suprise sprise. (the remake.)

Hi im kae jade messina yes i know I have a guys name but I am a girl, I lived in australia, I am 18, my mum and dad passed away in a house fire, im now being forced to move in with my cousins liam, thomas and his girlfriend in london, my cousin knows evrything about me, he knows I do drugs and iv never had a boyfriend, he knows I have been bullied all my life he knows iv tried to kill my self, he knows eveything, I guess you could say we are close.
I have long brown curly hair, crystal blue eyes but I wear dark brown contacts now, im pretty short, I have my nose tounge and eyebrow peirced, people sayi have a trainers body? I don’t know? But yeah my old friends would say im very very very loud, im a bitch at times but also very friendly, im out there I have absolutly no shame, I tell it how it is and im very snappy, I love my music and Im inlove with photography, im singing all the time, and dancing,
& I have a big secret.


19. 19.





I walked down to thomas and told him all my stuff was packed and I was ready to go.

I went and sat on the lounge and went onto instagram.

Oh wow I have like 13,000 new followers. I bet its cause of the pap thing.

I thought I would be a smart ass and change my name to.


I smiled to myself as I scrolled through my instagram.


`come on everyone bring your shit to the cars, we are leaving in 10` thomas screamed from the kitchen.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my 3 suitcases cause we are going to be there for a couple days, and my pillow.

I walked downstairs to see zack with his suitcases.

`oh are you coming with us?` I screamed with joy.

`yeah I am` he smilled back opening his arms, I ran over and jumped into his arms, he picked me up and spun mee around.

`yay, sit with me o the plane?` I asked as he put me down.

`yeah sure` he smiled at me


`why are you still in edwards shirt?` harry asked me.

`cause I can` I said turning around and walking out to the car.

I was wearing a pair of black tight jeans, my hair was in a high pony tail with my sunnies over my eyes,I had edwards black and red shirt on, I rolled up the sleeves and tucked the front in a little bit, I had my red vans on and my jeans where folded a couple times. I threw my bags in the back of the van and hoped in `HURRY UP!` I screamed out the door then slamed it.

Well this trip is going to be fun.

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