My Life, My Story

My heart raced as fast as possible as a car smashed into mine, blackness covered my thoughts. Was this really the end or was it only the start of my life?


2. meeting new people

Niall's p.o.v

I just met the girl that I crashed into she was so beautiful I wondered why I crashed into her, was it fate, destiny? She is kind, beautiful, and very excitable, she and I also have a love for food, and a lot of it."so does this mean we can be friends?" Maddie asked "most definitely!" I said she smiled then gave me a warm hug, I could have stayed like that for ever. She then took out a piece of paper and wrote something down, she handed it to me "my cell number and my address, you should come over sometime." She said. I nodded "what about today?" I asked "that would be perfect!" She answered, I smiled "you are so beautiful." She blushed "thank you" she said shyly. I hugged her, she held tight"we should get going" she whispered she pulled away, we got in a cab

*15 minutes later**

It was a long quite ride then we got to her house and she unlocked her door and gestured for me to come in she didn't have a very big house, but that's ok. We sat on her couch and watched Finding Nemo it was such a sad movie! I started to cry she hugged me. "Please don't cry, I don't want you to be sad." She said "I-it's just so sad, why didn't Nemo listen? Now now he's captured!" I said. She hugged me tight, "like you captured my heart?" She said softly "yes" I smiled and hugged her back.

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