My Life, My Story

My heart raced as fast as possible as a car smashed into mine, blackness covered my thoughts. Was this really the end or was it only the start of my life?


10. Waking up

Maddie's POV

I slowly opened my eyes and a million problems swirled in my head I slowly sat up and pulled the IV out of my wrist and stood up walking to the bathroom to find a sharp dinner knife and I lifted it into the air and slid my finger along the side smiling before touching it to my rib cage and tried to push the blade forward but a force stopped me. I looked forward to have a pair if lips smash onto mine and the blade was quickly removed from my hand as I released myself from the kiss and ran out of the hospital as doctors and nurses looked at me and security chased me but I had gotten a new found energy and ran faster than I ever have leaving the hospital and racing home. I got inside and my hand met the steak knifes in my kitchen as I drove it into my stomach and weakly pulled it out using the rest of my energy to hit my heart that I had missed the first time.

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