Rebelling The Reject

*Sequel To Struck By Lies* After the betrayal of Adelaide, Luke, Michael and Calum are forced to join together to let Addie get a taste of what she's paid for, but will one of the guys ditch Operation Reject to get back with the one who betrayed them?


3. Chapter 2

Luke's POV


I looked through the foggy window and sighed. Michael whined as I paused our current game of Fifa. 


"Luke, what is it now?" Ashton asked. His big feet shuffled against the floor and towards the same glass screen I was in front of. 


"I feel bad," I mutter, seeing Calum hold hands with Adelaide. My best friend and the girl I love. I genuinely did want to get with her again. I really did think he was trying to help me get back together with her. I fucked up, hard. "What if this is just part of his plan to get me and her back together?" 


Michael was in an uproar, rising from his seat to march over to where I was. "Are you blind, Luke?" He half shouted being quiet enough for only us to hear inside. "She's a fucking whore. She played me, she's tried getting into Ashton's pants, she's probably fucking Calum and she won't even acknowledge your existence." 


I quivered at Michael's words. "Don't talk about her like that," I protested. 


Ashton laughed. "Luke. You saw the proof, man. What more do you need." 


"An explanation from her," I answered, storming out of the room. 


After a while, I'm left alone with my thoughts. The bus had started moving an hour ago and everyone decided to huddle up in the lounge room, leaving me with my thoughts. Ashton, however was in the bunk below mine, kicking at my bed and playing his music loudly enough to irritate me. Calum and Adelaide were watching a movie beside Michael who was ignoring the both of them by playing on his PS4. We suggested he'd play in the bunks, but he wanted to keep an eye on the saboteurs. 


"What Ashton, what is it?" I finally snap, pulling my single ear phone out. 

"You still love Adelaide, don't you?" 

"What makes you think that?" 

"Because you defend her."

"That doesn't mean anything..."

"You didn't let me finish. You can't forget the fact you're always watching her whenever she goes star gazing with Calum. Every night, while she sleeps in the lounge room, you go to visit her and get her a blanket if she's cold. Then she wakes up and thanks Calum for treating her so nicely when it's not actually him. You're a six foot tall dork with loud feet. I notice things," Ashton finishes and I could hear the smugness of his face in his words.

"Shut up Ashton." I put the earphone back into my ear, curl my knees up to my chest and face the wall. 

"Chill. I'm just saying. I'm not gonna judge you. You guys had a long history and all this happened in a short amount of time. I don't expect you to be over her, but you have to put things in perspective. Is she really worth your time? She's only playing us, probably for the attention or fake or whatever she wants. Stay safe my friend." He turned down his music so it was at a hush, leaving me with my thoughts again.


We were dating before I was famous, I was the one who screwed up. We were a genuine couple and  we can get it back. Fuck what the guys say. How can I trust what they're telling me? I mean, Michael did go for Addie the minute she was open. 


This is all insane.

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