suprise sprise. (the remake.)

Hi im kae jade messina yes i know I have a guys name but I am a girl, I lived in australia, I am 18, my mum and dad passed away in a house fire, im now being forced to move in with my cousins liam, thomas and his girlfriend in london, my cousin knows evrything about me, he knows I do drugs and iv never had a boyfriend, he knows I have been bullied all my life he knows iv tried to kill my self, he knows eveything, I guess you could say we are close.
I have long brown curly hair, crystal blue eyes but I wear dark brown contacts now, im pretty short, I have my nose tounge and eyebrow peirced, people sayi have a trainers body? I don’t know? But yeah my old friends would say im very very very loud, im a bitch at times but also very friendly, im out there I have absolutly no shame, I tell it how it is and im very snappy, I love my music and Im inlove with photography, im singing all the time, and dancing,
& I have a big secret.


21. 21.




`wake up kae` zack said while shaking me.

`im up im up` I grogily said as I stood up.

`do I have to carry all my shit` I screamed to thomas.

`no we have security here and they will take all of our stuff` he screamed back

`okay, oiii where are we staying?` I asked as we where walking off of the plane.

`well tonight we are staying at a motel in sydney, we are going shoping tomorrow morning, then we will be going to your home town culburra` he smiled at me.

`yes I can go see my little brothers` I said while fist pumping.

`haha your hair is so messy` zack said puilling at the little bits that have fallen out.

`shhh you` I said while lightly slapping his arm.

Jacob came up on the other side of me and said.

`whats it like in culburra?`

`well its hot, but there is a nice sea breeze, there are plenty of beaches, they have the best bakery! And well yeah it’s a cute little beach town, it has a couple shops and a motel I think?` I said smiling at the ground thinking of when I was younger.

I rember me and my bestfriend jennifer always use to go to the beach together and we use to just hang out all the time. I miss her.

But I think she ended up moving to queensland like she said.

`kae! Kae! Kae!` `are you a vegitarian` `have you and thomas broken up yet` `what do you think gemma will do when she sees you`

All these questions came flying in my direction.

Ahhh fucking paps.

Thomas threw his jacket over my head and led me and the others to the car out the front.


I was sitting in the car, my eyes where closed, I had my music in I was listening to eyes on fire remix by zeds dead.

I could feel eyes on me but I tried to ignore it.

I opend my eyes to see everyone staring at me.

`what?` I asked as I pulled out my earphones.

`how was the party` thomas asked again.

`ehhh it was pretty shit to be honest` I said looking down at the photo on my phone. I better change that before anyone else sees that.

I was scrolling through my photos to see a photo of me and jenn when we went and saw martin garrix. Wow that’s an old photo.

I changed it to my lock screen, I sat there and smiled at it just thinking about that night.

`what are you smiling at?` zack said looking at the picture.

`oh shes cute` he said pointing to jenn.

`she is beautiful!` I said cuddeling upto zack.

`how much longerrrrrrrr` jacob said clearly bored.

`only 20 mins` thomas answerd back from the front of the car.

`omg lets play eye spy` jacob screamed out.

Everyone nodded there heads in agreement.

`okay I spy with my little eye something beginning with C`


`coffee shop`



`nup none of you know ahahaha, it’s a hard one`

`is it cow` I said with a blank expression on my face.

`yes!` jacob screamed

`But we are in the city theres no cows in the city` zack said

`o….` jacob bit on his lip in relisation.

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