The Island

One direction is in the middle of their Where We Are 2014 tour. While they are flying to Australia, the plane crashes onto an unknown island. The island is uninhabited, except for one girl named Callie. When paranormal things start happening on the island, no one knows what to do. Join them on their journey on

The island.


3. Chapter 3


If you have made

It to chapter 3,

That means that

You like my fanfic

At least a little.

So YAY for you.

You probably want the story to start now

Well I'm just going to make you work for it


Flip the pages

You can do it

Work those finger muscles

Is this enough?

I'm being an annoying little shit I know

Okay you're almost there


Callie's POV

Zayn was still trying to find a signal, which would never happen. I didn't bother to tell him because it is pretty amusing. There isn't much entertainment on this island.

Louis was chasing Niall with a stick, don't ask, and their other friends woke up. I realized that I didn't know their friends names and called everyone over.

"Hey everyone! I still don't know their names!" I shouted pointing to their friends, who were mindlessly chatting about how to get out of here.

"Oh, that's Harry and Liam." So curly's name is Harry. I started to laugh at the coincidence.

"What's so funny?" Harry asked me. I took a deep breath to stop my laughter before telling them.

"Your hair is so big and curly and your name is Harry!" I started laughing and the boys just looked at me confused.

"Hey, I was stuck on an island for two years I don't exactly get much humour!" I said putting my hands above my head in mock surrender. They rolled their eyes at me and walked away.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?" I asked them, a bit of sass in my voice.

"Um…off of the island?" Liam said, like it was obvious. I laughed at them. They looked at me confused and waited for an explanation.

"Don't you think I tried that? You can't build a raft, the leaf ties are too weak. You can't swim, there are sharks in the water and Australia is about 5000 miles east. Oh, and your plane, it's not going to be flying anymore. The boat I came here on, you can ride at the bottom of the ocean. So sit down and accept that you will be here till' you die!" I said. They stared at me with their mouths wide open.

"How do you know that we can build a raft?" Zayn said, obviously trying to make it seem like they were right.

"Okay, you can try. But if your raft falls apart, or if you find out you didn't pack enough food in the middle of the ocean, don't come crying to me. Bye-bye boyband!" I yelled the last part and started to walk towards my little hut. I heard footsteps running behind me. I looked back to see the boyband following me.

"What do you want?" I asked them, a smirk on my face.

"We want your help." All of them muttered. I laughed slightly at them.

"What did I tell you. Now c'mon, my hut isn't that far away!" I yelled and started to run towards the shore of the beach. I heard the boys yelling at me to slow down but I just laughed it off.

This boyband won't last a second on this island.

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