An Awful Addiction

Spoilers ;)


2. An Addict's Story

My life was fine before it all started, just your regular happy 15 year old. But then only a few months later, it started. This new drug. Everyone was amazed by it, and yet I, well I always thought it was another crappy thing, it seemed as though everyone was on this new type of drug, although I can't go naming people, but it's a thing most of us are now on...

I hate it. I hate it SO SO much, but at the same time enjoy it, I enjoy using it ALL the time. I would stop, I really would. If it wasn't so addictive, I don't know what it is that even makes it so additive, but I just don't even care at this time any more, I just want to stop. No more of this... This silliness. This has to end.

Just yesterday, my last friend, my BEST friend. She left me. I tried to get her on it as well, but she refused. I wanted her to feel my pain, in hope that somebody would understand, somebody as my best friend. But in my last attempt she shouted "you need to stop this!" She said, "It's getting ridiculous now, Alice. You're losing every single one of your friends for this!" I just stared at her, "is it even worth it? Look at yourself." Then she picked up her bags and left me. I tried to stop her... Well... I wish I did... But instead I continued with my drug. Alone in the empty corner.

I look away from my drug sometimes, and I see so many happy people, I used to be just like them.

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