Rebelling The Reject

*Sequel To Struck By Lies* After the betrayal of Adelaide, Luke, Michael and Calum are forced to join together to let Addie get a taste of what she's paid for, but will one of the guys ditch Operation Reject to get back with the one who betrayed them?


2. Chapter 1

Calum's POV


"Aren't the stars beautiful tonight?" Addie chimed, moving herself closer towards my torso. she had said this every night for the last two weeks. 


At this time, the boys are usually at the hotel or inside the tour bus playing video games and eating pizza. 


"You're a fucking bastard. Get out of the bus." They had spat at me. I insisted to Adelaide that she should've stayed in Australia so things don't get worse than it already has, but she's as stubborn as she is a band slut. 


Only if they realized I'd made the biggest mistake of my life I'd be welcomed back into the band... hopefully. I regretted dating Adelaide the moment she asked me out. One, I was dating her behind not only Luke's but Michael's backs. And two, she was only in it for the attention.  


"... Totally Addie." I tried to sound ecstatic, but hearing Michael and Luke scream over who was scoring at Fifa made me feel so left out. I missed my friends. They don't want me around and Adelaide spends every moment possible she has with me.


Her touch makes me want to cringe. I hate everything about this right now. Being distant from the boys, being with her. It's all so wrong. I have to find a way to get rid of her, but I can only do it with the boys' help.


I need to find a way.

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