Rebelling The Reject

*Sequel To Struck By Lies* After the betrayal of Adelaide, Luke, Michael and Calum are forced to join together to let Addie get a taste of what she's paid for, but will one of the guys ditch Operation Reject to get back with the one who betrayed them?


4. Chapter 3

Michael's POV

"I love you Calum," Adelaide yawns. 

Calum is irresponsive, but not asleep, "I love you too, Addie," Calum hesitates as she places a kiss on his lips. 

I roll my eyes as I watch from the corner of my eyes. That had been her and I less than a month ago. It felt so surreal that she had actually liked me back, but knowing she played me only made me want to drive a wrench into her throat. 

Calum is a dipshit, dating the band whore. What a laugh! Luke is just as insane. He's letting this girl play him without her even knowing that she's doing it. 

I'm in a band of saps. I hope Ashton's girlfriend isn't like Adelaide. That would suck a lot. 


After an hour of barely trying to play Destiny, I give up and throw a couch cushion at Calum, waking him up. 

"What the fuck man?" He squints, sounding pissed, "If you're not gonna talk to me, at least let me sleep." He throws the cushion back.

"Well I'm talking to you now." I whine, holding out the end of the sentence. My arms flare around the air like a candle flame just lit. 

Calum groans, carefully pushing 'it' off of him, grabbing the spare xbox remote from the table. 

"Talk to me," I say, moving over so he has space to sit. 

"You're the one who wanted to talk to me." 

"Oh. Right, yeah." 

"Out with it Clifford!" He slaps the back of my head, scoring the first goal on fifa.

"Not too bad for someone who hasn't played in a month." 

"That's what you guys think. After lights out and you all go to your bunks, I play all night. You guys can shun me all you want but you can't keep me from my fifa." He smiled proudly. His smile fades, he keeps talking. "I miss you guys, y'know. My best friends." He emphasizes the word best, moving his fingers to form quotes. 

"You made the choice dude. You made the choice." 

Silence. He then ask if we could go talk outside. I press the red button, informing the bus driver to make a quick stop at the nearest food place so we can chat. 



"It wasn't my choice!" Calum whisper-shouts as me, nearly choking on his soda. "I told her to leave and she stayed. What was I suppose to do? Ignore her?" 

"Um.. Yes?!" I threw my fry at him, annoyed. 

"Well anyways, since she didn't leave, I thought that by warming up to her and being clingy like you did would make her go away. I know she's just playing with me. She's going for Ashton next and Mia is pissed about it. That's why she's visiting us next week. I thought that keeping her around would get her to like Luke again. I'm just waiting for fate to go it's magic." 

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