suprise sprise. (the remake.)

Hi im kae jade messina yes i know I have a guys name but I am a girl, I lived in australia, I am 18, my mum and dad passed away in a house fire, im now being forced to move in with my cousins liam, thomas and his girlfriend in london, my cousin knows evrything about me, he knows I do drugs and iv never had a boyfriend, he knows I have been bullied all my life he knows iv tried to kill my self, he knows eveything, I guess you could say we are close.
I have long brown curly hair, crystal blue eyes but I wear dark brown contacts now, im pretty short, I have my nose tounge and eyebrow peirced, people sayi have a trainers body? I don’t know? But yeah my old friends would say im very very very loud, im a bitch at times but also very friendly, im out there I have absolutly no shame, I tell it how it is and im very snappy, I love my music and Im inlove with photography, im singing all the time, and dancing,
& I have a big secret.


23. 23.




`I hope she rings, I really want to catch up with her again` I said to the boys.

`shes really pretty` zack said looking at me.

`yeah I know, shes such a beautiful girl` I said looking at the ground.

`can we like get donuts or something im hungry?` liam said looking around.

`yeah im hungry too` I said smiling at him.


*at McDonalds*

`yes can I just get a large chocolate frapee please` I said to the lady at the check out.

`you sure can` she said while giggling and handing my back my change.

`is that all your getting?` liam asked confused.

`yeah im not really in the mood to eat, I feel kinda sick` I said walking to a table in the corner.

`whats wrong` zack said sitting down beside me, the others following his actions.

`I just have a bad feeling about this trip` I said looking up at liam.

But he was focusing on something else, I turned to see what he was looking at.

It was a group of about 6 people, all with a different symbol to us on there arm.

`we need to talk` liam said standing up and nodding towards the doors.

I nodded and stood up.

`we'll be back soon` I said in a serious tone as I walked after liam.


`hello there` liam said tapping on one girls sholder. She turned around, looked him up and down then turned to me and gave me dirties. Okay bitch you wanna play like that.

I turned around to see if the others could see us, nup they cant sweet.

I stepped forward infront of liam and looked up at the girl, she had grey eyes, black hair and a cheek dermal and she was very pale.

`okay so I was wondering what the scar on your arm stands for` I stood there staring straight  into her eyes.

All of her friends turned around and looked at me and liam.

`oh kayce, long time no see.` she said smirking down at me.

`im sorry but I have no clue who you are` I said furrowing my eyebrows.

`oh so you don’t remember anything about the night at the dance?` she said with a smug look on her face.

`I don’t know who you are or what your trying to say, but I just want to know what the burn mark on your arm means` oh she makes me mad.

`it’s a tribal mark` she said looking down at me.

`you’re a liar` I said through gritted teeth.

`me a liar you’re the one that lied` she said stepping forward.

`how the fuck did I lie` I spat back at her, who is she?

`you lied about getting with derek, you hooked up with my fucking boyfriend at the dance` she screamed.

All of a sudden harry, jacob and zack walked over looking at us clueless.

`oh hey tabitha` harry said looking at the girl with black hair.

`oh harry you can explain what happened that night at the dance` the tabitha piece said smiling at harry,

`uhm harry wasn’t there? I hardley even know him, like legit I met him the other week` I said looking over at harry, he looked so guilty.

`harry, how about you explain` she said crossing her arms across her chest.

I followed her actions and crossed my arms across my chest.

`yes harry, explain` I stood there eyeing him down.

`well uhmm….`

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