My Life, My Story

My heart raced as fast as possible as a car smashed into mine, blackness covered my thoughts. Was this really the end or was it only the start of my life?


3. Not Now

Maddie's POV

We arrived at Niall's flat, he wanted me to meet his friends. We walked in the door and they all sat in the dining eating McDonalds a curly haired brunette stood up "Ohhh Niall has a girl friend, where'd ya meet?" He said "she ain't my girl friend!" Niall yelled back, I was saddened ya that fact "I wish I was" I muttered under my breath "what was that?" He asked "nothing." I frowned "Niall come here a minute." Another brunette said

Niall's POV

What did Louis want now he'd been practically telling me careful with his car and I crashed it now what, a major lecture? "She likes you, a lot, just ask her out!" He said, how could I say no he's my best friend "fine." I said "do you not love her or are you scared " Louis asked "scared, what if she doesn't like me?" I said Louis looked at me like I was stupid "she frowned when you rejected the fact you guys were dating" he said agitatedly I smiled and went to ask her.

Maddie's POV

I sat on the couch while the 3 boys remaining in the room introduced them selves "my name is Harry." That curly haired guy said, "I'm Liam!" He yelled it very loud, I was pretty sure Niall even heard it." Hello, I'm Zayn, and the guy that left with Niall is Louis." just as he said that they walked in "I love carrots!" Louis yelled.

Niall came and sat by me, "Maddie, I love you, I want to love you forever. I know this is only the first day we met, but will you, be my girlfriend?" He looked very nervous as he asked me. His nervous look was gone after I squealed really really loud and jumped into his arms "yes yes yes yes yes!! A billion times yes!" I screamed, he smiled as I laughed hugging him really tight. I was so lucky to have this wonderful guy in my life. Louis brought out carrot sticks "for celebration!!" He yelled he gave everyone a carrot stick. "I love you" I stated as I leaned over and kissed Niall's cheek right as Louis gave him a carrot stick I took a carrot stick and Louis chased me I ran in circles and vaulted the couch Louis tried to jump the couch but he tripped and landed hard on the ground he rolled onto his back and started laughing hysterically. I decided I'd make this a perfect moment Niall finished eating his carrot stick right as Louis fell he turned around pointed at Louis and laughed "it's not nice to point!" I giggled I brought his arm down and kissed him right on the mouth.

Niall's POV

I felt sparks fly and I immediately kissed back "oh for the sake of god! Get a room!" Zayn shouted "good idea." I laughed as I picked her up bridal style and carried her to my room"hey!" She said playfully tapping my nose with the tip of her index finger"don't I get a say in this?!" She asked on between laughs " only if you're agreeing" I laughed as I shut the door with my foot. "Wait,not now we should wait. Till we are married" she put her finger on my lips"only kisses" she laughed she sat up and kissed me, urghh she taunted me!

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