My Carrot Loving BFF

I am so excited!!! It seems that fate has finally accepted that i am a born musician and has given me a chance! last month i won a contest and i am being flown out to meet Simon Cowell and he is putting together to put a new girl band together. POWER TO THE FEMMALES! Anyway, just somethings to know... I LUV CARROTS, i hate bossy security guards, i love Mullingar(Where i am from), i am very against sexist boy band members, and i cannot stand models... no offence to any models, just had some bad run-ins with a few of them. Anyways, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, my fellow carrot lovers.


1. Freaking Out! OMG!

     Hey guys, this is my first Movellas book so i'm nervous about how it will turn out. Anyway, i just want to say thanks for taking the time to read it and, i am not as obsessed with carrots as this girl is going to be. Um... So, yeah... tell me if you like it, if you don't... yeah. I'm so excited though, cause Louis is my favorite and that's who this fanfic is based on. ONE DIRECTION INFECTION!!! So, keep reading and message me ideas and such, i love feedback :) Oh, and i have decided that Sierra will look like Megan Fox.



     I run around my kitchen screaming, waving an unopened letter around in my hand. "Freaking out! OMG! Dad get your lazy-buttt-that's-always-being-lazy down here! It's here! OMG, what do i do???" I yell it up the stairs and then go back to running in circles around the island that is in the middle of the kitchen.

     My toe hits the corner of the island and i let out a groan of pain, falling backwards onto my bum. The pain only keeps me down for a moment and i jump up, holding onto the bleeding toe.

     "Owwy! Ow, ow, owww!" i hop around on one foot yelling and drop the letter to the floor. I quickly blink away tears of pain and then let out another yell of pain.

     "Honey, are you okay?" My dad walks in, finally, and stops, glancing at me doing my ouchy dance, my letter on the floor, then back at me. He nods his head in understanding as he sees the Syco seal on the back of the letter, keeping the flap shut tightly.

     I let go of my foot and take a slow step towards the letter, wincing as i gingerly put my hurt foot down.

     My dad grabs a glass and pulls out some milk, oreos, and a few carrots. He picks up the lettter and sits me down on the opposite side of the table as him. he reaches for the oreos and i reach for a carrot, then we both dunk them into the milk cup in the middle of us and take a huge bite.

     "Okay, now you can open the letter. Stay calm." He looks at me with twinkling eyes and i laugh and shake my head. This is how we always have been: Him the one talking calmly to the police, while i am the one in handcuffs who's being arrested for public disturbance... we make a good team.

     "Whatever happens," He pauses and makes sure i am listening. "Whatever happens, You and i will be okay. We got through the accident, and we can get through this."

     I nod and slip the envelope out of his hands, digging my thumb under the flap and flipping it open. A piece of paper falls out, no bigger than the length of my thumb and i snatch it out of the air, humming along to a random song as i try to control my nervousness.

     The paper is thick and has bold print on the front that spells out:



     Underneath is a phone number. Nothing else. I frown at the paper and toss it to the table in frustration, what do they want me to do with this? It lands face down and on the back, i gasp when i see the two messily written words that will change my life forever...


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