Rebelling The Reject

*Sequel To Struck By Lies* After the betrayal of Adelaide, Luke, Michael and Calum are forced to join together to let Addie get a taste of what she's paid for, but will one of the guys ditch Operation Reject to get back with the one who betrayed them?


5. Chapter 4

Adelaide's POV 

I didn't mean to stay for this long. I mean, what else am I suppose to do? I've finished all the schooling I needed to do. I have no other friends and my parents are still AWOL. I have Calum's parents, but they're still on vacation. I'm grateful they've taken me in and partially raised me, but I'm sick of them. I need attention and no one here or there will give it to me. 

I sighed, still no sign of Calum. The tv screen was shining bright, preventing me from trying to sleep again. Calum's been off lately. He isn't giving me the attention I've craved and Ashton surely isn't gonna give me any. That meant I had one choice left. 

I slipped on my robe and slippers and shuffled into the next room. Ashton's bunk had the curtains down and as I opened it, he was sound asleep with his music in. Luke's was closed as well. I moved the curtain out of the way and climbed into his bed. I squirmed around until I filled in the mold of his position. 

He breathed out heavily, a light moan erupting from his voice. "Michael?" he asks, his eyes fluttering open. 

"No you idiot." I smiled, tapping his head lightly.

He wiped his eyes, getting clear vision. "Adelaide?" He yawns. "Adelaide!" He nearly shouts as it seems he's recognized me. "Get out, get out of my bed get out!" Luke almost pushes me off, but I've clung onto his shoulders like a koala on a tree. 

"But Luke," I bat my eye lashes at him. "It's so cold in the other room and I've been having second thoughts." 

He sighs reluctantly, "Go on..," 

"Well, they're not really second thoughts. More of me realizing I've been pulling this game for too long. I don't know why, because it hurt me and it hurt you and now the guys hate me and think I'm a slut and..." I sighed again, not really sure where I was going with my monologue. "What I'm saying is, I was hurt and I tried to date your bandmates to make you as hurt as I was but I'm stupid and I'm sorry." 

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