The Host: The Resistance

Wanda is living peacefully among the human resistance. They have found other pockets of humans, some have souls as friends too. But what happens next? Will they continue to live in secret or will they rise up and take back Earth? How will new information from the North help their cause?

Sequel to Stephanie Myer's 'The Host', told from a different POV than the first novel. All characters are from her work of her creative genius.


2. Bang Bang

“What do you think she’s doing all the way out here?”

“Think she’s a Seeker?”

“She was half dead when we found her and only had a knife, she’s no Seeker”

Voices. Male and one female. I kept my eyes closed, hoping to find out more. The obviously checked my eyes, why am I still alive? I used my other senses and realized I was lying on by back against a hard surface, reminding me of a stiff dentist’s chair.

The voices had stopped. I decided to try and open my eyes. My eyelids felt like they had weights on them, the effort to open my eyes was so intense. Finally I managed to crack them open. A brilliant bright light was glaring into my eyes. I blinked furiously trying to will my eyes to adjust. The light was moved away by a blurry hand. I blinked again and one eye focusing on a far wall. My left eye continued to be blurry; I knew my contact had been broken, possibly in the fight or from the people who found me.

“Can you sit up?”

I moved my head to the sound of a new voice. I found a kind looking face, a man with chocolate brown skin and caring brown eyes. Of course, that’s all I could see with only one eye working properly. I nodded to the man and raised myself up with my arms. I looked around at my surroundings. I was sitting on a hard cot and was surrounded by three other people. Two men, one with brown hair the other with midnight black. They were staring at me like they didn’t know what to make of me. If I were them, I wouldn’t know either. The final person in the room was a young woman. Her shiny auburn hair and sun-kissed skin were no match for her amazing eyes. Even from across the room I got lost in the mix of green and brown: it was like they were doing a dance. I looked at each of the figures in the room once again, they were all human. No inhuman rings around their eyes were seen even if they stood directly in the light. I began to relax.

“I-“ My voice cracked.

“Here” The man nearest to me said handing me a water bottle. I chugged it in less than a minute.

The man chucked, “Don’t choke on it. You can call me Doc by the way,”

I cracked a smile at Doc, “Thank you. I really appreciate you all saving me from those cougars”

“It was nothing” I turned to the different voice and saw that the black haired man had spoken. He walked towards the cot and extended a hand, “Hi, my name’s Ian. We were just driving by when we saw you being attacked.” Ian was about the same height as Doc but was more built; if we were in normal times I would have asked him jokingly if he lifts. But these weren't normal times and whenever someone was filled out nowadays you knew they were human and had been through some stuff. I myself was pretty strong, stronger than I had been before the invasion. 

“Well I’m lucky you drove by at the right time” I told him. I moved my legs to the edge of the cot and tested them out. Where the cougars had torn the skin was completely healed, not even a scar left.

“We healed your wounds while you were sleeping” Doc explained. I nodded in response and stood up, I had seen the souls' medicine before. I felt my face pale and grabbed the nearest object I could find. That object happened to be the auburn woman’s arm.

“Whoa there.” She said steadying me, “It’s ok, you’ve been out for a few hours. Take your time” I closed my eyes for a few moments while the faint feeling passed away. I opened them again and smiled at her. I took a few steps and regained by balance. I looked around and saw that we were standing in a makeshift doctor’s office, complete with cots, medicine in a cabinet, and doctor’s tools including scalpel, stethoscope and surgical tape.

“My name is Melanie” The woman said smiling at me. She looked closer at my eyes and asked, “What’s wrong with your left eye?”

I laughed and put a finger to my eye, “Oh it’s just my contact lens, I guess it got damaged” I took out the contact and showed her. The contact lens had been made for me back home and resembled the eyes of the hosts. Doc, Ian and the other male in the room came to look at the lens.

“Amazing” Doc whispered

“Trippy” Ian said looking at my eyes. My one human and one host eye did look pretty weird.

“So you are human” Melanie said smiling at me.

“Yes I am” I said laughing, “No soul has gotten to me yet” 

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw movement. I turned to the corner of the room and saw another figure there, one I hadn’t seen at first. A petite young woman about nineteen or twenty slowly walked towards the group, moving close to Ian. He immediately put an arm around her and pulled her into him. I studied the woman more, now that she was closer. She had blonde hair that curled slightly, framing her face like I pictured an angel’s would be. Her face was pale but spotted with a few freckles on her nose and cheeks. That was when our eyes met. My blood ran cold. Her grey eyes were rimmed with an eerie, unnatural blue. She wasn’t human.


My eyes flicked towards my knife but it was sitting on a table behind the fake humans. I turned and sprinted to the nearest door. They caught me; they made me believe they were human. How could I have been so stupid? Now i understood why that imposter smiled when she asked if I was human or not. 

“Jarred stop her!” I heard Melanie yell. Pounding feet from behind me told me that the brown haired man had started his pursuit towards me. I kicked it into high gear and ran down the dark tunnel that appeared out of the door to the office. The tunnel was an odd material, not rock or dirt but something in between. I didn’t have time to contemplate this but tried to make my way through the pitch black tunnel and searched desperately for an escape route. I came to a fork in the road and saw light coming out of the right one. I ran into that tunnel and emerged into a massive open area. I saw many more figures in the area and something that looked surprisingly like wheat covering the majority of the area. As I was looking at the farmland, I ran smack dab into a solid object. I fell to the ground and landed on my right arm hard. I felt an intense pain and knew I had broken something.

The solid wall turned around. I looked up to a tall man with jet black and piercing blue eyes. I was lost in them. They were a crystal blue but had some grey and dark blue mixed in. It was like looking at rushing ocean waves, a mix of different hues of blue. I blinked fast; confused how Ian could have beat me here. 

“Hey! Kyle stop her!” I heard Jarred yell from inside the tunnel. I quickly got to my feet and prepared to fight. I saw a pile of old school sickles, objects that farmers used to use to harvest their wheat. The man called Kyle, not Ian, saw where I was looking and realized what my plan was. I lunged towards the pile and managed to grasp one of them by the blade. It cut the skin on my hand but at least I had a weapon.

“Don’t move” I said to Kyle pointing the sickle at him threateningly.

He stopped and held his hands up, “Whoa, calm down missy, we don’t want any trouble.”

I scoffed, “Ha! You really think I’m that stupid to believe you for the second time? Fat chance”

Kyle's face hardened in confusion, “Hey now blondie put down the sickle or I’ll make you”

I laughed again but looked behind Kyle as the other figures in the field started to move towards us. Doc, Ian, and Melanie had joined Jarred at the mouth of the tunnel, their mouths tense when they saw the scene before them. I had no way out. I sighed and moved my weapon from pointing at Kyle to pointed at my neck.

“I won’t let you take me. I’ve fought too hard and traveled too far for it to come to this.” I declared.

“No! Don’t!” Melanie called out. I moved the knife closer to my skin, no way were some souls about to fool me again. I shut my eyes and prepared myself for the pain when a sudden noise echoed throughout the room.


I heard the gun shot then felt a pain in my right leg. I felt a terrible pain and heard a crack; my leg was broken.


I began to feel faint for the second time that day. My body collapsed beneath me, causing me to fall backwards to the ground. I heard pounding of feet and saw a few pairs of legs before I hit the ground. Pain washed over me. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying out and tasted blood. I closed my eyes so I couldn’t have to see theirs, their deceitful human eyes.  Oh hell, here we go again. I’ve got to get better at dealing with pain. That thought was my last as I fell into darkness once again. 

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