My Carrot Loving BFF

I am so excited!!! It seems that fate has finally accepted that i am a born musician and has given me a chance! last month i won a contest and i am being flown out to meet Simon Cowell and he is putting together to put a new girl band together. POWER TO THE FEMMALES! Anyway, just somethings to know... I LUV CARROTS, i hate bossy security guards, i love Mullingar(Where i am from), i am very against sexist boy band members, and i cannot stand models... no offence to any models, just had some bad run-ins with a few of them. Anyways, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, my fellow carrot lovers.


3. My Babies!

     "You want to take my carrots? Why the hell would you want to take an innocent little carrot away from his mother?" I yell to the security guard that stole my carrots after i was scanned to get into the airport.

     A boy who's behind me gasps and says, "Sir, you must understand that carrots are fragile and, taken away from their mother at such a young age can be very bad for everyone involved."

     I throw my hands up in a dramatic motion and yell, "Thank-you! At least somebody understands my dilemma." I smile at the boy with the beanie and the dark glasses. He is wearing a stripped polo under a jean jacket with a pair of bright red TOMS.

     The security guard shakes his head and turns away in annoyance. I let out a quick giggle byt it turns into an exaggerated fake cry as i see him throw my bag of carrots into the trash.

     "My babies!" My father lets out a similar huff of annoyance as the security guard and grabs my arm, dragging me away.

     I laugh and let him pull me to the gate. We get there just as first class is boarding.

     "Onwards and upwards, my papi!" I point towards the door and take off yelling, "FOR NARNIA!" The woman at the ticket counter growls in annoyance and i settle my face into a pout. Who says an 18-year-old cannot work a pout? With my long black hair with big curls and wide silver eyes framed by thick lashes, and my full lips, perfect for pouting, i could pull it off with ease.

     The lady gives me a hard look but her eyes soften as she hands back my ticket. "Have a good flight."

     I hold my hand up and kiss my fingers, making the hunger games sign with the four fingers and let out a whistle while staring off into the distance. Then i grab my dad's arm and i am now the one dragging him onto the plane. Halfway up the ramp, i start waltzing, remembering the dance from my ballroom dancing class that i took when i was younger.

     I hum the song Rocketeere by Far East Movement, my favorite at the moment, and grab the flight attendants hands, swinging her around with me. She is older and laughs along with me, jumping into the dance with enthusiasm.

     As i get down the isle and reach my seat, we are both laughing loudly. "It is so good to see some young people showing an interest in old dancing. I was expecting a borring flight, but now i won't have to worry. But don't make too much trouble." She waggles a finger at me and turns to help the next people, her white hair bobbing as she bounces back down the isle.

     I sigh and sprawl my body out along the two seats on my side, while my dad sits across the aisle from me. Then i snap my head up and yell, "Hey! Does anybody happen to have a bag of carrots that they snuck through security?"

     Nobody answers me so, with a grin, i shrug and make my way to the cockpit to confront the pilot. Maybe i can scare him into giving me carrots. i wonder if planes have carrots on them. Guess i'm about to find out.

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