were still laying on me, with Harry’s head in my lap and Lou snoring on my shoulder. When I moved, I had jostled them and woke them up. Hitting my head seemed to have woken everyone else up, since they are now looking at me in confusion.
“We’re here. Thank god, that ride took forever.” I say, pointing out the tinted window to where the doorman is hurrying to open our limo door.
I jump out quickly. I hate sitting down for too long. Louis follows me and he begins bouncing in place. I guess all his energy is back after his nap. The rest of the boys and girls fall out, and get all their energy back. we are all pretty excited, since this hotel is super awesome looking.
I swing the front doors open, ignoring Liam’s protests to calm down, and rush to the front desk. I am in front when Harry trips Louis. Lou grabs my knees and pulls me down next to him, causing the girls to trip over me and, as Leena goes down, she grabs Harry’s arm, causing him to fall too. Zayn wanders in slowly, followed by a hysterical Niall. I grab Harry’s curly head and push myself up with it. He lets out a grlish screech and accidentally kicks Louis in the face. Louis reels backwards into Leena. Zayn helps Gia up and they scoot past us. I see them sneaking to get to the desk first and I push past them, landing in front of the terrified desk lady and flashing an innocent smile.
Louis crawls forward and wraps his arms around my knees and Harry is standing a safe distance from me, stroking his curls and giving my a glare while Leena laughs at him. Niall comes up next to me and also flashes and innocent smile. Zayn and Gia are laughing and Liam is trying to pry Lou from my legs.
“Hello.” I say in a really loud voice. The desk lady gives me a glare and says rudely, “What do you want?”
My smile instantly turns to ice. “Well, first thing that comes to mind is kicking you’re a—“ Louis slaps a hand over my mouth while harry grabs my arms and stops me from lunging over the desk. “mumphymnmnnmyy” I mumble, my mouth still covered.
Liam glares at the lady. “We are here for our rooms, and I apologize that you feel the need to be snappy with us. Now, we are booked under Simon Cowell of Syco Records. Do you have our rooms or not?”
When Liam says Simon, the lady’s eyes widen and I let out a growl. Obviously she was not expecting us to be so high up in the social circle to know Simon.
“Oh, are you One Direction? Can I have a--?”
“—Really, we would just like our room keys, please.” Leena says, sassily. I give her a fist bump, once I wrestle my arm away from Harry.
Louis shakes Harry off of me and wraps his left arm around my waist, pulling me back into his chest. Instead of struggling against him like I did against Harry, I relax and kind of burrow into the warmth of his body. He rests his chin on top of my head and leaves his hand over my mouth, not letting me snap at the desk lady.
The lady hands Liam the room keys and he gives her an icy smile before turning abruptly and dismissing her. I almost let out a laugh, but bite my lip before I can. When my mouth moves against Louis’ palm, his whole body tenses and he lets out a weird noise. I lightly kiss the soft skin of his hand and he shivers slightly and pulls me closer to him.
I chuckle and he just sighs before taking his hand away from my mouth with one last stroke of his thumb on my lips, and wraps it around my waist right over the other one, interlocking them so that I can’t get away. I wrap my arms around his, locking our fingers together in a weird, but comfortable hold.
“Okay. Roomies are Gia and Leena, Zayn and Harry, Niall and I, Si and… well, I guess you will have to share with Louis. Sorry.” Liam turns to me with an apologetic smile, but when he sees Lou and I practically embracing, he raises an eyebrow.
“I’m thinking you might not have a problem with it. The rooms only have a queen bed, since everyone is here for all the concerts in the next two weeks, so Simon did the best he could. I don’t want any funny business, okay? Or at lest, try to be safe and use good judgement.”
I shake my head at his statement, but quickly ask, “Wait, what concerts?”
“Oh, well, it seems that there is this show thing going on in downtown LA, where all these bands from around the world come to hang out and preform and watch friends perform and such. It’s where we are hoping for you to preform, if you girl’s are ready by then.” Harry says.
“OOOOH YAY! CONCERT!” I bounce in place, much to everyone’s amusement, except for Louis who had found a comfortable place for his chin on my head.
A tap on Loouis’ shoulder casues him to unwind his arms from around me, sadly—
Wait WHAT?!
Who said that? Not me! okay, maybe it was me but, whatever.
“Please, can I have your autograph?” The evil lady from the desk asks. I give her a glare and she just smirks at me before sliding closer to an uncomfortable Lou. He gives me a weird look, as if he was trying to see how I would react. And how am I reacting, you might ask? Well, curling my hands into fists and trying to control all my terrible commetns that are trying to explode out of my mouth.
“Are you dating her, Louis? You could do so much better.” She runs her hand along his arm and I see the nervousness in his eyes, but he holds still. What is he waiting for? Get her hand off you, you idiot!
Harry grabs me before I lunge at her. Everyone jumps into action at once. Zayn grabs Gia’s arm and holds her back. It looks like she was ready to kick this girls ass and back me up. Leena is being held back by Niall, who has one arm trying to contain her flailing arms and another locked over her mouth to keep back her muffled comments. Liam grabs the desk lady and tries to hurry her away while Lou shrugs her off despite her protests and follows Harry and I.
I struggle against Harry more than I would most people. I don’t know, he is just weird, with all the staring Liam, Zayn, and him did. They kind of creep me out.
The boys wrestle me into the elevator, tackling me into the corner while I try to fight them off. Honestly, I feel like an animal but, I haven’t slept in three days, I haven’t had a real meal in just as many, and I am frazzled and my nerves are shot from all my new surroundings and experience. Damn, somebody hold me back, cause I am about to freak. Oh wait, I just did.
Harry pushes me back down while Lou slaps the top floor button. Seconds before the door closes, Harry jumps up and slips out, giving Lou a wink on the way out. I let out a growl, which seems to amuse Lou.
“You’re going to have to learn how to deal with the haters, Si. There are always going to be people jealous of you.” He says, leaning against the elevator wall opposite me. I stand and brush off my clothes, letting out a noncommitical grunt.
“Si.” He grins at me and pushes off the elevator wall, walking towards me. “Don’t be like that.”
I give him a harsh look and he pushes his bottom lip out in a pout before pressing me against the elevator wall. His arms bracket me in and I shiver when I eel him press his body fully against mine.
He leans down until his lips are just above mine. Our breath mingles and I look into his clear eyes. My mind begins to reel with questions like, Why did I say no to him? I really like him, I mean, look at the way I’m reacting to—NO! I cannot, I refuse, to be a rebound girl. Either way, I am surprised by the sudden longing I have to get him as close to me as possible.
Just as I am about to take away the distance between us, Louis backs off, a smirk on his face.
I watch as he nods towards the door to the elevator. “We’re here.” His voice sounds cheery and nomal Lou-like. As if nothing had just happened. As if he haden’t just made me want to forget about being a rebound girl and be whatever he wanted me to be. As if he haden’t just completely wrecked my walls within seconds.
The doors swing open and I give him a dirty look, suddenly overcome by anger, before rushing off the elevator. I stomp down the hallway fuming.
How dare he play with me like that!


I grin as she storms off the elevator and I follow, struggling to keep myself from rushing to her and finishing what I had started in the elevator. It had been almost impossible to pull away in the elevator. I mean, I had had her right where I wanted her.
But I have to wait.
If we rush ito a relationship right now, it could complicate her newly formed band, our newly-formed friendship. And, she might have doubts later if she does believe that I am not over Eleanor yet. She might try to leave me.
But once I get her, I am not sure I will be able to let her go. Already, I feel this intense connection, as cliché as that sounds. There is something between us, something that I am dying to pursue.
And, after that shiver that I felt in the elevator, I cannot imagine she feels any differently than I do. That shiver drove me crazy, the little hitch in her breath, and the way she was about to close the distance between us almost had me singing  I felt so good.
All I have to do is bide my time. And, if I can, I will make her more and more frustrated with how I play with her, because I want her to want me as much as is humanly possible. I want her to want me like I want her. It will be so much sweeter for both of us if we are on the same page once we are able to sort out our emotions and, not to mention, the publicity this is going to cause. It will not be easy, that’s for sure.
“Lou! Open the damn door!” She yells at me, trying to hustle me along. I swipe the key and let her into our room.
Our room… I like the sound of that. Maybe, I can talk Liam into letting this be a permanent thing. I mean, no way will our little Lili be able to stand in the way of this, knowing that it is going to be love, eventually. He is a sucker for the mushy-gushy stuff.
And when it comes to Sierra, I might just want to have a little romance to, to be honest.


Hey guys, sorry it's been so long. i have just been really busy eating bananas and studying for my AP Psychology exam comingup. it's the final and it's going to be really hard. oh well, i hope you enjoy!

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