My Carrot Loving BFF

I am so excited!!! It seems that fate has finally accepted that i am a born musician and has given me a chance! last month i won a contest and i am being flown out to meet Simon Cowell and he is putting together to put a new girl band together. POWER TO THE FEMMALES! Anyway, just somethings to know... I LUV CARROTS, i hate bossy security guards, i love Mullingar(Where i am from), i am very against sexist boy band members, and i cannot stand models... no offence to any models, just had some bad run-ins with a few of them. Anyways, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, my fellow carrot lovers.


6. Akward Introductions

"Yay! Finally, we're off that airplane!" I shout loudly and drag my dad along behind me. He stumbles, but keeps his feet under him, as we make it to baggage claim.

After wrestling my bag from an old lady, i let out a huff and ignore all the wierd looks i am getting. I mean, she was really blind. How hard is it to tell a neon pink duffel bag from a dull green roller? And, man, was she strong!

I flick my hair over my shoulders and grimace when it gets caught on my earrings. Okay, time for a hair cut. Maybe our band will get a stylist! This is going to be so fun.

As i am walking towards the sliding door at the entrance of the airport, i am roughly shoved aside by a group of panicky girls. They rush past, but i stick my foot out and trip one of them, causing a dominoe effect. They give me dirty looks, but i put my hand on my hip and pretend to look at my nails while whistling off key. After yelling mean words at me, they run towards something, yelling about directions.

As they swarm someone, i let out a snort. Stupid girls, how can so many girls get lost in an airport. Gosh, bimbos. They converge on someone that i assume is an airport worker. Poor guy, having to deal with those crazies. If it were me, they would be dead within seconds.

A limo is waiting outside the airport and i let out a squeal as the driver opens the door for me. He stops me before i jump in and hands me a bag that i open.

"Simon says these are for you." He says. I laugh when i see the carrots filling the bag. YUM!!!

"Thanks, Frank." I say, reading his name plate. He tips his head to me and closes the door behind us and my dad and i slide into the plush leather seats.

Inside the limo it is actually kinda dark and the windows are tinted. Wow, i'm gunna have to get used to this if my band goes through. I can't wait to see the other girls that will be in the group with me. I wonder what our name is going to be!

i munch on my carrots and sing really loudly to the music that i had asked Frank to turn up really loudly. Living On A Prayer comes on and i sit silently, listening to my dad sing to it. He rarely ever sings, especially since Jake and my mom's accident. But he has a lovely voice and whenever i hear it, i stop and listen to him hit the notes smoothly and adds little tweaks to the song, making it his own. I love to hear him sing. The last time he sang was... Well, it was before the accident.

When the song ends i applaud and my dad smiles widely before taking a fake bow. A new song comes on and the beat is really catchy. I ask Frankie who sings it and he looks at me in the rearview mirror with a surprised expression.

"It is Simon's biggest band, One Direction. You will probablly meet them soon, since you work for the same guy. They are some really cool guys, though. I usually am driving them around when they are here." He says.

I listen to them singing about kissing someone and log onto my ituens account before buying all their songs. They are really good. After the radio song ends, i plug my headphones in and listen. When i try to pull up the pictures of the band, though, they won't let me. Wierd. Oh well, i will meet them soon i guess.

My favorite song is Moments. When i look up the bio for it, i figure out that my favorite part is sung by Louis. He has such a unique voice, it just gives me shivers. I can't wait until i meet him. Maybe i will be able to talk him into singing it for me, except that would be a little wierd... Oh well, i am a wierd person. I don't really care what people think, if you haven't noticed yet.

We finally pull up to a giant glass building right in downtown LA. I really hope we are on the top floor. I love to see the views from really high up. I am not really an easily scared person. The only thing that scares me are spiders, like every girl, and i am terrified of the underneath of my bed. I don't know why, but i have always been scared to look under the bed or sticking my foot over the edge at night.

We make it into the building but i stop as soon as i take a step into the building. OMG my biggest petpieve! (idk if that is spelled right...) My combat boots click on the marble and i refuse to take another step.

My dad notices and rolls his eyes before giving me a glare. I huff at him and give him my best look of 'i'm not moving'. Knowing how stubborn i am, he grabs my arm and literally drags me after him while i keep my feet on the floor and slide along. Eventually, he just drops my arm and keeps moving.

I let out a noise of annoyance and decide to just go for it. I take big jump steps and go as fast as i can, finally making it across the ginormous lobby and to the desk on the other side.

I lean my elbow on the desk and give the lady a wide smile, ignoring the questioning look on her face. My dad follows me, facepalming before giving the lady a greeting.

"I'm Terrie." She gets up and comes around the desk and asks if i am Sierra. I nod and she pulls me into a quick hug before moving onto my dad. They hug for a few seconds too long and pull away, both of them blushing. I raise my eyebrow at them and Terrie looks back at me.

"I will be like a personal assisstant to you, honestly. Simon will have me calling you all the time to keep you on track and check in and make sure you know when meetings are and such." She smiles and begins to walk to the elevator, motioning us to follow.

As we get in, she pushes the button to the top floor and, when the elevator dings, i rush out and look out the giant windows to my left, gasping at the beautiful sight from forty floors up in the air. Just, wow.

I am ushered down the hall and into a roomo with two other girls and three guys sitting down, along with the legendary Simon Cowell. Oh my gosh, i cannot fangirl. It's only the awesomest guy in the singing industry. No biggie right? Yeah. Right.

Terrie pulls my dad into another conference room down the hall and gives me one last look, motioning for me to ggo inside, before she shuts the door behind them.

I walk in, well more like bounce, and stick my hand out to Simon. He smiles at me and i get over my speechlessness, letting out a laugh.

"I'm so excited to be here!" I say, hopping in my spot. He laughs and motions for me to take a seat.

I sit in the fluffy chair and spin in a circle before i pull a carrot out of my bag and take a giant bite of it. What? I eat when i'm nervous. And happy, sad, angry... All the time to be honest.

The curly-haired boy across from me crosses his arms and gives me an expectant look, like he is expecting something. I give him a wierd look and he looks a little taken aback and confused. He shares a look with Simon and then everyone in the room turns to me.

"I'm Sierra Caverly." I say, brightly. "And you are...?" They all look at me like i am crazy.

"Well. I am Harry." The curly-haired boy says, giving me a wierd look again.

"I'm Zayn," a really shy guy with dark hair and eyes says.

"Liam, good to meet you." Another one says, tipping his head to me and giving me a small smile. I return it with a wide one and look at the girls.

"I'm Leena." A girl with a dark fringe says. (Zooey Deschanel)

"Gia." Says a shy girl with platinum blond hair. (Julianne Hough)

"Nice to meet you. Okay, since we are going to be friends for, like, a while i guess, you should know about me and i should know about you. So, to break the ice, i will go first. Well... i don't like people who steal my carrots, I don't like egotistical boys, I hate when peanut butter is mean and gets stuck to the roof of my mouth, and it is almost impossible to scare me. Only spiders, normal for a girl, and the underneath of my bed. I also don't like it when people call me crazy. I am considered unstable, not crazy. Get it right. Anyways." They all give me looks before Leena bursts out laughing and Gia gives me a shy smile. The boys just stare at me. "Okay so things that i like... well, i like alot of things. I like to make new friends, i like eating penut butter when it's being nice, I love my carrot babies, and i like my guitar. Oh, and singing as well, but thats a given. I also like it when people encourage my craziness and just go with it, because i believe in free will and i like to act mental, honestly. It makes things more fun. There, i am done." I smile widely befreo motioning for Leena to go.

"Wow, okay. I don't really know how to follow that. I like flirting, my favorite pasttime." She winks at Harry and i laugh. "I like to talk loud. I love singing along to acoustics." She brings up my guitar and gives me a pointed look. "Um... I really like dancing and teaching people how to dance. I am scared of pickles, like i will pass out if there is one near me. Soiders are okay but snakes freak me out. I also like carrots." I give her a nod and say,

"I am willing to share one or two." She gives me another wide smile and we fistbump.

Gia gets a little nervous and i give her an encouraging smile. "Okay, i'm Gia. I hate speaking in front of people, but i can sing in front of them. I don't know how that works, but it does. I am scared of cotton balls, don't ask why, they are just traumatic. I play piano all the time. I am a really bad driver cause i get scared when other people's cars get too close to mine. People call me antisocial but i'm not. It just means that i don't want to talk to you, if i don't really acknowledge you. so yeah." We all nod and Liam picks up his buzzing phone before turning to Simon.

"The boy's are almost here. Papparazzi just showed up and it's hard for them to get through." Simon nods and i start up a conversation with the girls while the boys talk in low voices.

Zayn and Liam and Harry keep whispering and looking at me occasionally. I give them an annoyed look after a while and they finally look away, but i get really angry cause they look back.

"What? Am i that beautiful? Can i help you?" I ask, raising an eyebrow at them and smirk lightly. I mean, i am said to be pretty, but it really happens when i give them my flirty look. I am told i have perfect flirty eyes.

They look away quick and Harry snorts before crossing his arms and leaning back in the chair, still staring at me through his lashes. Oh well. He seems to have a problem.

I keep talking with the girls and ignore the boys who continue to stare. It seems i'm going to have a problem with them. But i really like the girls, I think we will be perfect together.

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