My Life, My Story

My heart raced as fast as possible as a car smashed into mine, blackness covered my thoughts. Was this really the end or was it only the start of my life?


4. psychopathic mothers

Niall's POV

I awoke to the smell of bacon I raced downstairs to see who was cooking, I hoped it was Maddie. So I could sneak up on her, but it was only Louis warring a girl apron. I got a text from Maddie


Maddie-Niall I need help I don't know where I am,It's dark and I'm scared

Me- Call me the police are on their way they will track you.

Maddie-I can't someone, it's my, my, my, my mom!!!


"Shit!" I yelled "Niall, language!" Louis shouted and handed me a carrot "it's comfort food, now tell me what's wrong." He sat on the couch by me "Maddie's mom kidnapped her" I said biting into my carrot"wait, isn't her mom a psycho killer?" Louis asked "yeah?" I said "oh, well in that case. SHIT!!!!" Louis yelled. He knows how to get all the guys where he wanted them, they came racing down the stairs. "What's wrong!" Zayn yelled "well, you know how Maddie's mom is a psycho killer?" Louis asked them "yeah." Liam said "she captured Maddie!!" Louis yelled everyone got wide eyed and I passed out.

Maddie's POV

I got up as she walked in the room and walked backward till I hit the wall, "I felt a sharp pain in my back it wasn't the wall it was a person with something sharp it went in my back I choked blood they left "shouldn't have betrayed me" my psychopathic mother muttered when she walked out the door I remembered Niall said the police would be over soon I grabbed my phone and called Niall as my last breath left my body. Lying lifeless on the concrete floor in a puddle of blood, my blood.

Niall's POV

I sat on the couch tears in my eyes waiting for a call my phone buzzed "it's her!" I screamed I picked up my phone and heard nothing not even a breath they traced it "1210 maple ave. that's 2 blocks away!" I yelled I opened the door and ran I didn't even bother to close it.

I made it I searched the house I stood in a tan hallway staring into a dark room with a lifeless body laying on the ground, I walked in and looked at it to see Maddie's face. The phone next to her hand the call still on she's dead, or unconscious lets hope she's unconscious. Then I saw the puddle of blood, I felt her heart beat " how's she doing Niall?" She's breathing, but she's been stabbed in the back." I feel to the ground crying like a baby then I heard a soft voice, Maddie!"Niall, wherever happens to me, I love you." She said softly "I love you too" I cried. An ambulance arrived and I couldn't bare to watch as they lifted her onto the stretcher they picked me up an bright me to the ambulance they let me ride with her.

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