An Awful Addiction

Spoilers ;)


3. In The End

In the end, my best friend ratted me out on my mum. But I just wouldn't co-operate, saying, "no, no, I have no idea what you're on about!" She gave up, but I'm still not convinced, I feel everyone around me is with my mum, spying on me, looking for proof of my drug... But then.. My life got worse..

The people deleted the drug from existence... But no one told me. Everyone suddenly became free. Only very few didn't escape.

So of course seeing the big update button on my screen, I just couldn't resist. A bigger and better 'Flappy Bird'.

Thoughtlessly, I tapped the button, sitting there, waiting for my new, updated drug. I sat for just a few minutes. Then suddenly something popped up on the screen, 'this app has been un-installed', I began to worry. I quickly went to the app store and typed 'flappy bird', I had no hope anymore. nothing would ever cheer me up again.

I curled up into a little ball of tears, crying and crying. Suddenly the clouds showed the sun and a little rainbow, I thought for a second..

I was finally free...

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