Rebelling The Reject

*Sequel To Struck By Lies* After the betrayal of Adelaide, Luke, Michael and Calum are forced to join together to let Addie get a taste of what she's paid for, but will one of the guys ditch Operation Reject to get back with the one who betrayed them?


7. Chapter 6.

Addie's POV


It had been two hours since I foolishly went back to Luke. I didn't want to believe he hated me as much as the others did, but my tears tell me I was wrong. It was still the middle of the night and Calum and Michael were still gone.


"Luke?" I asked, inconsiderate to the fact he's the only person on the bus who would actually talk to me.

"Are you crying?" He stepped closer to me, sitting on the one-seater couch.

"No. Of course not." He gave me a look and moved over to the long couch I was sitting on. "Ok, maybe."

"I'm sorry for saying what I did. I guess I was mad. I mean, I've been mad since you moved onto Michael a day after we broke up after making me so guilty about it. I had just thought you were using me again, since y'know. You came crawling to me as soon as you saw Calum was gone. I don't want to believe that you're an attention whore and.. Sorry wrong word. but anyways, I didn't want to believe what the boys were saying about you, because I feel like I know the real you. It's so hard not to believe them though when you're jumping from one guy to another after like three days."

My face was buried in my hands. I wanted to stop crying but I couldn't. I'd given myself a bad name. I could barely mumble out comprehensible words. "Addie, please stop." He gave me a hug. "I don't want to see you cry." 

"Well why wouldn't you?" I pondered, "After all the shit I put you through? After all the shit I put Michael through? You guys have isolated Calum for fucks sake because of me, thought you guys would might as well see me suffer too." I felt exhausted, maybe because of all the lonely nights I've spent alone on the couch I've called home, or maybe because I've grown so vulnerable to my surroundings.

 No, Adelaide. You did this to yourself, I thought. 

Luke's arms continued to be wrapped around mine. He was hushing me softly, rubbing his hands up and down my back. 

"It's gonna be okay Ad, it's gonna be okay. I'll help you get through this." 

He helped me up, guiding me to his bed. "You sleep here tonight, I'll take the couch." He gave me a kiss on the forehead, smiling softly at me before he left for the back room. 

"Addie?" I heard from under me.

"Yeah Ashton?"

"He cares about you. Somehow, he still cares about you. Don't mess it up. Goodnight." 

"Goodnight," I answered, my face stuffed into the pillow. His bunk lingered with his scent, and for the first time in months, I felt like I was home. 

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