Remus and Snape

this is really random...


1. okay...

            Remus was sitting at his desk when there was a knock on his office door, he stood up and opened it. It was one of his colleagues, Severus Snape “hello Severus, what brings you here?” he said kindly, Snape sat down “you know why I am here” he said Remus sat back down “yes I do” he said. Snape and Remus sat there staring at each other “so” Remus said, Snape stood up “so, that is all you have to say, so” he said “well what does one say in this situation?” Remus said. Snape pinched the bridge of his nose and sat back down “you could start by apologizing” he said, Remus scowled “why should I apologize, this was just as much your fault as mine” Remus said “this was your fault and you know it” Snape said. They sat in silence for another moment “I do not see how you can blame me for what happened, it was more your fault than mine” Remus said, Snape took a deep breath “you were sober, I was not” he said. Remus jumped up “that is not true, we were both drunk” he said “I thought you didn’t drink” Snape said, Remus sighed and flopped back down in his seat “I don’t, but I did, I was mad at Nymphadora” he said, Snape rolled his eyes “you still instigated it” Snape said “yes but you didn’t say no” Remus said. They looked at each other for another long moment “I barley remember it” Remus said, Snape stood up “it, it, it, just say it Remus, own up to what you made me do” he yelled. Remus went bright red “sex, we had sex, and It was great, and I didn’t make you do anything” he said, Snape smirked “was it now” he said, Remus turned even redder “shut up” Remus said, Snape chuckled “shut up” Remus yelled.

            Snape and Remus were sitting on the floor sharing a bottle of whiskey “it was your fault” Snape said, Remus took a drink “no, it was yours” he said, just then there was a knock on the door and in walked professor McGonagall. They both jumped up “Minerva” they said “hello, I was looking for you Severus, Albus wants a word, are you sure you can walk there all right” McGonagall said “shut up Minerva” Snape said, Remus and McGonagall laughed “shut up” he said again. Minerva smiled at Remus “why don’t you take Severus to bed, I will tell Albus that Severus was busy” she said, Remus nodded “no, he is evil” Snape said but McGonagall had already left. Snape glared at Remus “go on, take me to bed, I know you want to” he said, Remus was very drunk “I will” he said, he and Snape walked down the corridors to Snape’s quarters. Remus and Snape stood in Snape’s kitchen “so do it then” Snape said “do what?” Remus asked “take me to bed” Snape said, Remus walked up to bed “you’re instigating it” he said. Snape rolled his eyes “I am” he said, Remus walked Snape into his bedroom “hold on let me write down that you started this and not me so I can remember tomorrow” Remus said, he took a quill and parchment out of Snape’s drawer “Severus started it” he wrote down, then got into Snape’s bed.    

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