My Life, My Story

My heart raced as fast as possible as a car smashed into mine, blackness covered my thoughts. Was this really the end or was it only the start of my life?


6. Please!

Niall's POV

I sat by Maddie's bed holding her hand "I never want to leave you again" I said hoping she could hear me. Beeping filled the room as I was removed from the room. As soon as got out of the room I saw someone I haven't seen in a long time, Lou Lou, Harry's girlfriend I was crying into her shoulder and Harry walked in " WHAT THE HELL DUDE!!" He screamed you could tell he had the wrong Idea. "Shit, no dude, you got the wrong idea!" I yelled back he glared at me. "Bae it's not how it seems, Maddie might be..." She stopped and started to whisper "dead" she finished."your probably lying because your jelly!" He came up in my face as he said that after he finished yelling at me I saw a solid peach object hit my face, hard. Pain struck my face and blood leaked out my lip. I tried to get up but Harry kicked me knocking me onto my side, I slid into the wall. I heard screaming and barely had the gutz to open my eyes, several girls stood in the hallway, shoot fans!

We haven't seen any fans for a while, we are on break. Over the course of the last month or so, I've been in the hospital once and my girlfriend twice well, I'm not so sure she'll be my girlfriend after today. Either I'll die or she will. I never have good luck with girlfriends, my last girlfriend told me I was ugly and then dumped me. Wait, aren't guys supposed to dump girls? I don't know...

Harry's POV

Lou Lou got the fans to leave and I walked to Niall while he was up against the wall I kicked him he was in so much pain but if I don't show him consequences he will never learn his lesson about cuddling with MY girl. Lou Lou grabbed my arm and kissed me. I saw a flash and turned around paps!? How did they get here, fans... I don't necessarily hate fans, they are just evil sometimes. I smiled and we pulled away, I looked back at Niall he was lying on the ground arms around his stomach and his eye was a little bit purplish pink and a tint of black. His lip was bleeding and he had tears streaming down his face, I felt sorry for him. Wait, why do I feel sorry he was snuggling with my girl?! I just hope that photo won't be on the news or newspaper or social media. That would be bad, very bad.

Niall's POV

Why didn't he just believe me? Now I'm sitting in a bathroom at the hospital with a cold wet napkin on my face while the girl I love is in her room with beeping machines. I left the bathroom and Maddie was on a bed being rolled to the ER now I'm terrified. Like I said I have bad luck with relationships, I'm gonna be lucky if this one lasts, good I hope it will.

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